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  1. Salomon Kalou

    It may be worth mentioning that ANYBODY can post anything almost anywhere on the Internet. So adverse comments about players don't necessarily come from their own fans!
  2. Didier Drogba

    I think that poll shows the negative effect of the RA era on our club! I'll bet those of us voting 'stay' are the ones who have been round long enough to appreciate what we have now!
  3. Salomon Kalou

    Well the good folk at the FA won't be facing redundancy judging by some of the very important jobs that need to be done according to this! He'll have to go now as he is obviously threatening to undermine the whole world order! Unbelievable!!!
  4. Didier Drogba

    Those comments about Drogba coming off for attention all the time are quite unfair as we now know he had played for a considerable time while carrying that knee injury. I believe he is totally dedicated to CFC from his reactions on the pitch. The other stuff, I put down to the media and their constant sh*t-stirring to try and knock the club down! I agree if he had to go we should start pricing our players the same as we are asked to pay for the ones we want to buy.
  5. Didier Drogba

    At this stage, I would like to remind all referees that it is NOT appropriate to book, nor send off, United Nations staff! ;-)
  6. Didier Drogba

    This raises an interesting question. Should anybody be allowed to publish something that has been translated (from another language) in quotation marks? Isn't a translation somewhat open to interpretation and therefore not an actual quote?
  7. Michael Essien

    Well, I suppose if they clubbed together they could get near to what CFC are offering! Perhaps this will be a new tactic where clubs will have a player until Christmas and then he go to the other club for the rest of the season. Don't you just love the ingenuity of those poor people!
  8. Michael Essien

    I think some people may be forgetting something! We have not paid Spurs good money for nothing. And Arnesen apparently knows his players. And I for one value JM's skills in selecting the right players. So I would guess whoever we buy is going to be worth it even if we (who may not know as much as we sometimnes like to think we do) think otherwise! I would agree that in the past, we have left decisons on who to buy to those who don't have a clue but these are different times. Have faith brothers, we didn't do so badly last season!
  9. Gianfranco Zola

    Oh dear! Another nail in the coffin for the 'Chelsea are not interested in their players or fans' brigade! What a fantastic gesture and one that is fully deserved. If there is one game to be at in the coming season, surely it is that one.
  10. Gianfranco Zola

    This is likely to be a short thread as I cannot see anybody disagreeing!
  11. Gianfranco Zola

    That would be the icing on the cake!
  12. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I doubt whether Birmingham or Middlesborough are complaining about CFC! Would they have got two such good players for nothing if we were not able to go out and replace them?
  13. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I'm amazed at all the personal friends of RA and PK who post here! I didn't know that CFC was a 'play thing', or that RA was prone to getting bored with his 'play things'. Thanks for that information!
  14. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Point taken Richard but players wages were a problem long before RA arrived at CFC. It's partly due to media hype. If you think of it, there is no shortage of footballers so in theory (law of supply and demand) they shouldn't command very high wages. If this problem could be addressed, there's no reason why all league clubs shouldn't at least break even. And should Bristol city draw Chelsea in the FA Cup next season, there is little doubt that they will profit more from the match, than if Chelsea had followed the path Leeds have! So there is a bit of 'trickle down', even to the lower divisions.
  15. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I believe if there was any danger of weakening the Premiership by having too big a gap between the 'rich' and 'poor' clubs, then something would be done about it. Look at Formula One motor racing. It's getting boring because one or two teams who have the most resources win nearly all the races making the outcome too predictable. Result? The ruling body of motor racing are bringing in rules that make it easier for the 'poorer' teams to compete with the 'rich' teams. On the whole subject of money in sport, it's a bit of a double-edged sword. There's no doubt that it has brought many advantages (safer stadia may have been quickly taken for granted except for the people who were at Hillsborough or Bradford). We have also seen a great 'mixing' of football cultures as players have been transferred between different countries. On the negative side, it does give some clubs too much of an advantage and, as we have seen at Chelsea, lead to changes that we may not necessarily want or like. Is CFC's present situation harming the game of football? I guess the answer lies somewhere between 'yes' and 'no'!