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  1. There goes your Emerson marking Lewandowski for the 4th goal. T
  2. All 50/50 calls going to Bayern. Almost led to another goal but for Zouma's last ditch tackle
  3. We missed Pulisic on that Mount breakaway
  4. Tammy needs to go back to offside school
  5. Since restart we mostly played against small teams. Even the odd cup game against ManU was against a counterattacking team. Those opponents mostly favor Giroud. Rudiger in midfield & Emerson? You must be having a laugh. Rudy can barely handle being pressed in defense but somehow he will fit into tighter spots in midfield? Emerson is physically questionable at LB that the notion of him in midfield is inconceivable. I'd understand Azpilicueta into midfield but he’s injured.
  6. I hear you but again, the quality of the players you are working with factors in. For instance, Barkley is not the most tactically astute. Also, we only have 2 available CMs on the roster (Kante and Kova) which is not enough against an a team like Bayern where you need 3 CMs. These 2 considerations partly explain the inevitable gaps in midfield/defensive play.
  7. Alonso has a red card suspension and Giroud's lack of pace is not suitable against an opponent that plays a high line. The rest are already on the pitch.
  8. Tell me about it. Somehow Tammy managed to stay onside this time :-)
  9. Given the injuries and suspensions, what other veteran players could Lampard have started? The reality is even with all our players fit and available, this squad is just way below the quality level of Bayern in terms of players and manager.
  10. Only Hudson Odoi and Kante seem up for it today.
  11. Apparently Tammy was offside but they haven't shown the replay
  12. Oh my. They canceled him goal? offside.
  13. Odoi shows why Bayern wanted him
  14. one way traffic. What's our plan today if any?