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  1. He cam on as a wide (left) attacker which did not help his cause unfortunately and otherwise did not see enough of the ball to make an impression today.
  2. It was good to play a top opponent like Bayern at this point of preseason given it's shown we're still lacking in quality depth especially in Central midfield and wing back positions.
  3. After a nightmarish first half, kudos to the lads for stepping up and competing in the second half. On to the next one.
  4. Good strike by Alonso at the last play to pull one back.
  5. Courtois diving in slow motion speed there and beat from nearly 30 yards out.
  6. You're spot on. What is true in my own view is Diego is not happy that a competing striker is coming in which definitely means that his playing time will go down - a big concern going into a world cup year. Again, we haven't heard from Conte but it seems to me like Diego is trying to force his way out which is not exactly the same as saying "I was told to leave". Because he has not been told to leave. If we get Lukaku, Conte obviously cannot and will not guarantee Diego that he will be the number 1 striker. That will never happen and rightly so. Diego is being his usual petulant self when things aren't to his liking.
  7. Thanks West Ham! Massive slippage by Spurs tonight.
  8. Massive win . Kudos to Matic on the once in a lifetime strike to seal the win. Hopefully we get the psychological edge from this win to outlast spurs down the stretch of the league title run .
  9. We're one man short in midfield which means pedro needs to be sacrificed for fabregas
  10. Personally, I was surprised and quite pleased to see the tactical adjustment at halftime. Kudos to my son for calling it mins before the change (Matic on for Zouma). With Spurs not showing any signs of letting up soon, this is squeaky bum time. Expect more of same in future games: get our nose in front, then sit /soak up pressure. Minimal to risk averse strategy. Its all about the 3pts from here on. Kudos to the team for last nights big win!
  11. Perhaps I misunderstood. You said "We start cautiously and remain cautious until we go a goal down or we get to 65 mins and are still even". To me, that suggests a slow start which isn't the case given we've done a good job this season usually scoring first and mostly in the first half.
  12. the fact that we outscored the opposition 16-5 within the first 30mins doesn't support your angle.
  13. In fairness, once we score or take a lead, we usually go into counter attacking mode. Given that we take the lead more often than not, that suggests lots of opportunity for counter attacking which is the case. But what the critics disregard (and the same was true of Italy in the last Euros) is we generally start games on the front foot looking to take that lead. In summary, we attack until we take a lead then counter. Depending on who's looking at the glass cup, its either half full or half empty. Either way, I don't care as long as the results keep rolling in.
  14. A bit tough to 'play football' (Conte's phrase that is synonymous with 'flair') when the opposition's preferred tactic is to continually foul both of our leading goal scorers (Hazard and Costa) knowing fully well that their chances of seeing a red card is super slim! In that situation, what are you left with? Keep in mind that the #1 objective is to win the league.
  15. It was much closer to 433 or 4231 than 424 given RLC practically operated from CM positions the entire time he was on with Diego continuing as the long striker. There seemed like more space in the middle partly because RLC is more of an attacker than a defender and I thought he played the role beautifully and really should have scored today.