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    Love my football, Chelsea fan through and through. Also enjoy a bit of rugby here and there.
  1. The new Muse album is released next week on Monday 14th. I have been looking forward to this album (The Resistance) for quite some time. The first single from the album 'Uprising' was released earlier this week. A real funky song, that sees Matt Bellamy trying something new with his voice. He totally pulls it off, and I think it's an outstanding song. The second song to be released from the album is believed to be 'United States of Eurasia'. It's growing on me at the moment. It sounds very much like Queen. You can listen to the album for free from here.
  2. Good news, without actually signing bundles of players this summer, very happy to see Chelsea retaining all their stars for the future.
  3. See Harlequins/Tom Williams for feigning injuries ;)
  4. I thought 'banter' was meant to be funny....
  5. Spot on Ted. Far too many people who actually think they are a professional film buff/critic. Yawn. Same old crap excuses come out, time after time. 'There was no plot' 'It had no direction' So original. On a side note, Public Enemies isn't worth seeing. I think Depp just about makes it bareable. Such a slow movie, just felt like it had no direction. Ooops.
  6. Sisters of Mercy
  7. Do you see anyone here having a laugh? Jog on, you're boring.
  8. What's the 3rd fight on the night? Or have I heard wrong?
  9. I think the words 'Teletubbies' and 'Thomas the Tank Engine' come to mind...
  10. FFS.
  11. The Inbetweeners Skins Big Bang Theory Commando's: On the Front Line Red Dwarf?
  12. Same here, but all feelings where lost instantly after hearing his post match interview.
  13. Commandos: On the Front Line Damn those kids get a beasting! Repeats being shown on ITV 4 9pm on Sundays. 3rd episode in so far, once they eventually become Royal Marines, the programme will be following them out to Afghan and monitering their progress.
  14. Haha! World of Warcraft power levelling. Spam.
  15. Full stop at the end mate and you've actually got yourself a half decent sentence there. English teacher cracking the whip?