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  1. Didier Drogba

    At stoke last week, when the players got on the bus, Drogba was one of the few that came over to us. Some geezer asked him to kiss the badge, drogs smiled and said "next time I score I will....". True story, and, true to his word, what did he do after he sunk the y*ds?....... the mans a legend.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    how about we all meet at SB about a week before the game, get our tickets together and knock about together for abit. then on teh day of the game have two meeting points. One at paddington so that those that want to, can travel together, and then another at reading station so that anyone coming from anywhere else can meet up with us lot when we get there. I'm up for the paddington train, but what do you lot think abt the two meeting points?
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    sounds a bit stupid but we could organise a minibus from Stamford bridge for reading away? just an easy place to meet and if we fill it would cost £10 each at the worst
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Things are starting to shape then. Numbers look pretty good, and the best news I've heard today could be quite important for us lot.......... 1st of August=Reading Away Pre Season. Just think it will be dead easy to get tickets for, could probs all sit together and have a right laugh because there would be no seriousness in the game. Could all meet in london and get the train. Would this be too hard to organise for our first game? If so, wembley could be on, meet at the tube, drink in the globe.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    can understand that the chelsea youth tag mighte not of gone down well, but we can actually have a name this time. Obviously we all know people from around chelsea itself and thats fair enough but this would just get the ball rolling and increase numbers if we had a specific time and place to meet.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    This would be class to get going. As someone said above, I say the best option is to meet at a pub/wembley central at about 12 on community shield day, and we can organise detals/regular meeting points/a name etc when we're there. Its up to tom allen if he wants to organise it again. We have to appreciate that he put a lot of effort into this over the past couple of seasons, and mostly it was to no avail. If he doesnt, I will help organise it. We can't expect too much, but I reckon if we have say 20-25 at wembley, and spread the word on here/at the ground and pubs, and get an article in cfcuk, then the thing will start to snowball. I reckon we should start a topic where people just reply with a yes or no as to whether they would be interested in getting involved. Its a simple option, and will give an idea of numbers. As for the pubs, I'm not really sure. Depends on whether we're gunna be rowdy or not. I've only really been to the so bar thats got atmosphere, all the others I've been in are dead. So suggest pubs up here if you know any...? This could be good lads
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    forgetting about the guy who started it (thats irrelevant), after a serious increase in 'youth' travelling to games this year (eg west brom, stoke, everton away), kickstarting this, especially away, would be a great thing to do. I say first/second away game of the season, we organise it properly. Say, make a list of who is definately coming, organise a time to meet at the station wherever were playing about 2 hours or so before k.o, then all walk down together, have a sing and a few beers , find a pub, get in the ground early.... whatever. but we should do it properly. I would help organise it if everyones up for it, but we need to get an idea of numbers. I'm 17 btw
  8. Salomon Kalou

    "In front of the Kop and from the left, he put the ball on Riise's head, AND THATS WHY WE LOVE SALOMAN Kalou". Get off the lads back. If he does one thing, he tries tirelessly. He is bags better than mal*uda and has been key for the last two years. Plus, he always respects the fans, and even after losing will come over and see us off. He gives his shirts away reguarly to youngsters in the crowd at the end and in my eyes is a good ambassoder for the club. He hasnt let fame turn him arrogant, and MOST IMPOSTANTLY, he is a good player who scores important goals that just needs to work on his final ball and finishing. End of topic.
  9. Didier Drogba

    He thinks he is above the club, and any true fan hates that in a player. The comment about Joe Cole was spot on. But as far as I am concerned... Get out now Drogba, I have had enough of you're attitude Imo, our problem is that we our clogging up our midfield with too many similar players. It is quite obvious that Ballack, Mikel, Lampard and Deco cannot play together in the middle. Essien coming back could be a huge boost, but only if Scolari is not afraid to drop a couple of under performers. Btw, what was Bosingwa doing for the second goal!!!?? He just stood still. Stupid, lazy error which overshadowed a decent performance. The key to our success or failings, lies in midfield, but Drgba can just **** off
  10. New Kits

    Wheres that from mate?
  11. Salomon Kalou

    all I can say is I hope sala goes on to be a chelsea legend ;- as I have his match-worn from the game at wigan where he scored his first ever prem goal.. haha anyways, he has obviously got talent, and his goal against the spuds was quality.. john Terry was saying in his programme notes, I think against reading, that he iis one of the nicest blokes he has ever met, and everyone at the club loves him! hope comes great.. and just for the facts abt eider, no matter how he played last year, he IS a chelsea legend, and best of luuck to him.. come on the blues.