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  1. Only way it will happen is if we get the golden egg of a youth player coming up and making it through.
  2. not to mention if conte is our next manager and he guides italy to the later stages he wont start himself till later then ideally possible.
  3. Ok has anybody actually googled pop bitch? its like the daily mash, have a look at the sub title on the google search the clue is in the word that begins with s, would of thought the name would give it away that its not something to take seriously Message board and free weekly newsletter focusing on satirical celebrity gossip.
  4. Horrible to say but we have morphed into arsenal over last few seasons, small intricate players and try to play tippy tappy football whilst seemingly strengthening areas that dont need reinforcements whilst neglecting the positions that actually do need to be strengthened. Need to go 433 with a better leftback than rahman dave at right back zouma + Terry, fabregas mikel (or someone that does that job) and a new Ballack or (pre buggered knee) Essien type player, play 2 wingers, no number 10, with costa uptop, then get the squad numbers upto minimum 20 outfield + 3 keepers with the outfield players of sufficient quality to start without a noticible drop off in quality.
  5. easy liverpool
  6. I believe he has Said in the past he sees himself as a manager but I also read recently that his badges have taken longer than he first thought and that while he has enjoyed helping coach some of the youth team in a few sessions he is not sure management is something he will progress into now.
  7. Didn't think about that, would make sense, if that were to happen would be highly amusing to read the excuses as to why Mourinho never went Utd despite them saying the opposite for 6 months :)
  8. Paper talk I know but mirror reporting that man Utd will pass up the opportunity to get Mourinho and will stick with van gaal with giggs succeeding him. can't say I'm surprised if true, and I've thought that the media noise about Utd/Mourinho was coming from Joses camp for a while now. Not sure where he will go though if Utd isn't an option, surely abroad unless a sequence of events take him to maybe Arsenal? Don't see another option in England for him.
  9. Leicester move 5 clear of both of the north London rabble
  10. indeed we need imo a squad of 23 players that you dont have that much/any of a drop off in quality when you interchange, 2 for every out field position and 3 keepers, and thats assuming you dont have known injury prone players making up those numbers.
  11. Should go on one of their customary 3 match wobbles after losing to a 'big' team, its the arsenal way you know get them selves out of contention then go on a late flat track charge to cover it up
  12. The facts are, Terry has said he doesn't think he will get a new deal, ivanovic has been signed up and the club/board are saying Terry's deal will be discussed once we have a new manager in place, if ivanovic hadn't been given a new contract the board wouldn't look as guilty as they currently do, it's a bit rich to say Terry can't have new deal until new gaffer arrives while ivanovic pens a new contract is all.
  13. The club want rid for some reason unknown to us, that is all it can be other wise ivanovic would be waiting till the summer for his new deal too if they truly wanted to wait for the new managers input. I dont think the above is up for debate, the only thing that is up for debate is the reasoning behind it, as although id imagine the board must have justification for it in their eyes that doesnt mean it looks the same looking from the outside in.
  14. Didn't say it made sense or not but it's a theory that may hold some water as to why it's happened/ing, personally I think if it was player power that shunted scolari and avb then thank god they had it in them to do it as those 2 were aweful, the board could of took a different slant on it though. or could be simply they don't want to pay Terry 150k a week when they will be actively looking to replace him in summer? Who knows its the wrong decision which ever way you slice it though
  15. Playing devils advocate but maybe the club saw what happened with scolari and avb (rightly mind) and didn't like the players wielded that much influence? since those 2 managers got sacked in quick succession the power players in that mould have been sold off/released one by one each summer, what I think they would like is that no player is beyond being sold if they dont do right by the club, if fabregas for example gets the armband and then was to kick up a fuss the club could sell him with less comotion than if Terry or Lampard or Drogba would cause, thats what I think the club is aiming for rightly or wrongly, as little else makes sense unless the people in control really are that bad at running the club which can't be discounted by any means!