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  1. If you believe the press his influence is on the wane as we/conte wants the roma dof sabatini to come in, pelligrini was emanelos choice apparently which imho is a good enough reason to sack the muppet in its self. Bringing in a proper dof would be a step in the right direction for me, if your gonna have one kicking about atleast lets have one with a trackrecord.
  2. Only way it will happen is if we get the golden egg of a youth player coming up and making it through.
  3. Wenger is the last to do that isn't he? look where thats got arsenal over last ten years or so
  4. The positive if it is conte is that from the sounds of it he wont force a unsuitable formation on the players he has at his disposal, the first thing id address is the formation then build off that, 4231 is not a formation id be using with these players or continue with even with new signings, it isn't a solid enough formation for my liking, 433 with high wingers who keep the opposition pegged back and break on the counter as our main attacking outlet. We need balance in the middle of the park arguably our weakest link this season, you need for my money a defender and attacker and a box to box in the middle of midfield, best of all worlds, each player should have key strengths whilst weaknesses are made up by the other 2, fabregas isn't great at defending fine get a defensive high calibre player alongside him so he can do what he does best, a great manager will adjust the way they set their team up to exaggerate the good and compensate the bad points of his players. Also by playing 2 wingers that stay relatively high up the pitch it stops the opposition from pushing forward too much as they will leave them selves open to the counterattack, in defence depending on who plays have a high line or sit back abit something which will depend on speed of your defenders, I'm not claiming to be a footballing genius by any stretch but it was blatantly obvious that the first half of the season, for what ever reason, the formation/style had to change to make us more solid. If conte comes in he is apparently flexible tactically so will hopefully address our tactical problems and get us moving forward again, its a big summer whilst not expecting us to either go mad on transfers or bounce back winning the league it would be good if we can actually move forward with a plan and purpose and not do as utd have done since fergie left which is just circling aimlessly, 2 years and 250m+ and they are no better than when van gaal first took over or when moyes left, lets not follow suit eh
  5. arguably it could be said that Mourinho had a big say if not full say on transfers for the first team, he didn't fancy mata luiz schurrle de bruyne or lukaku for one reason or another, all went all players youd of thought roman would of wanted to keep, yet we sold them on the managers wishes, it maybe that the club do give the manager more say than we think, whilst the 'stables' and youth team are totally off his remit and down to emanelo/board. Not saying thats the case but a possibility based on a few transfers that dont seem like ones the club would of made maybe whilst a number of signings were typical Mourinho type signings.
  6. Zaffo as our resident italian football expert, do you think contes fuse is long enough for our job? only reason I ask is I believe whilst we all love a manager who gets behind and backs us to the hilt there is also a time for them to play the tactical game and not mention certain things as it can make a bad situation worse, which is usually the case here.
  7. Id say thats abit harsh on fabregas and costa personally speaking, since guus has come in they have mostly looked different players to the first half under Mourinho, we need to look at our strengths and our weaknesses and then assess what is the best way of enhancing and negating them, a formation change is the first obvious call imho as the 4231 to me is flawed anyway as its too top heavy, switch to a 433 with a couple of ball winners/muscle around fabregas with 2 mainly attacking wingers and we would be more balanced, and in theory get the best out of fabregas more regularly as he has 2 players around to help cover his dirty work, fabregas when on form is too good a player not to utilise properly, as is costa, he just needs to be man managed closely to keep his head on the game and not get distracted and get in silly scuffles which hiddink had seemingly stopped up till everton (psg disappointment playing on his mind?)
  8. Id say kenedy and traore are squad players as their performances have been good enough to warrant it my self probably not as first choice but id be happy with either being used as I think more games will improve them further, and I agree on baba being pushed to the wing his positioning is well out.
  9. I'm working on 4/5 to add to squad size, any current player that goes would need replacing like for like to keep numbers up.
  10. We need a CB, a RB/LB and 2xCM and a striker imho, the only out goings should be falcao remy and pato, any others who go should be replaced like for like and revert to a 443 with a predominantly defensive minded midfielder and give the 2 wingers license to do abit less defensive work than they currently do unless really needed, if you play counter and leave your wingers sitting higher up pitch it will force the opposition to keep players back them selves to keep an eye on them.
  11. Suppose it depends on what you consider a rebuild I guess? If the club brings in 4/5 new players good enough to minimum challenge our first 11 for a starting spot while also not selling anyone, would that considered a rebuild or improving the squad? As long as they expand on the small squad with starting 11 talent then that is at least a step in the right direction.
  12. First year and a half yeah but it was moving away from that as he was putting his stamp on the team just as it did first time round, Mourinho is a winner first and foremost so I don't blame him for doing it as he is paid to win, its just his style of play his teams play, just seems to me either the club thought he could adapt to be more adventourous or they gave up on wanting to be tippy tappy. At the moment we are just abit of a mush mash of styles that doesn't really work unless both Costa and fabregas have good games.
  13. not to mention if conte is our next manager and he guides italy to the later stages he wont start himself till later then ideally possible.
  14. Did we? seems to me that when we got Mourinho back we went in the opposite direction the club had been trying to move in for the previous couple of years, we went for a square peg to fill a round hole imo if we wanted a manager to stay for a normal amount of time (3/4 years) whilst also staying low profile and playing football the 'right way' then I'm not sure Mourinho was the man for the job, just as on the flip side if we had decided that we had had enough of trying to be barcelona lite and wanted a guy to win first everything else a distant second then he was perfect for the job as that is his style. For me what pochettino has done a spurs is what the boardat our club wants our manager to do (whilst actually winning trophies mind), they want the guy to be for lack of a better term placid with the media so not to kick the hornets nest, they want them to integrate the best of our youth into the squad properly, they want them to get us playing exciting football and they also want them to play winning football so we add to the trophy cabinet on a fairly regular basis, not many fill this list if any, the only one that springs to mind is the guy taking over at city at season end. To be honest I think the ideal guy for the job was hiddink first time round, but still think he could do a good job for us while we sort out the mess we find ourselves in now as well, I also like koeman as well and think he could do a good job for us if given the opportunity. I think however something which everybody will agree on is that the club need to get the next manager right this summer or you can see us going on another cycle of chopping and changing for the next few years, with the euros this summer it will also make recruitment (even forgetting no CL) that bit harder too, especially if our next manager is involved with it till later stages, could be we dont see any real progress for another 12 months which will be acceptable to me if we are moving in the right direction.
  15. Ok has anybody actually googled pop bitch? its like the daily mash, have a look at the sub title on the google search the clue is in the word that begins with s, would of thought the name would give it away that its not something to take seriously Message board and free weekly newsletter focusing on satirical celebrity gossip.