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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Only way it will happen is if we get the golden egg of a youth player coming up and making it through.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    not to mention if conte is our next manager and he guides italy to the later stages he wont start himself till later then ideally possible.
  3. Ok has anybody actually googled pop bitch? its like the daily mash, have a look at the sub title on the google search the clue is in the word that begins with s, would of thought the name would give it away that its not something to take seriously Message board and free weekly newsletter focusing on satirical celebrity gossip.
  4. Khobar's Legacy

    easy liverpool
  5. Didn't think about that, would make sense, if that were to happen would be highly amusing to read the excuses as to why Mourinho never went Utd despite them saying the opposite for 6 months :)
  6. Paper talk I know but mirror reporting that man Utd will pass up the opportunity to get Mourinho and will stick with van gaal with giggs succeeding him. can't say I'm surprised if true, and I've thought that the media noise about Utd/Mourinho was coming from Joses camp for a while now. Not sure where he will go though if Utd isn't an option, surely abroad unless a sequence of events take him to maybe Arsenal? Don't see another option in England for him.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    indeed we need imo a squad of 23 players that you dont have that much/any of a drop off in quality when you interchange, 2 for every out field position and 3 keepers, and thats assuming you dont have known injury prone players making up those numbers.
  8. Media / Press

    Should go on one of their customary 3 match wobbles after losing to a 'big' team, its the arsenal way you know get them selves out of contention then go on a late flat track charge to cover it up
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    by all accounts from people that should know he is very tactically flexible and is more likely to find a shape to suit the players at present then put square pegs in round holes which is certainly a positive.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    being linked with radja nainggolan as the first signing of conte if he comes, dont know much about him but isn't he a more defensive minded than attacking minded midfielder, id guess that zaffo will be able to give a better profile of the guy to be fair as he follows italian footy regularly.
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    fair comment, but id say the reported 50k a week he makes should be enough restitution for him to bite his tongue imho, I just can't bring myself to pity multimillionaire footballers, think it by all means but dont say it publicly, hold your tongue and move on in the summer if your that unhappy about it.
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    saw that on twitter yesterday and seen nothing to suggest its fake, its the tweet preceding the car photo
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    certainly backs up the stereotype of the modern footballers who couldnt care less as long as they are paid, if a chelsea player said that in public id want the club to put him on individual training for rest of season and then sell him at earliest opportunity, disgrace and shows the class of the man
  14. Khobar's Legacy

    there's that but this one I had in mind which came before the car one.
  15. Khobar's Legacy

    Yep and lescott topped it all off on Twitter for the villa fans!
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Must be having a competition on who can get the most ludicrous rumour into the media, as it is a beyond moronic rumour
  17. Media / Press

    Bet when that lawyer told him it will be easy money he had no idea how long he would have to keep up the pretence for, bet he is wondering if it is even worth it know seeing as neither club made a quick payout (and neither should they of), 6 months off after not realising at first what had apparently happened, high profile amberlance chaser hope he gets nothing.
  18. Kurt Zouma

    an ACL put you in retirement 20 years ago, I believe it was the injury that destroyed paul elliots career when intentionally fouled by that mangey little c*** dean saunders *spits* zouma will come back from the injury but to what extent it may or may not affect his game we will have to wait and see unfourtunately, id imagine due to his youth that it may be easier for him to adapt his game than an older player if he for example finds that he has lost half a yard of acceleration.
  19. Kurt Zouma

    I partially tore my MCL when I was younger whilst playing sunday league footy at 15, was told by doctor back then that the ligament is never 100% after it has been torn, that knee still to do this day has slightly more lateral movement if I flex in that direction than my 'good' knee. Id imagine the acl seeing as it is your major knee ligament is exactly the same, and having youth on your side whilst a positive is by no means a guarantee you will come back the same player, Essien is a great example of what that injury can do to a players game unfortunately. nice little read about ACL injuries
  20. reading between the lines the interview Mourinho has just done sounds to me like him putting out a reminder he is available and looking to get back into work asap so if you want me make an offer, just as the talk of Mourinho going to utd I personally think is his agents planting stories to try and help force the move, I dont doubt that he would like to turn up at utd now as he actually has very little options left if he wants to remain in England realistically, the one that I'm thinking and somebody else also mentioned is arsenal.. what if they actually force wenger upstairs after deciding to actually try and win the league? stranger things have happened
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    thats what I thought at first but it was a friendly match against anzhi in what I can make out was actually their training kit, point stills stands about how long anyone going out east will stick it out, as it will be the language barrier that will be the hardest to overcome in my opinion, mandarin isn't exactly like learning spanish/german.
  22. And arnt all these Mourinho to utd reports all being based of some little paper/radio in spain? as usual the press all play to the same tune to fill paper inches, makes their job nice and easy writing fluff pieces about Mourinho to utd for a few days in between the match reports.
  23. really james really! is this not the same media that said it was done mid/late december as united want him in place for the jan transfer window? you are so gullable in regrds to the media its unreal, the simplest explanation is usually the right answer, so I ask you this why isn't he already man utds manager if they want him? what possible reason could there be for them to keep a manager in place that the fans dont like and is also not exactly doing a good job when they have the manager of their dreams sitting there twiddling his thumbs? simple answer they dont want him otherwise he would already be on a 5 year deal wouldnt he?
  24. Indeed like I said I find it hard to believe that it's true, something happened to hit the squad that hard God knows what though, have to wait for a couple of biographys further down the line to get a glimpse id say
  25. Shearer just said on MOTD pre game that he heard jose and costa feel out as jose wanted to sell him in the summer, which costa got wind of and wasnt happy about, now while that could explain why costa was so poor under Mourinho and scoring like normal under guus, I do find it hard to believe though, you dont sell a striker of his calibre.