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  1. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Sounds like rush hour on my route to work 😉 On a serious note, I'm not surprised. With how packed trains are at peak times, they must be very risky places to be for any length of time.
  2. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Yeh, managed to find a bit of info. Nice gesture from Roman - wonder if many other clubs will be setting up similar initiatives or even doing anything at all to help local communities or hospitals?
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Ham, where did you hear/read about this? EDIT: Just seen it's very low down the headline list on the Sky Sports front page and not mentioned at all by the BBC. Shame as it's in a minority of cases of a club/owner really trying to do something productive.
  4. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Good point. Remarkably little coverage when it comes to the recovered patients. I guess that could be because Government is really trying to make the point of how quickly it spreads and how severe the effects can be?
  5. Aston Villa vs Chelsea

    I have to admit I did scratch my head at the Evertonians booing his every touch last weekend and then going absolutely silent about it once it became clear he was giving their midfield the absolute run around. He absolutely showed them what they were missing. I've been impressed with him over the last couple of weeks, he's really stepped up. Hope it wasn't just the motivation of playing his hometown clubs, but rather a motivation to really stake a claim to start more often when everyone else is fit again.
  6. Media / Press

    Echoing Mark's sentiments. Carry a bottle of Dettol surface cleaner around with you if you see fit and open the window a bit if you can mate. Hope things pan out ok for you!
  7. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    I happened to be listening to/watching with half an eye this week's edition of Sunday Supplement before the Liverpool game last night. They had a section dedicated to Chelsea vs Everton (as it was coming up that afternoon). I'm pretty sure we weren't mentioned once. It was all about Everton, how they brought Ancelotti in, how he was lured by 'the project', how they'd improved and then as they do in every segment, they managed to turn it round to Klopp and Liverpool as a comparison. The way they presented Everton (and by association Liverpool) was staggering. Like the city has two clubs the size & stature of Real Madrid and Barcelona playing within a mile of each other. Some sort of footballing Mecca. No mention of us beating Liverpool during the week and the fantastic performance from the team there, all about Everton. It was clear that Sky's narrative was that they wanted and expected an Everton win that afternoon. They are the big club. We won 4-0. Ha.
  8. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I like your optimism!
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Not the first incident that he could've received a formal warning over too right?
  10. Aston Villa vs Chelsea Jesus. He's a bloody liability isn't he.
  11. Aston Villa vs Chelsea

    Rumours in at least one paper this morning that Dean Smith might be facing the sack. Please not before Saturday if true, could do without another new manager first game bounce. Watching Everton on Sunday and how we dealt with them made me remember just how annoyed I was about us immediately handing them the initiative with the way we played in that game up there earlier in the season. Not keen to see a repeat of that. On a more positive note, glad there is no midweek game this week, gives a thin pool of fit players a decent chance to rest for a day or two. Wonder if we might see Pulisic or RLC on the bench this week? Has anyone heard if there are any behind closed doors or U23 games they might get minutes in before the weekend?
  12. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    I'd also group Drogba in Moscow into your examples there. No way was he going to hurt Vidic with that slap, but he was definitely asking for a red card for doing it (and got one) The issue I have here is that some teams and players are clearly getting away with things even under the use of a system designed to prevent such mistakes being made. Gilmour even said that Maguire made a point of grabbing him round the throat in the League Cup game earlier this season. This is a player that has showing traits of violent conduct more than once against one side, so what's to stop him from doing it to everyone else too?
  13. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    United being helped by Refereeing decisions has been fairly consistent form for about 25 years. I think it will continue just fine with VAR. Our game the other week was a perfect example. A conscious decision to complete ignore what they were getting up to and instead look for faults or fouls in anything we did. It was like being in Fergie's heyday all over again.
  14. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Hopefully at least one or two of the injured list recover and are fit for the bench. Actually having six days between the Everton game and the Villa game the week after will be a very welcome break in terms of player recovery time. I think we can be hopeful on at least Kante, Tammy and Willian for the Villa game. Villa away, Bayern away and then the FA Cup Quarter Final all in the 8 days after that. Could be a tough spell.
  15. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

    Interestingly there was a VAR review in the first half when Giroud's leg was raised after their centre-back dumped him to the ground on the halfway line though.