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  1. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    In fairness, he did play well last night and not really by doing any of the things he's consistently celebrated for. First time in ages I've seen him play and viewed his contribution as more than that of a complete luxury player.
  2. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    This. Spot on Sir.
  3. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    On reflection, he should probably have just pumped it up the pitch anyway. But hey ho. I really hope that Christensen had a few arms put round his shoulder last night, he like everybody else (bar Morata) played really well. Given his composure and the ease with which he's come into the team, it's easy to forget he's only 21/22 and a hasn't got that much experience in games like this. It's also typical that a centre-backs mistakes cost goals whilst a midfielder or a striker's typically don't. It's a painful lesson for him, but part of his learning curve. We've got a proper player on our hands with him and I really believe this is a case of picking him up, dusting him off and getting him back to it. Morata on the other hand needs less arm-round-the-shoulder and more -boot-up-posterior. How do you manage to get booked for dissent before you've even touched the ball? Starting to wonder if he's actually a scouser, the amount of whining he does ?
  4. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    Thought we were fantastic and deserved to win. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic that we can win the tie in the second leg.
  5. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    Booked for dissent literally two minutes after coming on last night. Had he even touched the ball by the time he got a yellow? He needs a serious think about how he's approaching his football at the moment. Not anywhere near the level he should be. And the petulance and whining just makes his general form even worse.