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  1. Given the likely cost and his current output, I'd steer well clear of Barkley anyhow. And to me, he makes even less sense as a target with Baker, Boga & RLC on our books. Feels like a case of serious money that should be spent elsewhere. Oxlade-Chamberlain I do feel is worth a punt. Looks like a player who can play a few roles, works hard and in my opinion would be someone that benefits from playing with better players. And as I've said before, the notion that Arsenal won't sell to us (or another Prem rival) is nonsense. Wenger has a rich history of selling in-form & successful Arsenal players to Premier League rivals. And that is when they were playing Champions League football too. Test their resolve with an £80-85m bid for Ox & Sanchez. It'd be fun creating a story if nothing else.
  2. Fixed that for you ;-)
  3. Ballad of John & Yoko? Excellent.
  4. Poked my head into Niketown in London the other day - got to say I really like the kits. I might invest in the home shirt to tide me over for a good while on that front. I like all of the posters and stuff promoting them too - Oxford Circus tube station was literally full of giant posters of our new kit today. Love that. My only slight criticism is that I'm hoping Nike produce some nicer hoodies & tees soon as I'm much more likely to wear that sort of thing with some reasonably subtle branding on them. At the moment, everything seems to be about massive, gaudy logos and writing. Not really into that myself.
  5. Last season was by far his best in terms of goals, so I would think 30+ is a bit hopeful. He did however do a very good job of taking his chances when he could and from what I've seen of him, he works hard up front. I think that sort of striker could be a real hit here.
  6. Also, is Zlatan a viable option to bring in? I know he's injured, but should be back within 2-3 months by the sounds. Seemed as if Jose had done his best to get rid of him despite a great debut season in the Premier League. Could be a great shorter term option
  7. Without doubt one of the best footballers to wear the Chelsea shirt (in my mind anyway) Morata of Belotti would be great. I think our style of play suits a hard-working striker who is aggressive with his runs into the penalty area/six yard box (something I personally feel Costa doesn't do often enough). I'd also seriously be sniffing around Sanchez. This idea that Arsenal wouldn't sell to us is guff. They sell to Premier League rivals all the time - he only has a year left on his deal, they've got no CL so would take the money and his versatility would be a good fit for us.
  8. Good point that. Although I'm always highly suspicious when newspapers "know" a player's salary (like they actually get paid weekly *rolls eyes*), surely any offer from that Belotti were to receive from Chelsea would be a fair chunk more than Torino would be able to offer?
  9. Well, the way I see it, if we went and got Belotti for say £70m, is there really any way that people can say that's a worse deal than Lukaku at £100m? I really don't think there is.
  10. Suarez might cost that now, Lukaku shouldn't. He's nowhere near the player Suarez was at Liverpool or is now at Barca.
  11. True enough. My main concern with Lukaku is that he talks a lot but doesn't seem to quite be a player who performs when the pressure is on him. Add a huge transfer fee (and the expectation/pressure) that brings to that scenario and I'm worried about what we could end up with.
  12. Point of information James, Belotti is 23. Younger than Lukaku. He also scored 30 odd goals in a mid table Serie A team last season (a league where reaching those sort of numbers in a season is rare to say the least.) I'd say that makes him an option very much worth investigating. Lukaku is far from the only option out there. Especially at the prices being talked about.
  13. If we're going for Manolas at £26m, is there no value in going for a homegrown player like Michael Keane at about the same price? Younger and Premier League experienced
  14. Also might have something to do with Serie A being at the weakest it's been for a long while. If any of us looked at the last Italy squad chosen (as an example), I genuinely wonder how many of the side any of us would deem "good enough" for Chelsea? And of those that are good enough, how many would actually be purchasable?
  15. Anyone see John Aldridge's "Van Dijk should go on strike at Southampton to force them to let him go to Liverpool" piece the other day? He really is a cretin that man. Just take a brief moment and consider the righteous indignation if someone suggested a Liverpool player should do that to force a move...