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  1. VAR and Chelsea

    Man Utd never needed VAR to get those decisions, it's been happening for the whole 26 odd years I've been watching football. VAR has just ensured they're getting more coverage on TV.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    There was something months ago about them trying to negotiate the fee down and Marina refusing point-blank wasn't there. I had always put that down to Chelsea being unimpressed by Morata and his comments in the press about "always wanting to be there" but as you say, could definitely help our cause now.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Willing to accept 120M + Kepa 😂
  4. And who can blame him? I dismissed the idea when it popped up a few weeks back, now I'm not so sure it's as silly as I first thought.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Might be a case of Roman striking while the iron is hot (for him anyway). The apparent relaxation of FFP presumably plays a part too. It means he can invest a bit more if he sees fit. And he and the board may be looking at things and thinking the market could be disrupted for a year or two, so why not get in now? Lets face it, Liverpool have won the league with ease, City have massively dropped off (and have a fair bit of rebuilding to do, plus losing Silva and Kompany in consecutive summers), maybe the club have spied what they think is their chance to really pull us back into contention? I know we're spending big (even if we were to only add Havertz and no one else), but Liverpool have been gung-ho for three seasons, City have dropped off, United are very much in a building cycle, Arsenal & Spurs are well off it - now could be a great chance for Chelsea. We obviously won't get the fees we wanted for outgoing players (excluding Jorginho maybe), but we're likely to recoup some cash and free up budget for wages with 5-7 sales. It'll be big spending, but not so big as it first appears (and lets face it, Roman has the money). Chelsea ruining football again. You love to see it.
  6. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Possibly. But given the injuries just before the lockdown, you’d have thought the rest there was very well-timed. Kovacic and Kante being injured certainly hasn’t helped. I’m certain of that.
  7. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Have to say I agree. I was saying to a friend after the game that I'm worried about him. Did he get into the Norwich box at all? Looked like he was playing in a 30m square area in the middle of the pitch. Didn't really do anything wrong, just didn't really do.... Anything. Barkley immediately showed more physicality and gusto when he came on. Could have done with him, Reece and CHO ten minutes earlier. Thought all looked effective when they came on.
  8. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    I'd still try to win though - playing for six and getting four is a lot nicer than the alternative with our defending 😳
  9. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    I think both of our points are based in opinion here. I think we could be toast if we lose at Liverpool, you think Leicester will drop points. I suppose neither is certain. I'm assuming worst case scenario, but I'd argue anything else is dangerous - we could well go into that game on Wednesday night two points behind both Leicester and United with a much inferior goal difference. In that scenario, a win at Anfield is really the only thing that gives us an advantage at all as it means Leicester and United really both have to play to win the last game I am of course hoping one or both drop points in the meantime, but it is just a hope. We definitely need to take six points from our two games regardless.
  10. Pretty confident that having a player like him available last night would have made it a lot more comfortable for us. Mind you, creativity does rely on others putting chances away - Reece put 3 or 4 great crosses in for no one to do anything with them
  11. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    We really need to buck our ideas up and quickly. Feels like we're in a real slump (despite the win last night). Play like we have been and this is a foregone conclusion results-wise. I suspect four points from the last two MAY be enough, but lose this one and we're toast really. Leicester and United are well capable of playing out a draw to stuff us on the last day if put in the position to do so, thus we need to take that option off the table for them. Liverpool might do us a favour if it comes down to costing United a CL place (or at least jeopardising it), but it's also their last home game of the most dominant season they've ever had, so we're going to need to play really well I think. We've put ourselves in a tough spot. Even draws at West Ham and/or Sheff Utd would have been huge in our current circumstances.
  12. Media / Press

    Exactly. I'm guessing City will add 3 or 4 players, but may have to offload a couple of big earners first (Silva is going to be fair, I'd imagine his wages were significant, Sane has gone relatively cheaply given his age/status). Plus I'm sure eyes will be on their accounts now. With oil taking a hit of late, the Sheikh may want to taper the spending a bit. But their squad does feel like it's come to the end of its cycle and they've needed at least one centre-back since last summer. Pjanic/Arthur just stinks of Barca in particular cooking the books (though Juve have added Ronaldo and Ramsey's wages over the last two summers and are rumoured to be offering Ramsey to other clubs). Barca are in real financial trouble if they don't offload a few members of that squad. Liverpool are interesting though as that squad has been worked pretty hard over the last three seasons. With a short break and a Euros (and Olympics) next year, it could get worn very thin. Oxlade-Chamberlain aside, they've really avoided any big injuries so far too. That must surely be a factor that will start to play a part at some point? There's also a precedent of the dangers of not adding quality when you've won the league convincingly. Chelsea in 2015 & 2017, City last year, but the one that always stands out for me is Wenger sticking with that whole invincibles squad. Arsenal haven't got near a title since. Book-cooking for sure. I'm sure Ralphie Cifaretto's guy is looking over them regularly.
  13. Media / Press

    It’ll be interesting to see how they approach it. Three or four new signings would surely freshen it up and keep the current squad motivated, but there has been very little talk of anything really
  14. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Because he doesn’t play Sarriball wasn’t it? One of his better qualities if you ask me...
  15. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    The most stable and effective pairing we’ve had this season was Zouma & Tomori in Sep/Oct/Nov when we went on that winning run. Looked like they actually enjoyed playing together as well