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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Giroud did take Maguire to school in the Cup semi-final mind you. And he'd previously had it all his own way up against a newly-installed Tammy and a poor Batshuayi. I'd start Oli here tbh.
  2. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    This is known as Robbie Savage syndrome 😄
  3. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    I don't disagree with anything you've written here. I think people may be underestimating how hard it's been coming to the PL this season too. We've even seen experienced players like Thiago struggle. Havertz is only 21, has moved to a new country mid-pandemic, had Covid and has been living under lockdown conditions. I suspect that's been hard for any new players at any new club. It's been hard to adapt to his new city, meet people, get into the culture and way of life here, make friends etc. London's one of the most vibrant and diverse cities on the planet, it's a pretty different place at the moment though. Add the compression of an already-hectic fixture list and Chelsea's general struggles and it's not that much of a surprise that he, Werner and Ziyech have all struggled really. I've never doubted Werner and Havertz are trying though, or that both will come good with a bit of patience. We've spent a lot of time not playing to their obvious strengths either. Ziyech I am a bit worried about though - it may just be how he is, but he has looked really like he's not bothered at all on a few occasions now and definitely hasn't worked hard enough on a few others (Barnsley and Man City spring to mind). I'm hoping he can and does pick up, but I honestly wouldn't be shocked if he leaves in the summer.
  4. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Agreed - I'd say a fit Pulisic is ahead of him in the pecking order for now, but Havertz definitely has an opportunity to get himself in. He looked genuinely annoyed when he got the ball in space ready to run last night and the ref blew for the foul on Kante. Felt like he knew he had an opportunity to do something, knew what he would try and then had it ripped away from him by the whistle. Did anyone else notice Ziyech seemed to try about 800% harder when he came on last night too? Looked much more up for it? The cynic in me says he was shop-windowing himself in front of a CL audience, but I also slightly wonder if the CHO Sub on/Sub off thing perhaps served as a bit of a wake up call to some others too?
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yeh what is it with Maguire in particular and VAR? He'll be bringing a weapon to hit people with on the pitch if things carry on at this rate. The elbow against Newcastle is the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a UFC Octagon. He even looked away from the ball, looked for the player and then elbowed him. It's ridiculous what he's getting away with. I was talking to a Man Utd supporting colleague after the Cup semi-final last season where Maguire clattered into Bailly and got him a free Ambulance trip about how vicious he is. I thought he was clearly targeting Giroud there and either by a glimpse from the corner of the eye, or just blind luck, Giroud got out of the way and Maguire smashed into the head of his teammate instead. If he hadn't moved, I think Oli would've got a much worse injury than Bailly ended up with as his head would've been sandwiched between the two of them. He's a thug. Hope he gets an unpleasant comeuppance in the near future.
  6. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Definitely wouldn't help our creating and goalscoring problem if we did. I'd almost prefer 4-3-3 if we're going to deploy all three. Gives us an extra attacker and lets the full-backs push on
  7. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    I thought that was Christensen playing a really bad ball out through the middle that got intercepted and then dispatched by Messi? Horror moment as we’d been fantastic up until that point and lost the tie in about 5 seconds. I don’t know why, but I can see a situation of them going 1-0 up and Suarez doing something that leads to one of ours being sent off tonight. Atletico are masters of the ‘dark arts’ and game management on slender leads and we’re incredibly poor at doing it ourselves and often fall victim to the oppo just doing the basics well. They’ll target all of our players on yellows too. I feel like maybe our best chance is to try to start at 100mph, really high tempo and go for an early goal or two, then tightening up if it happens or not. If it does, great - we stay compact and look to hit on quick breaks, if we haven’t, we compact so we don’t get caught out chasing the goal. We need an away goal (or two). They’ll be horrible tonight and even worse to play when they’re away from home. I worry that if we don’t start strong and get a lead, we could just end up gradually being worn down and leave with a loss and no away goal to our name. If that happens and Atleti know that any away goal at SB leaves us needing 3, we’re done before the second leg. Problem is that we never start well.. I’m not expecting us to win this tie at all, but I do think even a loss could be used as a motivator for this side if we go out and show some maturity and determination that shows we want to be at the top table going forward. I’m just not sure if we’re actually that team, or if these players are willing to show that level of grit.
  8. Yeh. I’m curious if that’s a bit of a longer term thing rather than just missing the one game recently?
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    He’s been brilliant in Italy to be fair to him. Looks a fitter, quicker, more determined & grown up player. From what I was told (from a very reliable source), he was all set to come back in 2017. He wanted it, the club wanted him and Raiola caused a bumped to the fee, agents fees and brought United into the picture after speaking to Jose. Lukaku went on holiday, got a call from Jose and ended up at United. He also dumped Raiola in favour of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation within 6 months after. At 27, in the form he is & given his PL record, it’s definitely one worth thinking about.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Barca royally screwed the pooch not letting Messi go in August. They’d have got a big transfer fee (for a 33 year old) and got his enormous wages off the books. As it is, they’ve cost themselves a load of money, kept a difficult & unhappy player with huge unofficial influence and been forced to put off a much-needed rebuild for another year. Given the state of their squad and the obvious need to generate funds, I think they’ll have to take much lower fees than they’d like in order to get rid of anyone.
  11. Not quite sure I’d agree there, he had a really good run after the Covid break (the whole period until the Cup Final) and had been very good in that winning run in Oct/Nov 19. I think he’s generally really dropped off when the team as a whole have, which is a bit of a worry as he’s one you look to for a creative spark to perk others up.
  12. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    The rules that refs seem to be implementing of late suggest that fouls deemed worthy of penalising in the penalty areas need to be different types of fouls to anywhere else on the pitch. It’s pretty ridiculous and of course complete nonsense. My instinct is that they’re literally making it up as they go, ref to ref, match to match. How Salah gets a pen for the contact he got against Man City, but Bogle doesn’t for beating the keeper to the ball and then being tackled at knee height last night is beyond me. It’s obvious some sides and players (Kane, Salah, literally anyone in a Man Utd kit) are being favoured and others for whatever reason, will get nothing from officials. If it carries on, I wonder which owner is going to crack first and make noise about legal action?
  13. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    I think you’ve summed it up well here and I agree completely with your points. Hopefully it will have laid the gauntlet down as it were. The great hope is that CHO responds in the way Joe Cole did after Blackburn away. It’s a card he can only play once though. I would imagine if it happens again, the victim of the decision will have plenty of ammo to challenge him with. Good points. For me, Chilwell always plays ahead of the other LBs. He’s a much better player than the other two. Alonso was awful from what I saw yesterday and frankly doesn’t look arsed. He’s also 30 and has been poor for some time now. Ziyech I could at least see the logic of bringing an AM on. Jorginho for Kovacic when we needed a goal to win and had Giroud sitting there was just an odd one. They weren’t playing through us, and if they had, Jorgi is clearly the least mobile of the three CMs. I think it goes down to personnel and systems yesterday though. If you start 5 defenders and 2 non-scoring CMs + a striker that went off injured on Monday night, then is it a surprise that we didn’t create chances or score? For me it feels like Conte’s second season and the battles we faced breaking teams down playing 5-3-2 or 5-3-1-1. Only now we have more attackers to choose from and wing-back options with more speed & mobility and we’re still playing this system
  14. The injuries are certainly frustrating, but he’s been really struggling for form since well before Christmas. Wonder if there’s something else going on? He looked so good over the summer and seems to have had a massive drop-off even considering the injury issues.
  15. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    He probably shouldn’t have started tbh.