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  1. Chelsea 3 Leeds United 1

    Agreed. He's in real run of form, so surely should play.
  2. Chelsea 3 Leeds United 1

    Surely, if anything - the fourth goal being a penalty makes it a perfect fourth? Left foot, right foot, header, penalty...
  3. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    That went rather well didn't it. Would have been delighted with a 1-0 or 2-1 win last night, that didn't seem to be enough for this Chelsea side though: Four cracking finishes from Giroud and a clean sheet. Fantastic! Giroud was obviously the star, but I thought Rudiger, Emerson and Havertz all looked strong. A special mention for CHO: He has picked up some really strong form, looks so much more confident about his role in the side. I thought his off the ball movement was great last night, always in space, pulling them out wide & stretching their defence. I've been impressed with him of late.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    You've just described FFP - we've had that rule for years 😄
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I mean, come August or September, he might be of more use here. Tomori needs a loan before then and Christensen has had enough chances by now surely?
  6. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    I think you play for 1st regardless as then you’re at least a touch unlucky if you draw a top team, whereas finish second and you’re really earning that particular scenario.
  7. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    I wonder if the bubbles have some correlation with regularity of testing? Perhaps you can join the first team if you match their testing schedule? Further examination of the instagram page shows him with N’golo Kanté on 9/10
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Your magnificent 7 with a potential add of someone like Marc Guehi sounds quite good to me
  9. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    So from a quick look at the @chelseafc instagram, he’s on a video scoring past Willy in first team training the week ending with the Sheff Utd game, so he was with the first team group before the International break. Video here dated November 10 edit - here he’s with Timo Werner in training on Oct 30
  10. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Pretty sure he's been training with the first team for at least a few weeks. He was officially 'promoted' to be with them full-time last season and has definitely been seen in first team training photos for the last few weeks on the social media channels
  11. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Would be nice if we could give Gilmour a start in that one. As well as games for Rudiger, Giroud, CHO again.
  12. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Mendy Reece Rudiger Thiago Dave Kante Kovacic Havertz CHO Giroud Pulisic I think Werner needs a rest and a bit of rotation over the next few weeks, Havertz needs a start, Giroud should start, Zouma could benefit from a rest too.
  13. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Why would he do that? I wouldn't be surprised if Kepa is now our 4th choice goalkeeper
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeh, you'd presume he'll need a rest at some point too. Even if he just gets subbed after 60-70mins a few games running, that could really save his legs. In many ways that positive Covid test could be a big benefit for Havertz. Gave him two weeks rest when he would have been busy on International duty.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    We might need a striker too if Giroud goes (though I suspect he may well play more with the run of games we have coming up - rotation will be needed)