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  1. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    I'd get minutes into some legs of the likes of Trev, Werner, Saul, Chilwell & CHO. Mendy doesn't need to be risked if he wasn't quite right for Spurs, City coming up and he probably would have sat this one out anyway. So Kepa should play again. My XI: Kepa Chalobah Christensen Rudi (c) James Kovacic Saul Chilwell Ziyech CHO Werner
  2. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    No, it wouldn't. But this is the Premier League and Sky dictate the schedule really. It's quite impressive that English teams generally do pretty well in Europe despite their own League choosing to make the schedule more difficult than it needs to be. Surely if you're Spurs, you go for this hard? Good chance to actually win something.
  3. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    My first game since Lille at home, December 2019. Quite excited.
  4. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Ziyech is training as normal too I think. I'd still be a little careful though - lots of games coming up, some really tough ones in the next few weeks. No point risking injuries and losing players for significant chunks of time if we don't have to.
  5. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Feels like the Club might have to make a decision on him a lot faster than any of us might have guessed. He's capable of being a terrific player, but is he ever going to put a real run of games together or be available for 10 games in a row, let alone available for a full season? Just seems to be one thing after another. I feel for him, but 60m quid is a lot for a player that's only available half of the time for an elite club.
  6. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    FIFA should be telling them where to go. The whole situation has been a complete and utter shambles and further highlights just how stupid this International break is. My XI (based on what it looks like will be available) Mendy Trev Christensen Rudiger Azpi Jorginho Kovacic Alonso Pulisic Werner Mount Ideally, I'd like to play Lukaku and a couple of others, but the games are about to come thick and fast & we've got Spurs away and a no-doubt extra-motivated Man City coming as well as two CL games & the League Cup. So little point taking many risks at this stage. I'd be well chuffed if we bully and batter Villa on our way to a victory though. I haven't forgotten the behaviour of Grealish & co that went unpunished on the final day of last season. I'd like to smash them.
  7. Champions League 21/22

    I've been to Sweden a couple of times. The beer is anything but cheap, but it was great fun when I went.
  8. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Why are we being forced to endure another crappy International break 3 games into the season though? Just as the games are starting to get going, squads are all broken up and dispersed across every Covid hotspot around the World. It’s so bloody tedious.
  9. Quite excited about this one. Gives us an option in midfield with qualities that we don’t have at the moment. That fourth CM was a real necessity too as far as I’m concerned. The rumoured option price is less than we paid for Kovacic, quite a good deal to consider if things work out as we all hope.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not a bad window overall. Got an English 3rd choice GK with a decent level of PL knowledge and plenty of Championship experience in. Got the proper striker we wanted and he wanted Chelsea too. My only concern there is that we don't have a backup for him per say, so we might need to manage his minutes a little. Got a 4th CM that brings different qualities to the others and allows for changes in shape/plan when required. Kounde would have been nice, but seems Sevilla deemed it necessary to play silly buggers over the weekend and are left with a player that wants to leave and will be worth less money in 6 - 12 months. I wouldn't be surprised to see us go back in for him come January or next summer, so I won't get too worried about that one. I can see us looking to add one or two in January as needed, but overall, you'd have to think this is the best squad we've had in some considerable time and we look to have a manager that will make us a real challenger for all of the trophies on offer. Exciting times!
  11. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    A lot of it seems to stem from the relative safety of using homophobia or sexist remarks or abuse. If they all shouted something racist, it’d be something no one could defend. But because homophobia and sexism just isn’t treated or viewed in the same way, they’re more than happy to push on with it. A lot of people think very little of saying things like “poof” or words like that, so when you question it, they’re defensive and you’re over-sensitive, a snowflake or woke (whatever that term actually means). It’ll carry on until the FA fine them or close the Kop for a game or two (imagine the collective wailing). But they won’t do that over some “unsavoury remarks from a small section of the crowd”
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I reckon he might be a longer-term target. Might be better for his development to have him sit where he is for the year and play every week rather than be 4th/5th choice here at his age. I think we're in for an interesting couple of years in terms of midfield planning though. Kante and Jorgi are both 30 now, Kovacic is fine, but could be improved on, Mount can operate at CM, but seems more suited to a system with 3 in there or being deployed ahead of a sitting pair of DMs/CMs. Wouldn't be surprised if we start to see a refresh in the next year. Rice and the Monaco lad could be part of the plans for that (though I'm with Martin and can see Rice ending up as a centre-back too).
  13. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Fingers crossed for 20 quid tickets eh!