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  1. July 1st from what I can gather...
  2. So if we win tonight and the two home games, we'd set a new record of 30 wins in a 38 game PL season? That'd be quite an achievement given the side currently holding the win record is our -04/05 team isn't it?
  3. He's been a breath of fresh air hasn't he really. Hope he stays for ages to be honest. I loved Jose (we had good reason to), but I'm so glad we haven't had to deal with his drama all season this year. Conte's no drama approach has just been such a refreshing change. He's not risen to the bait of journalists and this fantastic connection with the fans he's managed to establish has just been brilliant to be part of. And he's done such an incredible job with the team. I'd have bitten your hand off to have a secure top four spot at the beginning of the season after last year's shambles and now we're looking at the very real prospect of winning only the second double in the club's history. He's found a new system that seems to emphasize the strengths of several members of the team (Moses, Luiz, Pedro), re-energized players such as Hazard, Courtois and Matic and seemingly immediately identified N'Golo Kante as the #1 transfer target of the summer. Whilst simultaneously getting rid of some of the dead wood like Oscar, Ivanovic and Mikel. Not a bad lot really. My only concern is that over achievement this year could be used as a stick to beat him with next year. But hopefully the fans (and more importantly the management), have learned better. We're at an interesting point of rebuilding a squad here and I'd trust this man to be at the forefront of that a lot more than most other managers.
  4. Probably why he's not on too often. BBC probably don't want the man who highlights the deficiencies of so many of the other pundits by actually offering insight and analysis rather than just spouting opinion. Nevin has always impressed me with the way that he talks about the game. But he does somewhat intellectualise it at times - that's not what they want if you need someone to follow a narrative or reinforce commonly held opinions. I remember towards the end of the 12/13 season, Nevin did a piece on the difference between a long ball and a long range pass (highlighting Luiz's ability to pick out Torres from 50 yards away with the latter). Hardly supported Hansen etcs narrative that Luiz is rubbish and a liability for the team when you highlight an obvious strength in a player that few players in the league really possess.
  5. Agreed. I've long thought we've lacked players who either aggressively attack space in the penalty area or make (short) runs to create spaces for themselves and others
  6. Berahino worth a punt in the short term? Proven Premier League goalscorer and out of contract in the summer, so quite cheap. I'm guessing there are problems with his attitude at West Brom, but he's certainly scored goals for them. Association trained too. On the subject of Batshuayi/Llorente, I'm left wondering why Swansea would be prepared to let him go given the position they're in? shows Llorente as Swansea's 3rd highest goalscorer this season with 6 goals - not sure it's wise for them to trade him for a player who is quite literally an unknown quantity in the Premier League. And if we did loan him to them, would Clement be in a position to gamble on starting him regularly? I'd say that sitting on our bench and learning from our squad and coaches will be more beneficial than being a bit part in a potentially unsuccessful battle against relegation.
  7. It was brilliant when he came on and nutmegged those two United wallies though. Top stuff.
  8. I think he'll play a fair bit (providing he's fit). Diego is more than likely to get banned or injured at some point of the season. I'm quite encouraged that his assist was from a headed knock-down and that all three of his goals have been six yard box tap ins/rebounds. I've long thought we need a forward who is a lot more aggressive in attacking the ball in the penalty area. Maybe he is it
  9. Says as much for the general bloke as it does for the dipsticks that write newspapers articles. A lot of people really do believe what they read. Even when you question it to them and point out the contradictions. The press just present what they can get away with. If more people questioned them, they'd have to up their game. But as it is, they can make a good living from presenting drivel and people accept it as gospel.
  10. One (fairly important) question for him, assuming this City move is going to happen: Does he expect a guaranteed starting spot there? I'd have said he'll be guaranteed nothing at any top side....
  11. You and me both there. Oscar has a big season coming up ahead of him and not in terms of "he could have a breakthrough year". In my opinion, he really needs to be good and consistent all season, because three years down the line from signing him, the consistency still isn't there. His drop off in effort/performance in the second half of 2013/14 in anticipation of the World Cup in Brazil was beyond shocking. My guess is that Brazil wanted to take him again this summer (and that he wanted to go), but the club put their foot down and told them he'd had more than his fair share of travelling around the planet for Brazil games for three + years and that he'd be taking 5/6 weeks off for recovery.
  12. They didn't advise the 11 year old me not to buy the Laudrup 7 shirt two/three weeks before he dashed out of the door though.... They want your money. Whether it's on a Gallas 3 shirt (he was going to be #3), a Lampard 8 one or whatever else. I doubt they care what you have printed so long as your paying.
  13. After last season, he shouldn't be short of offers either. He was fantastic for Leicester. I've heard much worse ideas for us too - wouldn't mind him being here for a year or so at all.
  14. Well, if he's also only being linked with a smallish-profile Turkish side, I'd read that as a fairly damning indictment on the lad. Guessing it must be an attitude problem (or a perceived one) - surely a move to the Turkish league for a 21/22 year old wouldn't be the only mooted thing otherwise?
  15. Looks pretty good to be fair: