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  1. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    But those two individuals being selected do add to our (already troubling) issues as both have been poor for quite some time. They’ve both had more than long enough to show they’re up to scratch and neither are anywhere near. That being said, the whole XI needs to be better prepared and work harder to a proper defensive strategy. Last night was a good first step in that regard, but it has to continue to be visible for at least the next half a dozen games to build habit & confidence.
  2. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    Thought it was a solid performance and a lot more mature in approach than we’ve seen for quite a while. Would’ve loved to have nicked a 1-0 win, but equally glad we didn’t lose our heads chasing the win and end up losing 0-1 to a silly mistake. Sevilla are set up very well and all of their team know their roles. We could learn from their tactical approach. Good shape, compacted well, protected the 3rd & 4th choice CBs well. Decent, well drilled side obviously confident in their ability in European games. Thought Chilwell was our stand out. He looks very, very good so far. Kanté seems more like his old self and both Mendy & Silva brought a much-needed aura of calm at the back. Zouma’s decision-making is a bit poor at times, that’s something that needs to be addressed, but overall, we were a lot more solid. Going forward, it hasn’t quite clicked yet, but Werner is making great runs and we’re seeing glimpses of what Havertz is capable of (that turn, shimmy and 40 yard run with the ball early in the 2nd half should frighten a few defenders). They could be fearsome when they click. I’d have brought CHO & Tammy on 10 mins earlier, but apart from that, Lots of Positives to build on. Now up to Penchester on Saturday for 100mins of surviving the oppo diving, cheating and lobbing cash at the officials...
  3. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    They wouldn't necessarily have to do that if the midfield balance is right. Both full-back can play quite high if the midfield two in the pivot (or the holding player) are mobile and positionally aware. I personally don't see a huge problem if the two in front of the CBs are positionally and tactically sound enough to screen the two CBs and ensure that teams can't just play through the middle of us on the counter if the FBs push up. You'd think that Kante and Kovacic should be ok for that as they both cover ground quite well and win the ball effectively (Jorginho in a system like that would be suicidal though). Plus both the FBs mentioned are pretty mobile, so should know they need to make recovery runs if play breaks down. I feel like that system can only work with James and Chilwell though. Emerson isn't good enough to do it and Dave might not be mobile enough now (plus he crosses really well from deeper positions) A system with a solid four in the middle (two CMs/DMs and two CBs) should offer enough defensive cover to not leave us exposed whilst allowing the front four to play higher and the full-backs to stretch the play and make overlaps behind the defensive lines of the opposition. Whether we currently have the tactical nous to play a system like that though, I'm less sure.
  4. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    You’d have thought both of them would have made way for Rudiger/Tomori and Willy last Saturday though. I’d seriously not be surprised to see Christensen start again here
  5. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    Tricky one this. We're really in need of a win to start off, but probably even more in need of a really strong, cohesive performance (and probably another one on Saturday) I'd go: Willy Azpi Zouma Silva Chilwell Kante Kovacic Mount Havertz Pulisic Werner (and if Pulisic isn't quite ready to go for another start straight away, CHO to start in his place)
  6. Media / Press

  7. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Being Chelsea no. 2 is definitely a better/more challenging/more rewarding gig than being England no.2 though. At least at Chelsea you're working with a range of higher-level coaches, players and managers - not always the case with England at all. I'll agree with your assessment of wishing he was still here though, his tactical nous would be mightily handy at the moment
  8. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Not the only one to have experienced a massive dip in form over the last 6-9 months in fairness. It's only really Pulisic, Giroud and a couple of the new boys that have had an upward trajectory in terms of their form since the Lockdown break. Bit of a worrying trend. Yeh, where was Kovacic on Saturday? Is he hurt? Could really have done with him in that second half.
  9. Media / Press

    Helpful distraction for Frank though. Any other weekend, he'd be getting ripped apart for starting both Kepa and Christensen. (Not that I'm in favour of Sky's general bias, but this one may have done our manager a favour)
  10. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    I’m glad you mention this. But I don’t think it’s limited to central midfield when we don’t have the ball, it’s the whole team. We lack any defensive shape or strategy - we’re never compact enough and the collective workrate Isn’t high enough. It’s also something I suspect an experienced coach would spend the first couple of weeks instilling into the side and then just expect it to be done game in game out as a matter of course.
  11. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    As it’s matchday, just a friendly reminder to our UK based members not to pay out an additional £14.95 to BT Sport for the game today. Let them and the Premier League stick their extra charges up their khyber. (Also, it’s free for pubs to show - so £15 of beer sales into your local economy will be better spent if safe to do so anyway)
  12. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    This is quite a thing for 70 quid a year. As an aside, why is TV so expensive in the UK? My other half is Polish and when we were last there, her brother in law showed me his TV box that cost approx 100 GBP to buy and then costs him something like 25 quid a year. For that 25, he gets everything. Sports, Music, Movies, everything (he also showed me it has a plethora of "adult art" channels available 24 hours a day 😄). It's mad that 25 quid wouldn't even buy you a month of BT Sport or Sky Sports here. We're being done over. (Wouldn't be shocked if a load of the services went up in cost after Brexit kicks in and removes a few EU regulations either).
  13. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Yeh, if you found that Doc chilling, I'd suggest not doing any further reading on the guy in question. What I've seen is pretty weird.
  14. Media / Press

    Makes you wonder why Southgate felt the need to call him up really? Hopefully it's a non-issue and he's fine to build on his excellent start for us. If the choice was playing in the internationals, or being fit for his new club, I can't really see that he'd have been very bothered by the England games when he's probably still trying to get to 100% match fitness International Breaks are a waste of energy most of the time, this one just seems to have been a colossal extra stress for all involved given the current situation with the Pandemic. It shouldn't be happening at all.
  15. I think I'd definitely have loaned RLC ahead of Barkley. Mainly to find out if RLC can actually play a season at the moment. That much seems pretty up in the air
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Barkley does seem much more ready to play games in the first team than RLC though. Much more generally effective too. Bit of an odd one for me to be honest.
  17. I don't want to see him sacked obviously. But we do not look good. We're way too easy to play against and some of the team selections and positioning of players is just plain odd at the moment (Havertz and Werner playing on the wings for two examples, constant faith in a poorly performing Christensen, Jorginho starting big games etc). I will confess I'm a bit worried. Lessons aren't being learned and tactically, we've got no idea at all. Weaknesses aren't being worked on. Can't help but feel that it's all starting to look a little bit ominous. Hope I'm wrong.
  18. Media / Press

    Seems Conte ended up like that with the majority of the squad. I’ve heard of some dreadfully poor standards when it comes to how Conte treated his squad members during his time here.
  19. Media / Press

    I'm still not really over him leaving to be honest. Shocking decision to let him go, especially when that serial whinger Morata was his direct replacement.
  20. I'd start Werner. He's been really good without really seeing many real chances in front of goal. Would be great if his first Chelsea goal (or hopefully goals) came against this lot. CHO should start too, thought he did really well when he came on at West Brom. Happy enough to see Barkley start in midfield as well.

    Good to hear you’re on the mend @Michael Tucker
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whilst I wouldn't quite go as far as calling it a mistake, I'd definitely try to shift Christensen ahead of Rudiger. Also worth noting that there's a big difference between a long ball hoofed any old way outwards or forwards and a long pass the likes of which we've seen JT, Luiz, Lamps etc executing for a specific tactical purpose. Long passes should be used and encouraged, especially if it's a quick route to getting at the opposition's penalty area. I'd like to see more of it too - the playing out from the back thing is being overused in football in general and especially at Chelsea the last 3 seasons or so. It invites and allows a high press and we don't really have players that are good enough positionally or at decision making to do it to good effect. Being direct isn't a crime. In fact, we won titles with a plan of winning the ball and getting it forward swiftly
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree totally with you here 100%
  24. Media / Press

    I'd have thought it was the opposite. The refs aren't shy to get things wrong and VAR doubles down on it with full stadiums, a smaller, thinned our group of supporters will dampen the collective outrage effect. And if you're willing to dive etc in front of a packed house away from home, that isn't going to be more difficult with 7 or 8 thousand spread around a stadium at equal distances