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  1. Champions League 2019/2020

    It does help if you whip them in like Robben used to as well though. Hopefully Ziyech can lend some accuracy and variation in the set-piece department.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree totally. Another CB that defends with gusto and enthusiasm would be good too though. The odd occasion from Zouma aside, I don't recall any of our defenders aggressively marshalling a striker or throwing themselves into a block or tackle much of late. Upamecano has definitely shown some of those qualities. The Athletic (usually reliable from what I can tell), have apparently said he has a release clause of 42m EUR that is in effect in 2021. If true, we should be on that. I wonder if we could send Rudiger or Christensen the other way in part-exchange? I think if the Rice rumours really have anything to them, it's because of his hunger and perceived leadership capabilities more than his footballing talent (though he is good from what I've seen). We desperately need a couple of players that a) lead by example and b) might pin someone like Rudiger to a dressing room door at half-time/full-time when he's been brain farting in his own penalty area. One thinks about the sort of rockets the likes of JT/Cech/Ash would have given some of our current back four for their individual performances and errors this season (if they had played with them) and they'd have been scared to make the same mistakes again at the very least.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Rather go for Ben Foster if we’re looking for a cheap stop gap to be honest
  4. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    That the same Avram Grant that managed to lose a league cup final to Spurs? At that point in time, that was much worse than this team finishing fourth. Avram also failing to notice he failed to win a single trophy with that squad. Sometimes better not to speak up really...
  5. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Yeh, I mean he's basically the Sporting/Technical Director or Director of Football type figure, so I can live with that. But if his goalkeeping coach is still around and so is Cudicini, surely they can put their skills to use to help here?
  6. Transfer Talk Topic
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Certainly an option as a number 2 though right? PL proven, used to bossing a back four, English & probably quite cheap
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Anyone think Ben Foster would be a decent addition to the goalkeeping department? Surely available cheap/free after Watford went down?
  9. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    I mentioned this the other day: Christophe Lollichon & Carlo Cudicini both work at the club, But Hilario is the goalkeeping coach. Bit of a head scratcher that one..
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I wonder if somewhere like Brighton or Newcastle might be a good move for him? Teams that don't score a lot, so he'd be likely to play more and they both have managers with reasonable Prem know-how (in Bruce's case, lots of experience), so would likely be used quite well. Failing that, somewhere like West Brom under Bilic?
  11. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    I think you might be right there. There's some serious work to be done over the next few weeks though. Got to get quite a few deals done
  12. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    Anyone else rather chuffed this morning?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I actually very much agree here - there are far too many of our side that just don’t want to do the harder, more unglamorous parts of the game. Too happy to just try to pass on the responsibility or let things happen and just give their teammates the “why didn’t you do anything” look after the ball has ended up in the net We’re at the point that personnel changes and a different tactical plan are required. The flaws with both are set too deep
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed. I don't think this is just about the back four though. I think the whole team needs to be better prepared in defending as a group. If we're going to press as we often have, the whole eleven can work in a way that leaves that back line much less vulnerable. We see a lot of gaps in midfield and far too many instances of players not making recovery runs or tracking their runners. I hate Liverpool, but their collective work rate last night showed exactly why they're winning all of the time.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Certainly hope so. We need someone that can drill defending from CF all the way to GK
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    I mean, Ashley Cole, Paulo Ferreira, Claude Makelele, Petr Cech, Carlo Cudicini are all on the technical staff.... You'd think there might be some defensive and positional nous there
  17. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    No one covers themselves in glory here and all are clearly passing the buck rather than anyone trying to deal with the ball (Watch how Rudiger lets VVD ghost off him to that back post), but for me, the ball is what? 1m in front of Kepa unchallenged? He can use his hands and is coming forward to it rather than moving towards his own goal line. He should be taking it. Instead he literally watches it onto VVD's boot and will try to react if the shot is on target? It's too late by then. If he's decisive, there is never a problem here
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Guehi's there until the end of next season I think? Not sure this is the time to bring another young CB in though, if he came in with this crop, it could finish him very quickly - need to find a couple of senior ones that can show some willingness to take responsibility for their duties first. If we brought two in and had New CB1, New CB2, Tomori and Zouma/Guehi, I'd be reasonably happy with that. Quite concerning that Zouma and Tomori are actually the best partnership we've established. And they haven't played together since Hull. I'm at the end of my rope with Rudiger and Christensen though. Can't see either ever upping their concentration or desire tbh. Rudiger's the senior CB at the club and he's not showing it at all. He doesn't mark closely, he gets caught out of position too often, he doesn't organise and his concentration drifts. He's more than capable, he just isn't doing it regularly. Christensen is a lovely player, but he doesn't physically impose himself on the league and he's too reactive in trying to deal with danger, the only time I've seen him really be proactive was against City and that was probably more down to how they play, than how we set up to defend. It just played to his strengths.
  19. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Yes, it did have that feel about it didn't it. Thought all 3 subs did well and made intelligent runs when they came on. Tammy in particular has had a steep learning curve this season, but credit to him - 15 PL goals is a really good return (especially when you consider the team's obvious deficiencies through the season). Sure, he could have had a few more, but he doesn't get penalties and his goals will be the reason we've got any European football come the end of the year. Also easy to point out that so many of his goals were in the first half of the season, but lets not forget that he scored 7 goals against Norwich, Sheffield Utd and Wolves early on. If he hadn't started scoring then, who would have? His performances made a tricky start a whole lot better than it easily could have been
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed. Seems we'll get few better opportunities to make big changes. We've got senior players (Jorginho, Rudiger, Willian) that had a free hit this year. A chance to show that they can step up to take responsibility and be leaders in the team and none of them have. For me, you may as well move on from them now. If they weren't up for it this year, they aren't going to be the players for a title challenge. I forgot to add: We need a defensive coach. Someone to work with the team from CF - GK on defending as a unit and the responsibilities and effort level required from every single player on the pitch. That person clearly isn't on the staff at the moment. I'd also question why when Cudicini & Lollichon still work at the club, Hilario is the goalkeeping coach?
  21. Thought he showed a lot more when he came on last night. Showed good awareness of the space around him, made useful runs and got himself a good assist with an intelligent first touch and a decent cross. He certainly gave us a lot going forward that Willian wasn’t.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    So at the moment, it’s the three of Ziyech , Werner and Havertz coming in. But we realistically need to add the following on top of that: Goalkeeper Centre-back Centre-back Left-back And then depending on sales & the injuries to Gilmour & Kanté, we may need a body in Centre-midfield too. Quite a lot of business to be cracking on with over the next few weeks. And that’s only focusing on those coming in. We need to work on 5 or 6 leaving as well.
  23. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    He was fantastic wasn’t he. Had them running scared. Completely changed our impact on the game. To be fair, I thought the three subs all did well when they came on. We’d just blown it before then. And then when they’d got us back into it, our senior players blew it again. Frustrating evening all in all.
  24. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    This Imagine being in that position up against Robertson knowing we had been putting them under pressure and scoring one goal would get us CL football for next season and not at least trying to put a tackle in. Now imagine being a player with 10+ yellow cards this season and deciding that moment there was when you weren’t prepared to risk getting another one for committing a foul. Just another example of one of our senior players not taking responsibility and doing some of the less glamourous things on the pitch. There are too many of them doing this too often.
  25. Nizaar Kinsella has said that this isn't true and CHO is happy at Chelsea. It wouldn't surprise me if his agent (brother) is making noises about a move though - CHO was rumoured to have been offered a 12M EUR signing on fee at Bayern if he hadn't renewed his contract here - I'm sure a family member would love a 30% cut of that sort of payout. To be honest, I'd be worried if he didn't want to play more than he has been. He needs to stay fit first though. A loan next year might be good. Droy is right about him needing game time. Maybe a deal could be done with Leverkusen as part of any Havertz deal, or with West Ham for Rice?