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  1. Jose said this on Morata: “I don’t like to speak about players who aren’t ours because Morata is not our player. I am nobody to speak about players from Real Madrid. Yes, we have had interest, that is obvious and it’s public. We have not come to an economic agreement, that is obvious as well. But it’s a Real Madrid’s right to ask for their players the amount of money that they want. And we didn’t arrive at an agreement with Real Madrid. I do not criticise Madrid and I am not going to criticise my board because my board has made the offer." United wanted Morata. They bid for Morata. Jose has confirmed it on the record. You might not believe the media but these are direct quote, and Jose had no reason to lie. So if we were desperate to get him, why did we not bid then, when United looked close to a deal? The only answer which supports Morata as our first choice, would be that Madrid were already negotiating with us then and Morata had already chosen us, so they pushed the price higher for United knowing they weren't going to sell to them. It IS entirely possible we leaked everything about our links to Lukaku and even our 'bid', deliberately to divert attention from our main target, who was Morata. Certainly in hindsight I think we leaked interest in Aguero and Auba to divert attention. Chelsea basically playing the media and telling them behind the scenes through 'sources', that we wanted other strikers, when our target all along was Morata. That wouldn't be a surprise to me at all. I guess we'll never know now. But it wouldn't surprise me if Morata was Conte's first choice. Certainly it feels like Morata is more of a Conte player, a player he's liked for a long time and who has a lot of trust in Conte. Indeed, Morata said today at Heathrow, he 'doesn't know' how close the deal with United was. Maybe they were negotiating with us all along and just strung United along. And to be honest, I think Lukaku was United's first choice anyway. I certainly won't blindly follow the story Lukaku was our first choice. I admit, initially I thought he was, but given what's happened, on reflection maybe he wasn't. Maybe it was Morata we wanted all along.
  2. It is becoming more clear now that Morata was our first choice, not Lukaku, but it does confuse me - because we never bid for Morata when he looked nailed on to join United - and Jose said United made a big bid for him. There's a few perspectives on our alleged bid for Lukaku. It is significant that we seemed happy to let Morata go to United - and Jose publicly confirmed they made a bid for him, so there's no doubt they did. But we never bid for him then. If he was our first choice, then why didn't we bid for him then? We may have leaked our interest in Lukaku all summer (it came from normally reliable sources but you can feed them false stories), knowing he going to United, to cover our pursuit of Morata. So we knew that we weren't actually going to bid, that United wanted him and he wanted United, and that United would ultimately sign him not Morata - maybe we played United, rather than them playing us. Given the price United were quoted and the price we signed Morata for, it may even be that Madrid simply wouldn't sell to United, and we knew that and just bided our time knowing Morata ultimately preferred us and Madrid would prefer to sell to us. It just seems weird if Morata was our first choice that we let a deal with United get so close to completion without ever making a bid. If Morata was our first choice, as he seems to have been, then why not bid then? Maybe we wanted both - maybe the club wanted Lukaku and Conte was happy to take him on condition they got Morata too. That seems most likely to me, and explains a lot. But we'll never actually know I suspect. The important thing is it looks like we have Conte's top target. And the proof is that we agreed a deal 24 hours after Conte signed his new deal - I suspect he knew the deal was done and signed on that basis. But we'll never know for sure.
  3. I think we need a RWB, LWB, another CM (otherwise we have Bakayoko, Kante and Faberegas for 2 positions, which is woefully inadequate for a side who wants to compete in all four competitions). These have to be our priority now. We have no cover at all at LWB and it showed when Alonso was injured against United last season. We can upgrade on Moses, and it will also allow him to be a backup RW as well - with Dave apparently staying as a CB (though I personally believe he could easily be converted to RWB). The final signing we need is another CF - I think Conte may well try and play with a 2 up front for many games next season (especially when Hazard is injured), so we'll need 3 strikers. Morata, Bats and Llorente would make sense - all different types of striker, and give us options. Morata is clearly going to be first choice (he even went on record as saying he wouldn't have come here otherwise, so he's clearly been told he'll be first choice to start with) but he can play with Bats or Llorente, or by himself. I'm not sure we need a winger. We have Pedro, Hazard, Willian, and now Musonda - who I rate highly. There's no need to go for another necessarily, unless you want real quality squad depth. We also need a couple of HG players in for sure - hence I wouldn't be surprised if Bertrand comes in. We've had a good window so far. I have to say my fears have been totally misplaced, the board have got their act together, got the deals done where and when we need them, and been willing to spend on big players. So happy to admit I was wrong about the board and the club. Just need to keep it going.
  4. Some new quotes from Morata speaking to Marca: "I am very happy, God willing tomorrow I will be at Chelsea, a club that has always loved me. I am not disappointed, for nothing, I have won four titles here, but now I only think of putting on the Chelsea shirt". Get in. Welcome Morata.
  5. Just saw this video of Morata joking around in his car. Like him already. Think he's going to fit Chelsea like a glove.
  6. I'm not sure many people here are that interested in my views to be honest. I do have some thoughts on the actual football, but I probably need to spend more time focussing on other things, to be honest - I probably shouldn't be on here as much as I am now. For what it's worth, I think Morata fits with us perfectly. I think his movement, passing and skills will dovetail with Pedro, Hazard and Fabregas perfectly and he'll help them score more goals - and I think he'll do what Torres did in his first two seasons with Liverpool (remember, he didn't score too many at Athletico before going to Liverpool). I think it's an excellent signing.
  7. It does seem to look that way. Maybe we matched United's bid for Lukaku only because we thought Morata had gone to United. The same sources who reported our Morata deal said we bid for Lukaku, so no reason to doubt it. But yes, it does look like we wanted Morata all along.
  8. I DO own my opinions. I criticised the board, quite rightly at the time. I felt they were penny pinching and taking too long over transfers. That was my opinion and I totally own that. How that's the same as being paranoid we've done a backhanded deal for Hazard I simply don't know. I was criticising the board, and I felt justified to do so with evidence - I wasn't making paranoid accusations which haven't been alluded to anywhere in the media whatsoever. They are totally different. Just leave me alone.
  9. Rubbish. Me fairly criticising the board for not spending on players, is totally different from insinuating that the club did a deal for Hazard as part of the deal for Morata. I don't 100% trust the board but my criticism is legitimate critique about competence and inability to spend - not about shady deals. I might not trust the board totally but I'd never accuse them of things like that. They are not the same in any way. One is a question of pure competence. The other is just paranoia about some idea he cooked up about a shady deal. But as usual, one rule for everyone else's comments, one rule for mine. Mine get dissected and torn apart whilst others get ignored. Got used to it by now.
  10. No one doubts it was a mistake to send it. But it was Costa who deliberately, maliciously, made it public.
  11. Telegraph say £58 million initial fee but could rise to £70 million with add ons. That makes the most sense to me.
  12. Roman won't sell. We don't need the money, don't want to sell. Ridiculous that we'd ever consider doing any kind of arrangement for Hazard. Paranoia of the most ridiculous kind. The reality is Madrid would rather deal with us than United after the De Gea fiasco (and United's shameless posturing for Ronaldo earlier this summer). Its like Everton would rather deal with United over us because of the Stones saga. To think it has anything to do with Hazard is total nonsense, paranoia or trying to invent a way to attack the club or Roman.
  13. People say 'Morata didn't get a text from his boss". More accurate: Morata didn't publicly mention or leak any text from his manager about his future, if there was one. Costa leaked and publicly discussed a text sent confidentially by Conte, in order to manipulate Chelsea into selling him cheaply to the club he wanted, and wrongly pin the blame on the club and manager.
  14. BBC and Telegraph say the fee is £60 million. Meaning Madrid wouldn't sell to United for £70 million but sold him to us for much less. Fair play, that's a really good job by the club. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40662659
  15. Costa - forces Chelsea to try and sell him to one club and one club only, and tries to put the blame on Conte. Goes public with his moanng and poses in another clubs shirt whilst still a Chelsea player. Morata - goes to pre-season training, works hard, doesn't go public with his (obvious) desire to leave, doesn't leak things to the press or force them to sell him to one particular club so pushing his "value" down. Tell me who is the most professional and has the best attitude of those two. I think it's pretty clear. Oh and Morata's goals per minutes ratio is far higher than Costa's as well.