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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Liverpool and Spurs are very similar right now. Neither won anything for ages, both keep bottling finals and title challenges, media love both of them, both make excuses all the time. Spurs are basically the London Liverpool.
  2. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I so want us to finish above them this year. Imagine we end up 2nd instead of them and win the Europa league, and they finish 3rd and win nothing. Would be worth it just to hear the excuses and see the look on the faces of the media, and how they'd explain it. We've made a good start and will get better over the season, so nothing is impossible.
  3. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I was angry at Jose for a long time and felt he betrayed us. I don't believe that anymore. Jose has just never looked like his heart is at United. I feel now he genuinely wanted to stay here, and was hurt that it ended as it did. He took the United job, because, who wouldn't? Ironically in hindsight taking over there in 2013 would have been better for him IMO. I pity him now. He needs an all out break from football, rest, recharge, get away from football completely. Then go and educate himself on modern coaching and man-management, learn his lessons from the past few years, and come back refreshed, maybe at a smaller club to begin with. I almost want him to go for his own health. I do hope he sticks around long enough for us to play them, as it will be a damn sight easier to beat them under him than under a new manager. But he needs to go, he needs a break for his own good.
  4. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Telegraph have an article praising Liverpool for their throw ins. Yep, you read that right. Throw ins. Meanwhile Chelsea have the highest possession and passing stats in the league (unusual for us) and Jorginho equals the record for passes completed in a game, and nothing. You can't make it up. It's so pathetic it's untrue .I've even seen Liverpool fans on social media saying the media are biased against them, and also saying they aren't trying to buy the title because their net spend is low (the same argument they used against us years back). The hypocrisy and delusion amongst their fanbase and the love-in from the media knows no bounds. Heaven help us if they win the title.
  5. Media / Press

    Telegraph have an article praising Liverpool for their throw ins. Yep, you read that right. Throw ins. Meanwhile Chelsea have the highest possession and passing stats in the league (unusual for us) and Jorginho equals the record for passes completed in a game, and nothing. But sure, the media aren't biased against us.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    I read a source today with links to major law firms in London saying we're selling to a massive company worth hundreds of billions who want to take the club to the next level. Alleged deal is £2 billion plus £1 billion to pay for the new stadium. Allegedly the firm has the same level finances as City and PSG. Deal allegedly to be done in 2019. Do I believe it? Nope. Simon Johnson of the Standard who has connections in the club, is saying the club is not for sale. That said, there's been a lot of rumours of sales this summer, and they don't seem to be going away. Something might be happening, but it may not too - I guess we'll see.
  7. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I think you saw the best of Sarriball in the first half hour and the last half hour. It's clear they are still working on defending without the ball, as a unit - the mad 20 minutes we had were largely without the ball. Sarri said himself we need to work on our defensive organisation as a team, especially without the ball. It's still early days in this system, we're still adapting. Kovacic had an amazing debut. Looked world class and linked up with Hazard so well down the left - looked excellent going forward and creatively, but also very strong and solid defensively. We looked more solid defensively down the left when he came on. Morata had a good game, worked hard and scored a good goal. Pedro looks like the Barca version now, Morata's movement is opening up space for him.Jorginho continued to impress. It looks so promising, I enjoyed the football we played. Alonso....awful defensively. I worry about him defensively. But going forward he is excellent - an assist and a goal. I hope Sarri can improve is defensive side, positioning and tackling, whilst keeping his attacking strengths. Overall, huge promise, improvement still needed, but looks like we're progressing and developing as a team, with this football. I'm very optimistic.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    So I said I'd wait till the window was over to post on transfers again. Here I am. My assessment? 7/10 window. Miles better than last summer. Sarri - yes, a manager, but one who will shape the football philosophy of the club, build something and leave a legacy, who seems to be willing to give youth a chance. Excellent long-term appointment - not just a CV manager - and he wants to be here. Kepa - one of the best young keepers in Europe, seems to have a solid, calm temperament and be a good organiser, who fits with Sarri's style of play. A guy who can be with us for a decade. Gotta pay big for big players, and we paid it. Jorginho - simply the best at what he does, looks a class act. Kovacic - one of the most promising young midfielders in Europe, with huge potential. Chelsea were smart, paid the money and got deals done. Apparently working on Kepa for weeks but media never got wind of it, he was our first choice, not Alisson. Hudson-Odoi, Loftus-Cheek are like new signings. Both will give us quality strength in depth. Sarri rotates his midfield meaning both RLC and Barkley will both get games. Having seen both in pre-season, it only confirms my view they are totally different players. But if I'm honest so far I'm leaning more towards RLC than Barkley - RLC will thrive in this system IMO. Hudson-Odoi is a world class talent who needs developing. Give him starts in cups, Europa league and even some league games, and other significant sub appearances, and he'll improve. He's got the right attitude too IMO. Ampadu if anything looks even more impressive. Our best defender in pre-season, he's a leader, he's mature way beyond his years in his attitude and performances, and I'd be perfectly happy if he started in the league. He's like a new CB signing for me. Jorginho, Kepa, Kovacic, RLC, Ampadu, HO, Barkley and even Emerson are almost like new signings. Tammy Abraham seems likely to be third choice ST and is useful - will be good to see him develop, Sarri is impressed with him from reports I've read. The other big thing, is Hazard is still here. Madrid wanted him but we priced them out of a move, and he's staying here. This is a phenomenal achievement given how much he seemed to want the move. Kante staying is good given PSG were sniffing around - now we need to get them both to sign new deals. We still have some deadwood at the club - Cahill (now our 5th choice CB for me), Drinkwater, Bakayoko for example. I hope these guys can be moved on soon. I'd hope we'd keep Michy as I think he fits perfectly with Sarri's system and style of play, but he looks like being loaned. I think this is a building process. Next summer I can see us signing a new LB - Alonso is simply abysmal in a back 4, a total liability and can't defend. Most chances we gave away in pre-season came down his side, that's just a simple fact. And we'll also need to sign a new RW as Willian is 30 now, and Pedro will surely be sold next summer. If Morata has a poor season - jury still out on him, has to get 25-30 goals this year to keep his place IMO - then we'll sign a new ST as well. All in all I think we've done excellently. 3 top class signings who will improve us, who are better than what we have and will be starters for the first team. Marina deserves credit for this, and it's a massive improvement on last summer. I think with the squad we have, 3rd place and winning the Europa league is viable. It will take time to adapt to Sarri's system, tactics and style - Napoli won once in his first five league games - but once we do, it'll work like clockwork. I expect us to start slowly, start picking up pace in October and finish the season strongly. Then with further additions next summer, we can really start to push City.
  9. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    My take on the Courtois situation is simple. If I want to change employer, I keep showing up for work until my employer allows me to go. I don't stop showing up for work to force my employer to let me go. Courtois has history of this, he did the exact same thing at his previous club when Chelsea were interested. Refused to train, refused to play. He has form for this. This is not about us. It's typical behaviour from him. He used his family the manipulate the club into selling him, which was proved to be an excuse when he then turned around and on the record said he would see out his contract if necessary, and even demanded a bigger contract offer on the record at the end of the WC. Club have been trying to replace him all summer, and rightly didn't wnat to let him go until a replacement was secured. That's been the only delay, club knew what was happening and have just taken time to source a replacement. Courtois has been disrespectful to the shirt, disrespectful to the fans, and to those who pay his large wages. He cares nothing about Chelsea or the fans, only himself. If he wants to leave on a professoinal level, I understand a guy wanting to move clubs - but the way he has handled it is a disgrace. Be a man, be decent, show up and train as you're paid to do. He and the club know the position and club have been working to replace him all summer, so no need to go on strike in such an unprofessonal, disrespectful manner. Petr Cech would never have behaved in this way in a million years. Courtois won't be long remembered by me.
  10. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Nothing more than a pre-season friendly for me. Means nothing TBH. Hazard only gets back today, no chance he plays. And Hudson-Odoi deserves to start anyway. I'd pick Bulka in goal - guy has talent and temprament, had a good pre-season. Can't see us winning, but a good performance would be important. My team: Bulka, Dave, Christensen, Rudiger, Emerson, Fabregas, Jorginho, Barkley/RLC, Pedro. Abraham (I want us to actually score), Hudson-Odoi. Likely team: Caballero, Dave, Luiz, Rudiger, Alonso, Fabregas. Jorginho, Barkley, Pedro. Morata, Hudson-Odoi.
  11. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1 (Arsenal win 6-5 on penalties)

    Positives from pre-season so far: Hudson-Odoi - guy is gonna be world class, simple as that. Don't need to buy a winger. Play him, Hazard and Michy (or Martial if we get him) in a front three interchanging positions. Willian's replacement, already better than him. I'd play him above Willian if Willian stays. Ampadu - the next JT. Mature way beyond his years, a leader, an organiser, top CB and great on the ball. Future captain. Bulka - make him number two this season whilst Courtois runs down his contract, play him in Europa and cups, and give him number one spot next year. He's clearly got the ability and temparament. Barkley - showing why we bought him. Working hard, making good runs, linking up play and creating chances. Sarri clearly believes in him and I think he's going to do well for us this season. Jorginho - a master. Simple as that. Gave the ball away once in the three games he's played. In contrast, Bakayoko gave the ball away three times in his first 30 seconds of pre-season. Zappacosta - looks a much better player in this system. Genuine competition at RB. Moses looks like he's being played as a winger. Proved we have no need of Cahiill. Rudiger, Christensen, Luiz and Ampadu are all we need at CB, all better than him. Negatives: We're weak at LB. Alonso is shocking defensively and all our opponents best attacks come down his side. Emerson still needs to do more to convince. Morata. Confidence shot and simply cannot finish. Has to go, need a new ST who can finish. If we'd had a striker who could finish we'd have got 3/4 goals yesterday. Need to kill games. Bakayoko. Sell him. Not good enough.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just popping my head around the door to say I'm not panicking whatsoever. Chelsea always do their business towards the end of the window. Also, the squad we have is better than it performed last year. If not for the run of relegation form between January and April (12 points in 12 games) - which I attribute mainly to Conte - we'd have finished 2nd or 3rd. We have signed Jorginho, who is a key player. Ruben is back. Barkley will have a full pre-season. Hudson-Odoi looks like he's been promoted to the first team squad. Zouma is back - he'll probably be loaned but could be kept. Hazard looks like staying. My preference is to get another ST (Martial or Higuain), a RW to replace Willian (Bailey or Zaha) and a GK if Courtois goes. All this talk of Rugani,Bernard and Golovin - they are uncessary signings IMO. I'm pretty optimistic actually whatever happens. If for some reason we miss out on a main target because of penny pinching, after the window has shut, calm, rational criticism is fair. But let's see how it turns out. I'll be back after the window has shut.
  13. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Have a new theory about the delay in sacking / appointing managers. FFP and football financial year begins in July. If we sack Conte and pay him off before July, it goes on last year's figures. If we sack him on July 1 or later, it goes on the upcoming year's figures. It might well be as simple as the club want to keep FFP compliant, and don't want Conte's payoff on last year's accounts. I've heard this might well be a significant factor and it makes sense given how obsessed Marina is with saving every last penny. Typical of our club, putting money over football. So I'm expecting announcements this week. Pre-season training starts 9th for non-WC players.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    New quotes from Courtois today: “I have a certain preference, I already have ideas in my head, but I have moved everything until after the World Cup. My children are the most important thing for me: I now have 1.5 years less contact with them, Face Time is beautiful, but seeing them grow up is something else, so my children will play an important role in my decision.“ -Thibaut Courtois; source: Sporza He's clearly off. Not a surprise to see reliable British and Italian media linking us to Allison as a replacement. Mark will be happy I suspect.
  15. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Zola won't tarnish his legacy working with Sarri. He probably knows him better than us given his links with Napoli and Italian football - if a guy like Franco is willing to work with him, that reassures me a little about Sarri's character. Though he still has some serious amends to make if he comes in, apologies and work with Chelsea Pride. As a coach, he will revolutionise the football at this club. Pep/Klopp style football. Chelsea have shown with Jose and Conte they aren't as trigger happy as they used to be. Jose would have been sacked months before he was in previous years. Conte would have been sacked in February years ago. I've said for a while they have wanted a guy to build a long-term legacy here, just kept picking the wrong guy. Sarri, as a coach, can build a football philopsophy at Chelsea and leave that legacy for his successors, even if he is only here three years. I know how cynical everyone is. Perfectly justified. With Sarri and Zola, and potentially Ballack as DOF, I think things are changing - we might be learning the lesson of City and Liverpool in building a philosophy at the club.