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  1. Ashley Cole

    Sadly, it's down to manager after manager after manager at this point. I confess to being totally mystified by AVB over this issue. The other day we had the thing about how he was annoyed at the lack of prospects good enough for him to use in the first team, how the youth and ressies werren't goiung to mix with the first team and all that(none of which I understand as allowing them to mix at lunch etc makes you seem and feel more of a club and includes and encourages the kids by beng alowed to mix. By cutting them out AVB makes that bridge between youth and first team that bit more insurmountable)palava. Then we had AVB saying how amazing the "coming" generation of Piazon and Co were going to be-but then you look at the case of Bertrand and Lukaku and you have to wonder why they're with the first team. Lukaku cannot be learning more in the reserves than he would have by staying at Anderlecht, can he? If he wasn't ready to try the jump why bring him here after paying 18mil for him? Bertrand csn hardly have been asked to do more to prove himself and has been excellent in every loan he's been on and if we haven't got him a prem side that's more our lok out than his and, again, he's never loooked bad in a game for us but simply isn't considerd except for the bench and even then only, it appears for the moment an injury occurs to both Ash AND Ferriera who's also on the bench!! I don't know at all. I expected AVB to, at least, be as good as his word when he said if people didn't perform they would lose their place and we'd see if the next in line could measure up but eve when Ashley needs, so desperately it's sad to watch him falling from grace through no fault of his own, a little rest Bertrand is out of the plans so much that Cole is risking injury and total lack of form purely because AVB doesn't trust Ryan. Not one bit. Had Brana been fit I guarantee Bos would have been playing LB more often than just at Leverkusen and if AVB thinks Ryan is a worse LB than Bos? Well, if I was Bertrand's agent... Natch, I underdtand someone having a differing opinion of a player to what I have and AVB'd love of Bos ius one thing but his keeping of Ryn in the squad and then never using him or sending him out again this january is a bit odd and strikes me as cruel to the guy after seven successful loans and I hope, if it's not here, that we allow him to move on where he might be appreciated and I will stake my house on him popping up as a well above average prem LB somewhere very soon. Why AVB rates him so low is a mystery(after sayung hiw good he was in the summer and keeping him etc)as is why her felt Josh unworthy of ever replacing the ofyten dire Raul or the sometimes lacking creattively SFL this season as it's plain Carlo thinks more of Josh than AVB does. Thing is ACVB knew these players when he said what he did about havung to perform to keep your place , keptr the players on and then failed to use them at all. That's three(and there's more) suad positions filled by players for zero purpose and helps nobody-not the club or the players. So, yeah, down to the manager I'll accept b ut when the manager in question , whichever season's version, tyends to act pretty much the same with the odd, very odd pet project that even then never gets what you'd call a chance of a run of games you must be left asking just how is a kid meant to show he's ready? People will say, if you're good enough you'll get your chance but I'm sure some kids et their comnfidence terminally knocked when, after years nof being cosseted they're held behuind as a reserve with a squad number and sit on the bench for two or three years. Scott Sinclair has managed, partially at least, to overcome this and Tore looks the part now he's left too but I think there's a culture of m istrust ere at Chelsea harming our youth chances and damaging some good talent with a false pressure they really don't need at the toughest point in their whole careers. AVB talks about B teams but Bertrand has imprssed at the same level(Championship) he'd have ours play so why the mistrust? Puzzling.
  2. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Aaand, according to the reports this week Danny is sick of playing RW already and won't resign with us unless he gets more time at CF! I worrry that players like DS and Mata might also see Cahill's alleged wages and want to know exactly why a clogger from Bolton is worth more to the club than our best two players this season, creative, goalscoring players at that. We just don't seem to be keeping our impirtant players happy OR our outgoing legends and I worry where it all might leave us. We could look light and troubled after this window closes as I'm hearing DD wants out ASAP, Lamps refuses to alter his game to fit the tactics and isn't capable of offering what he used to alongside the goals(like passing through balls to Torres. He fails to even try as he knows it would be a step toward him no longer being a focal point for us going forward. Sticking with just the goal scoring runs()he can't get back AND create as well these days)is a selfsih way to ensure he gets sidelined into being our plan B imho)and Malouda just wants to play more AND 0nly play either with DD or AGAINST torres too. there's a civil war on the pitch within our team centred around the Torres and Didier competition and while the French speakers support one and the Latin/Lucophones support the other we're split and AVB cannot move onwards. I just think it's a toough job made tougher by our club's attitude AND our players and if we don't get a little more sorted out now the teething issues will run and run. Not that I want wholesale changes in January but we need more than we're getting in s I reckon DD could easily walk, Malouda's not got his heart in it and Frank is playing for himself while AVB rrefusing to use Ryan to allow Ash a rest is killing our great LB and huting Bertrand and the team moving on. If Ryan WAs used like this he's also be a way of making other good youngsters feel they have a real chance of impressing while at Chelsea and we need that too. I'm frustrated that nobody seems to be pulling in the same damn direction and that, imo, is reflecting in the disjointed and half hearted displays of the side right now.
  3. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Taking people like Robben, Silva, Mata etc as first rate but not necessarily all world class I think second rate is a fair description of what I've seen from Jovetic since he went to Firenze. Maybe my opinion is cloured by the fact my sporting days were curtailed by a third Knee issue following two cruciate and one medial tear(I was lucky enough to be treated by the very best on my first or I doubt I'd have even run again)and I think having such a severe one at Jojo's age means he's odds on to have more issues with his knees and never reach anything luiek the early promise he had suggested he would.Idon't, even, feel he's quite the player now he used to be and he's either feeling thwe knee still or is still thining full time about it going again. Either way he seems to pull out more than he used to and take the safe, dull, tempo slowing choice more than he used to and it makes him wayb less effective and even on his god days I just don't think he shows the same talent as Hazard in any way. I'm not saying second rater as in terrible but more in relation to the strata of playhers possibly being signed by Chelsea and I put him in a league below the Hazard's and Gotzess of this World and by a pretty big distance. Perhaps my feeling that his kind of player will make those knees go time and again if there's a weakness or, as I feel is already happening with him, he just won't be the kind of player everyone thought, once, that he could be. He's a shadow of his former self to me and hasn't been that good to my eyes this season either-I just don't see the fuss on this one and don't, also, see him staying very versatile either. The other rreason I'm not biting is that he just extended and Fiorentina will want £25mill at least and if Hazard's £33million I think he's better value. Naturally, Chelsea will probably not even try for either and really dsappoint me by buying DeBruyne who, imho, doesn't have a clue where he will end up playing just yet. he isn't quick or silky enough to play as a LW/Wide forward for me and isn't a player with the vision, yet, to play inside either though maybe that'a where he will end up. Point is I can't see the point in getting a marquee signing in January unless we'd have to pay the same in Summer and if Hazard HAS that release I also feel now is out only chance to get the boy and if we don't go in the 8million for KDB might be something we go for but, again, he won't even make the side yet, imo, so maybe he's be yet another one signed for the future but if we treat many like we do Bertrand(seriously, am I alone in thinking we'd be better off playing Ryan for two games to get Ashley a rest after Ash's last few, very tired looking games?)I doubt that wisdom too. Thing is I'm confused by our signing policy and supposed wage reduction therapy because there's little consistency: Cahill? Did we buy him purely because he was cheap ffor an Englishman because the wages seem silly? Did we not loan Lukaku purely because he didn't want to go? Wjhat of the many kids we buy and loan out right away? When the team needs turning round right now it just seems we're too focussed on everything but the actual workaday problems the team has and don't deal with them and because of this I'm left with the feeling we aren't sticking to a plan, don't know how to negotiate wages with players in any sort of structure(if Cahill gets more than Mata etc)and seem hell bent on annoying the players we do need for the future(Danny this week and who knows with Cahill's wages)already here. then with DD supposedly leaving right about now I wonder again just how we see this season through short of quality and with players like Flo wanting more playing time while clearly not playinbg to the teams strengths-won't use Torres even when he's the only option at times. So, I've a general level of concern about the thinking behind the rebuild. I don't want AVB out but fail to see where we as a club got our belief from that he could rebuild our squad when he never did it anywhere before and rebuilding this squad at this club is, imho, the toughest rebuild in football history. When has anyone, ever, had to break up, so close together, the players responsible for the total bulk of a club's success? never, and the job is so tough I'd feel a lot better if we could see at least a little of where we're headed but right now the leaked targets make little cohgesive sense and because Hazard actually did fit on so many levels I feel I might have been a little too much behind the move. I never EXPECTED it, mind, and I'm easily capable of being wrong about Jovetic(I used to really think he's be something but he just doesn't have it for me right now)too but the kind of rumours we hear every week about who we may be after worry me and I'll be a lot more concerned if we let DD go with Alex and Nico because we are already very short on quality this season, have unhappy campers and AVB won't allow the youth to fill in even when, in Ash's case and Meireles case(different reasons for my concerns over them)they seem to need a short spell either out of the team or resting. Hazard, I think, is the closest thing we'd get to a short term one man fix because he opens up a lot of options and we actualy stand to profit from him if he craves Real in the future and I think his game is more Prem ready than Jojo's anyway. To me he's be a sign that we're in for big signings when they make sense which would help bring other players of quality into the club while buying kids and not playing them simply doesn't. Hope that explains why I may be a bit too p[ro Hazard(I know he can be inconsistent himself)and down on Jovetic. I don't think Jo is crap or anything and could have made myself clearer. I'd be wary of CA from OM too because of knee issues.
  4. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Why is Mata "clearly" better? Mata's a good player but only the total trash surrounding him this season has made his debut season look special. He adapted well, yes, but he's not ripping teams apart and isn't supllying enough assists and, more importantly, isn't supllying enough of those balls BEFORE the assist either-our lack of through ball is killing us and it's why Hazard would, imho, COMPLIMENT Mata and wee'd get more out of him either inside or behind Hazard doubling the attacking creative threat meaning neither of them need to immediately be BETTER than Mata this seaon to improve us day one.I like them both but neither are there yet but well capable of becoming World class-it's up to them and what they do from now on but Hazard at 21 is closer to it than Mata at 21 and that's why more clubs are interested in Hazard now than Mata even last summer. We're over rating Mata and over rating Hazard imho but Real let Mata go, haven't wantedhim back yet want to buy Hazard. They think Eden's got a shot and know the cost too-it's your opinion which player is better but my guess is Hazard's extra pace and tricks(good passer too mind)will see him stay a forward player while Mata will become much more our Iniesta-great at both but best in MF. Is anyone worth £33million? IDK but Hazard is going to cost les than Gotze would and we'd end up paying about £25miull for second rateers like Jovetic who WILL get injured again very soon so it's all relative but the options for right now open up by signing Hazard. I'm not saying it's the best or only way but DO think if we want him our only hope is right now and any decent pl\aymaker come the summer we will lose out on. Singing Hazard would only help us sign a summer playmaker.
  5. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Well, I'm only going by looking at them to be hionest but with the clubs interested in Mata when we got hum compared to those interested in Hazard ity's clear the football World would say Hazard's big enough whether he's a bit bigger than Mata in physical stature(by looking at Mata and Eden I'd find it hard to accept Hazard not being a little biger and he might still go a littel and definitely fill out and is stockier than the VERY slight Mata already-wouldn't tale much)is a moot point when he's got so much time to deal with it anyway. I'm saying Hazard's good enough to be the LW and share the load with Mata by rotating until we adress the playmaker in the summer. If Matas capable of doing it in the meantime we might not have to. Why not get one of the bits in and try? Hazard, like Mata, shouldn't lose much value either. I think it's a better sining for this window than anything else about really.
  6. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    He's bigger than Mata and, I'd argue , actually physically stronger and he copes OK and on top of that he's a lot faster so I don't see the problem at all. He would play and free Mata to use more of his gifts centrally while they would also exchange when they want or need to. He wouldn't, persoanlly as pne player answer all our problems even if he was amazing but he does go some way to moving the plan forwards a lot quicker than just about any other possible Jan signing in my eyes. Pay the buyout and we can talk but in the summer anyone can and will blow us away with personal terms meaning now is the time-also with Euros pre season will be shorter so getting him early gives us more chance to fit him into our ways. It's the freedom he offers AVB in tactics and formations and freeing up other players which he helps with most outside of his own talents. I'd go for him because, on top of him fitting most areas AVB likes he's not going to cost any more unless we mess about and he signs again with Lille but now is our chance and who else, as good, would we get for around £33million when we can't land Modric for forty odd? To me it feels a bit of a no brainer that we should go in bang on the by out unless we want to send them Flo or DD or whatever. I'd have a pop as his sining also says we're back in the hunt for bug , sought after names and tat helps with transfers of all levels and he'd be reste for our push in the league and leave AVB free to experiment wwith his other first teamers in the CL in a very competitive environment and I'd much rather buy a long term class prospect than, say, buy someone just for this season's CL because they aren't cup tied-it's panic buying then and Hazard cannot be called that.
  7. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Sod Lille, you put in a buy out clause and if someone pays up that's that, no? I totally dn't EVER see them selling for less and any bid below would, as you say, be rejected mid season but as we'd have to pay that anyway, and now is our only chance we'd have to get him in January. Seriously, if we are interested I am sure it's because we know we have now as our real chance-positive noises in France too so take nit out of their hands and try the player, no? Naturally, that's IF we are interested.
  8. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not annoyed or anything and just disagreed with you. I just don't think people saying he'd be a great signing but, usually in the same post saying they can't necessarily see it happening really ARE hoping too much-I don't think any of us are reading too much into the possibility and from my end the only big reason for talking about Eden ast all is because January would be, imo, our best chance at getting him if the club wanted to. Another thing to remember is that we did spend heavily last january so the prices aren't out of the realms of possibility. Maybe a few of us got a little ahed of oursaelves when thinking about the freedom and formations a signing LIKE Hazard would open up bu7t it's natural to project a little when your team has been hit and miss all season and only dominated about three games in total. People just want to see this moving forwards and would feel depressed to think, right now, that Cahill is all we have to look forward to in a side devoid of cohesion and not looking like improving much with Meireles and Lampard both failing to add much(at the minute if Frank doesn't score he does nothing, sadly, and is creating WAY, WAY less than he can and should)in midfield and our only current creative midfielders either playing LW or being shipped out to Swansea without even getting tried. We WANT to believe in something like this signing but I don't think there's much more than that right now and doubt many of us are taking signing Hazard very seriously and won't unless some really positive and reliable news comes out. Nando might not have lit up the football Wortd since coming to West London last January but the sudden cuolmination of a saga we hadn't much insight into ahows the possibility of big, glamourous signings at modern Chelsea so I think holding out for A decent creative player coming in is fair enough but without more to gom on, you're right, we shouldn't get over the top but I doubt many of us are sat here thinking its just a matter of days before we land Hazard. I wasn't having a pop mate and if it came across like that I'm very sorry-I do think, though, that a lot of the dreaming is down to wishful thinking but the amount of belief within it doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Maybe if the plan seemed a bit clearer to us and not so confused we'd all be a bit more relaxed about the future, who knows?
  9. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    And? When ARE there "solid" things from the club in most of our transfers? We had little clue about Mata til he was virtually in blue for example-not every chase is like Modric you know? Also, it's fair enough for people to get excited and dream a litle and to be fair, I know I've done this, most people have added the rider that they think it's unlikely we will get the guy but when he seems such a good fit for so many of us and our best chance is right now.We could say he's so important we don't want to risk losing him or he may even, through little fault of his own, not HAVE more bidders come the summer. He may do badly at Euros or he may haver an injury and if we can concvince him we need the guy, will give him a great deal and have him central, with the likes of Mata and the promise of future signings among great looking plans getting him on board may not be as impossible as some of us think. Personally, I think getting him now delays the immediate need for a playmaker as he frees up a spot for Mata to take the playmaker role in either 4231 or 433 and even, in the 4231 rotate with Mata in the two roles. Sure, we could try for a playmaker but Hazard's fairish buyout makes him probably the best value for that class of player we will get and means he wouldn't cost any more now than in summer. We won't be disappointed by the club not going in for him because we don't EXPECT the club to do so but if they were to want him then right now is the, no argument, best chance we as a club have. Talking about good players isn't a crime just because the club haven't assured us they want him.
  10. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Just ask Franco-he'd do it out of kindness and his love of us all, bless him! In fact send him every time we want anyone from canteen staff to a new CEO-in fact if we sent him to Hammersmith and Fulham council he'd soon have them letting us build whatever we want at SB! He'd be a one Sardinian charm makeover for our hated football club, the acceptable face, the loved face of CFC. EVERYONE loves Zola, except, IIRC, Leicester's wonderful fans-bless them and their great city too! Seriously, though, for the buyout we're unlikely to get better so why not have a go? We bid 40million for Modric and Eden's younger and even if he didn't fully settle we'd get most of it back anyway and the freedom he'd give to AVB isn't to be sneezed at but, I fear, it's right now or not at all. If we go in seriously right now there's every chance we could convince him he was important to us and we'd build a team around players like him, Mata, Danny and a , hopefully, resurgent Torres. Potentially a very exciting team to watch with that variety of attacking threat too. I'm of the mind that if I were Roman I'd be easy enough to convince about Hazard given we'd end up paying nearly as much for anything like his level of proven talent and at his age who else REALLY compares? Gotze? Would be a lot, lot dearer in my view and apart from that you struggle to find anyone with CL and a decent amount of league experience in an OK but not top league and at his age let alone with quite the talents he boasts. Increasingly, though my own preference is for getting more even younger players in I think you have to take notice of a chance to sign someone of his age and with the inbterest level he's had among some serious clubs too. Why not, indeed?
  11. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    I disagree. You can't say Cole or Izzet , as youth players, wouldn't be stars in our academy and they'd DEFINITELY cope with ease as would Knight. I think you're being forgetful over just how good youth and U21 players they were and the amount of youth and reserve(and an amazing first few games for the firsts in Cole's case)goals Knight and Cole actually scored. Izzet might not have made it for us but he was a better than average Prem player and very few then or now will end up being that. Knight just found his little size caught up with him at the top level where defenders can be strong AND fast and Cole should STILL be a star iif his head was ever right. Only difference in my in is we do scout a little better topday b ut without a clue of how to get kids first team chances that matter we really shouldn't be bothering at all.
  12. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Well, I think the improvemtn is pretty moot when even those, today, with a lot of hype aren't ever allowed to even understudy a first team player in any real sense and it's been so long since we have had anyone play ANY number of first team games when coming through the ranks that I fear we've totally forgotten how to do it.
  13. César Azpilicueta

    I concur. I liked Beletti but whenever we had him play CDM he was a nightmare in that last year(up til then he'd been OK anywhere along the right flank and decent on occasion at LM orr LB but I always hated him at CDM and he just got worse)and it seemed we got punished for any mistake he happened to make as he became not oponly dodgy in the position but, worse, he became seriouasly unlucky too. He fouled someone and you could bet we would pay from the free kick, missed a tack;e or a pass in his own half and we'd concede and so on. /Sure, he was a talented guy but for me that was just a horrible position for him and he often seemed to cost us when playing there-hell, the other thing with that season was how often he gave away fouls that didn't seem like fouls at all. He really had become unfortunate in many ways but I just felt that playing CDM was just never a good place for him while I recall several games where he cameod at RW and was really good and we all have a fave Beletti screamer too. A lot of ability and truly versatile but Chelsea always have this habit of feeling if you can play a couple of positions one of them HAS to surely be CDM and it's just not true. We killed Bellettis luck and Mikel's range of passing(and career?)by foisting the position on them in different circumstances. Who knows the depths of despair we could have sent Belletti into had we positioned him there permanently! There's a lot, though, to be said about, one ay or another, not replacing the likes of Ballack, Deco and Belletti in any real way at all seeing as we actually never really involved the kids at all when they left and never tried replacing them either and I fear the lack of a real, visible plan moving forwards was more to blame for the end of Carlo than poor results. We haven't had a Joe Cole for about four years(since Anthony Grant killed him!!)either and didn't find anyone to fill his impact role in the squad and when you consider the current lack of experienced back up, a squad with kids not trusted enough to get experience and you can see the issue we find ourselves with in regard to atrophyingn quality and depth of squad. Maybe as we're so used to a depth of experience it's a bit harde, as a club, to really push a kid or two through to true first team contention and not just appearances on the bench for kids who never have a chance of getting on. We don't even use them as options let alone see them as quality which just means, really, e have just got a very small squad in poractise-small in terms of ho the manager actually feels able to play for wahtever reason and it doesn't help us at all.
  14. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Oh, they will sort that or they will HAVE to have a really blinding plan B! Either way Hazard isn't really anything much like Danny, is he? Much more a cross between a true tricky winger and a number ten with an eye for goal to my mind and not nearly as direct as young Daniel-I actually think the two players on either side of Nando with Mata somewhere behind him would be thrilling to watch even if I have a feeling we might be just as well going for OPOcampos byut it has to be said that Chelsea kind of "need" a marquee signing and one with considerable creativity and flair too at some poiint in the very near future. I doubt, now, that many of us underestimate not bagging Modric last summer and many wil feel that we could, seriously, have made moire of a serious go at getting Pastore rather than allowing ourselves to be shafted by waiting on Levy changing his mind or Luka acting up and out of character(I really respect the guy for not crying and going on "strike" as many would have done esp after Levy lied to him to sign the extension)to engineer a move we kind of all knew would't happen. Torres was a shock in every respect when he signed and Luiz, cult hero and with amazing, though erraatci , quality weren't targets we went after like we did with Modric or Robinho for example and it would possibly do the club a surge of goodto be seen capable of nabbing like likes of a Gotze or a Hazard. IDK if we can afford it and would go for a midfielder and Ocampos(I might be getting a man crush) more within our financial ploans going forward-do we, though, GET that creative midfield player simplay BY signing someone else to play on the LW!? Are we that sure Mata can be that man especially in a 433? I worry about him defensively in a 433 as he would seriously harm us trying to play the rotational midfield AVB loved at Porto because he's so slight and relatively weak and easily shrugged off by big , brutish box to boxers in the Prem-Modric is slight but can bear the physical battle as he's a more wiry little git! Go to 4231 and make use of the rotation we could have for all occasions in the holding/box to box/supporting two and Mata at a true number ten sounds great between a Hazard and Danny so I wonder if it's a case of us signing either or-whichever comes first or cheapest/best value? Of course that still leaves me thinking about the impact we'd have on the minds of other current talents in all positions by sending out a message with signing a player like Gotze or a Hazard. Putting it straight, from everything I've seen, unless we get someone as good in the middle as Luka or Wesley(ability wise)it might be cheaper value wise to go for a wide man. Porto want 35million Euros for Moutinho and you can get Hazard, younger and more exciting for 5million more right now and it's arguable that all Joao would do is mean we'd stkiill be short a true creator in MF as he's simply no Modric and not really close to the kind of type we'd need imhporto had threee pretty similar players all jack of all trades whereas our guys are more specialised in their skillsets and asigning Moutinho makes as many worries for my mind as it solves and the same's true of Rodwell and a host of other CM players who just aren't the creator we'd want and need=maybe Mata is our best bet, he's alreaady here and wingers seem a better prospect for me right now signing wise. Anyway, yeah, we need to be signing Danny up sharpish as the fans would be unhappy if we endd up with a DD/Kalou contract mess over a young talent in the team every game-and English-so I'd be amazed if we didn't try to nail him down very long tertm very soon-we don't, as a club, want his own ideas of his value rising a good deal more in the apparent light of us folding to Cahill and playing the bloke 80 thou a week when Mata gets 65,000. Danny won't, and nor will his agent, see why Cahill's worth more unpriven at the Bridge than he, a creative goalscoring player in great form this year is. Also won't care about us saving on his transfer fee or want to hear about FFP rules when Cahill's boned that particular movement at the club meant to be cutting contract size. With players it comes down to that weekly paycheck and Studge will, quite understandably, feel he should be worth a bit more to his side than Cahill right about now and, equallu, wont get why Mata had to agree to less and Cahill didn't. They could and should have cut the weekly down and done a better signing on as that weekly figure doesn't go away but the one off of the signing on fee would imo-if the figures are teue about GC I think Gourlay could have caused himself and the cluba good few worries in the very near future. Why does he et more than me every week? That's all they wil think, trust me, I just hoe it doesn't mean we have to ave a little more than we need to or end up upsetting players who we invested a lot of time, money and hope into for them to sod off just when we start needing them. They must sort all that out.
  15. Josh Mc Eachran

    I only pull AVB up over his lack of chances for younger players because he hasn't done what he said he would. Our midfield has cried out for a creative influence all eason and it's why AVB and we chased Modric so badly and madly so he knows where we're lacking. Yet even knowing this he has failed to give the only creative midfielder on our books a meaningful game-not one and when Carlo, at least, let him have 17 matches(in all)last season I think it shows a lack of belief in his own mantra from AVB and a total lack of trust that Josh is anything LIKE good enough. AVB said that if you failed to perform others , no matter the age, would get their go in your place yet we've seen only Mikel really punished for profligacy this season losing his place to Romeu but, even there, we see a player AVB taked for two years, since way before Chelsea were in his mind. Romeu isn't sa Chelsea product and has no bearing on my concerns about the miney watsed in the academy. I see Raul and Frank fail to create much and I see it every week-it isn't among their gifts to be playmakers and it's not their fault either but AVB and his system need a bit of creativity so why do they get chance after chance and then some while all we do with Josh is waste the boy's time. Now he's gone who would we turn to creatively in CM?I just feel that AVB doesn't rate Josh and also doubt he's capable of telling when a kid IS ready without them, like Romeu, having a lot of open age experience for him to judge. Also, I don't want, for a second, kids playing BECAUSE they're kids but I just don't think training always tells you, not totally and not in every case, whether a kid or player is capable or ready for any side-if we cannot replicate the success of Utd or Bayern or Barca at getting the very best of their kids into meaningful games now and then we HAVE to get shot of the academy. Without a player or two every other year all it and it's scouting represents is a massive waste of time, cash and kids dreams.The other worry is that young talent(16-23)from outside the big leagues(assuming first team experience or stunning talent)will see our own lack of faith in England U21 players etc already at the club and not consider us as a good place to go until they're really costly and establidhed players in a big EU league. Vargas is the latest example of this thinking. So, I'm not saying Josh IS the answer and never asked for him to play every game but, at the same time, I feel he must feel his chances have diminished under a boss who rates him and youth in general even lower than Carlo did and we all know Carlo's love of an oldie! Had AVB not said what he did about youth getting a go when deserved I'd be less wound up but I still feel I'd be concerned about the historic issue we , as a club, have with getting any youth products into the squad because it's a woeful state of affairs and seems to serve Chelsea no purpose at all right now and will only ad to our yearly losses and is NOT a cheap thing to keep going as what's basically a vanity project until the players find a way into first team chances. Either say what you mean, Andre, and give people a fair chance(not an over fair chance at all-think of the daft thinking that left Bertrand at home while Bos played LB in Leverkusen. How was one thirty year old LB going to manage every game in every competition? If we don;t trust Ryan let him go for money?)or admit that our academy is a joke unless and until we figure out what other bug clubs did many, many years ago and use it properly. I like your posts, mate, and while I dont always agree I do feel you always speak from a decent, logical point of view but here I think you misunderstood me a little. I'm primarily annoyed at AVB and not a Josh fan at all(how could anyone be given the lack of playg time in true first elevens for the kid?)and on top of it mystified by our ongoing failure in getting our best kids decent chances at making the first team. It's not heaalthy and AVB wound me up by SAYING he'd give out the opportunities and not doing anything of the soort even when the team has been totally lacking in the skillset we're told Josh, for one, is meant to be in possession of-the fact that Bertrand hasn't been allowed to understudy Cole this season is more worrying when you think that he already did all the loans. What can AVB be laerning about him that he didn't know in August? That he hates the cold? See what I mean Los? Also, fail to see what even a great run at Swansea will do for Chelsea chances? How relevant will playing time in a different system with poorer players really be? Also shortens our options and leaves us without anyone even claiming to be a creative CM.Thanks for the good reply.
  16. Josh Mc Eachran

    I only pull AVB up over his lack of chances for younger players because he hasn't done what he said he would. Our midfield has cried out for a creative influence all eason and it's why AVB and we chased Modric
  17. Josh Mc Eachran

    Oookay. I fail to see how a man, in AVB, who claimed that people would be given chances when those in possession of the shirts were failing to perform can be considered BETTER for blooding youth than his predecessor. Romeu is the only young man he's gievn a chance to(Danny has to be credited more to Carlo who'd tried a lot with him and was the one who loaned him to Bolton too and playing him after the preseason was pretty much a no brainer)and he was after him when at Porto anyway so it's not really the same issue even if it's the most encouraging thing on this front he's yet done here. Lukaku, Bertrand, Josh and, to a lesser extent, even Chalobah might have expected a lot more chances under AVB than they've got and leaving these guys out of CL squads so that Bos ended up playing LB issimply more conservative than Carlo last season. Sure, we have agenerally awful record when it comes to making the most of young players we already have AND signing more young talent before they cost the Earth which predates both Carlo and AVB but comparing tyhe past two seasons I just think Carlo, even given his very normal stance which he brought from AC where he's a lot happier with the older players he offered both Gael and Josh a lot better chances last term than they've had this and when Ashley's crying out for a rest why not play Ryan occasionally? If he's never going to trust him why keep him here? Carlo used the early CL fixtures to give kids playing time while the pace was a bit slower to try and ease them in but we had none of that from AVB and he promised a lot more when he landed and his singings indicated we'd be seeing a lot more kids gettingshots but even for the expensive Lukaku it's not hyappened. I don't say any of them are currently ready but it seems a bit of a sad state to be sending Jo9sh anywhere when we're crying out for a creative type in CM and have yet to even try the fella and I think Ryan's shown plenty of aptitude for LB ATY Chelsea when given his cameos and cup minutes-enough to cover for Ash once in a while, no? So why not? While Meireles is awful why send Josh away before we have another body in that can even try to create from CM? All the while it creates more of the impression that kids just aren't on the agenda at Chelsea even under a supposedly forward thinking and young coach. You say it's horse manure but why do you think this? I just dont think AVb has been as good as his word with the kids and even if he felt they're not doing it in training he wouldn't, I hope, be so blase as to ignore those players that shine in compettion and not so much on the training pitch-in short you have to give them some game time or you'll never know and when those IN the team play like tools how come he hasn't EVER tried one of the kids out? I just don't see it happening and this attiotude towards kids dissuades other younger talents from joining us at tenderer ages-like, imho,m Vargas choosing Napoli over us recently. I don't mind you having a different POV to mine but I fail tosee why calling mine Horse manure was a help.
  18. Michael Essien

    They've been better about protecting Essien this time, haven't rushed the guy and have done gym work to build up different leg muscles, changing the actual shape of his quads which, apparently, help cause the issues with pressure on the knee. If they can alter his physique while not changing his mind's make up he might well be even better than ever, why not? He never depended on pace and will be plenty powerful enough and his skills shouldn't be regarded as JUST power anyway. At his best Essien is a quick, strong player with bite in the tackle, great leap and great timing but even his weaker suits(supposedly)like passing are pretty top class and the number of chances we'd make through his pressing higher up the pitch under AVB would be massive. I always found his way of forcing around the opposing box both with and without the ball was amazingly under rated and will be a big gain for us this season should he be back to form quickly.
  19. Josh Mc Eachran

    He didn't have time-it was the 83rd minute and, basically, a sub to waste time and get Mata a tiny rest/stop him getting kicked. As Josh usually does he looked tidy but didn't have much chance to influence the game or even pick up it's pace. IMHO AVB has been very poor at getting the younger players into the side at all this season, worse than Carlo, and it's really sad. Aside from his assist I also felt Cole looked VERY leggy and not sure of himself today-if only AVB trusted Ryan, Josh or Lukaku or Chalobah enough to use ONE of them once or twice to freshen an experienced player up, give them a kick or a rest, you know? Even when players are injured the younger one in the position doesn't get the nod as AVB usually goes with an older square peg in a round hole instead. I don't even see how loans help now-Bertrand has been to seven other clubs and still isn't trusted with ONE league appearance so how the hell do we get these kids the experience? Without it they don't get a chance and without a chance they don't get the experience and experience away from Chelsea is usually not considered good enough either. Studge is a massive exception and as a player we actually spent a bit on anyway isn't the right example anyway. The academy exists with the aim of getting us young players for the first team and so far it's not produced ONE. If we don't get one of the current crop(some good prospects and the best lot I've ever seen at Chelsea)into the side then, seriously, we should consider scrapping the whole academy set up because it's not remotely paying for itself let alone saving us money or bringing us great players. What's the point? Maybe if w could use a French or Dutch club as a true feeder club(and help get kids from away visas through league apps or call ups)it might be more successful but currently it's nothing more than a real drain on finances. Josh is just the current "great white hope" for the system but without a manager eager to get kids playing he might as well go permanently or risk his career stalling at Chelsea. Where will a chance come from, ever?
  20. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    First point-I think , physically, Torres is back as good as he ever was. The stats, this season,(which are perfectly fine to use in this respect)seem to show the same kind of top speed, acceleration and distance covered peer game. This indicates he's not lost pace and when you look at Valencia away(his high point, for me, in a blue shirt)where his confidence was arguably at it's highest his movement and touch were really, really high class. As a result I think the Drogba/Torres thing might be the most relevant thing right now. torres always had been the big I am at Atletico and Anfield and hasn't been here and being picked purely on price tag last season messed with a fragile confidence and just when it was coming back AVB allowed DD a run of games(and he was rank at the start if you recall)and never let 'Nando another shot at it. Now, I don't subscribe to Torres EVER being the truly terrifying World class striker that I think Didier WAS. He's not a man to win a game on his own and strike real fear into an entire defence and wasn't even at his supposed peak but as he's physically got back to where he was(from all the stats I've seen)it's got to be a case of getting him confident again and it was coming together under AVB and with a Spaniard in the side with him. Massage the confidence and the ego and we will get the player back given time but leave him on the bench all the way til Didier goes ACN and the doubts will never leave the guy so, and I'd love to know his thinking on allowing Didier all manner of games to get back to HIS best, it's totally up to AVB and I think man management is possibly his weakest suit as a manager. I wasn't a big Torres fan at Atletico or at L'pool ad always felt him a fragile(mentally) player likely to go through peaks and troughs and this upheaval married to a kind of competition he's never felt before has meant he wasn't capable of shaking off current doubts he harbours. I actually think, FOR TORRES, the recent "I deserve respect" statement was a good sign and verging on "fighting talk". Let's just give him January and hopefully AVB warms him up a bit first in terms of his match sharpness AND his mind.
  21. Media / Press

    Different times(ha ha) though, weren't they? Papers had big unchallenged circulations but as TV and then the net took media share from them all they found the easiest and most financially viable way forward was to cater to the lowest common denomenator. The ethics, largely, went when circulation went through the floor and TV also dumbed down the content by competition with the papers o it was a bit of a perfect storm for print and sadly they haven't come through with much credit. I still, through personal and family experience feel Chelsea suffer because the London papers have disproportionate numbers of Sppuds and Irons fans among the usual Utd heads, L'pool are untouchable ince The Sun's idiocy over Hillsborough and Wenger got them all on side by always giving interviews to anyone-who does that leave? Only us of those who've mattered recently. My dad worked on Fleet street all his life and almost always found himself surrounded by Irons and Spuds at work with Chelsea fans always in a minority. I blame it for most of what we get even today and when even supposed Chels fans(we know who they are)find themselves working for a daily they still hound us because it's the accepted way.
  22. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Almost certainly nonsense. The worst thing being anyone who watched those celebrations saw Nando joining in-one snap where he's happening to lean forward is just so much nastiness, imho. Either way, Torres will get a few more chances and get them before Didier goes in January-and who's saying getting another striker in who won't be CL cup tied AND good enough will even be possible cum January? So many things not thought about in the article it doesn't bear thinking about-it isn't JUST about shifting him off the wage bill it's also about strikers on the books and January isn't the best time to buy one. wait til the summer and Torres might be back in some form allowing us more freedom in negotiations and, face it, his stock won';t get any lower than it is now.
  23. Media / Press

    Aaand, since the advent of the Sky money being what the FA exists upon football pretty much gave up much hope of being fairly reported in any sense and anywhere in the UK. As someone time served and fully qualified as a reporter and with a family history going back a few generations(on both sides) in the profession(if it can be called that today)the state of affairs saddens me awfully. Sports reporting might have taken longer to become fully rotten but listening to Alan Green last night-a commentator but a fully qualified journalist to boot-being pulled up by Lee Dixon(of all people to stick up for fairness OR Chelsea!)because he was going too far in his anti Chelsea bias(happened twice in the five minutes I was in the sodding car too)was a moment of sheer pantomime. Have we fallen so low that an ex Arsenal player, not known for his objectivity, can happily tell off a supposedly fair and respected BBC reporter for being bent towards City? He wouldn't stop going on about how Raul should have gone and how Silva should have had his penalty but was happy to write off all Yaya's efforts as stuff that just "happens" in a game. My biased eyes felt Silva hadn't been touched when I first saw it live but what convinced me wasn't the touch, or lack of, from Bos but the OTT dive and forced eye contact with appealing arm aimed at Clattenberg. Still, Alan Green was so determined City should be beating us anything we did was under valued or lucky because the ref was on our side-never mind that they could have easily ended up playing with just eight men. IMHO Toure(Yaya) and Kompany should BOTH have gone before Clichy finally managed it. Anyhow-what hope for print if the BBC can have the guy who presides over 6-o-6 being blatantly biased within commentary? I've only done one radio commentary in my entire life(never again-bloody hard in fairness, but I WAS doing two non league sides before squad numbers and didn't recognise more than about one player)but the thing I remember being told was how hard I'd have to try to seem fair. If a rookie gets tokld that when on local radio why can Green get away with it on the Beeb?
  24. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Was talking to a mate of mine who covers a lot of Celtic for one of the McPapers up there and he's seen quite a bit of young Islam playing for their youth sides and for the Scotland Viccy Shield teams and so on. He reckoned, when I said much the same as you have Juni, that he felt there was a lot more to his game as well as a lot more to come from the lad in general and that he was unlikely to have really settled yet and has always needed a bit of an arm round the shoulders and so on , be made to feel lovedd if he's to prosper. Anyway, he said the comparisons with Rooney were pretty fair in terms of the style of play and what he will attempt while on the pitch and , thankfully, that he's very deceptive and for his size REALLY worry and strong. Whatever, he expects Islam to come pretty close to first team one day and even if he fails he says he's going to be shocked if he doesn't make Championship at worst. Position wise he was with you too-total CF, strikes the ball nice and early but, also, will take people on both ways, gets more headed goals than you'd think and has more to his game than we're currently seeing. I said could it be that the standard he's playing now might be a bit stringer and he can't play that way here and he said he doubted it as he's always played a year or level above his age up there and even impressed when training with their first team. He put any lack of action in the build up down to him not being fully settled yet and seems to think he'll be a bit of a star. He's not a bad judge either-usually. He told me Hutton wasn't going to be a Chelsea level player when we were interested(in the papers anyway)before he went to Spurs too-so I trust him!!
  25. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Strikers, especially, feed on confidence and more than any other position coaches tell you that strikers are born rather than made. I remember an interview with Vialla just around him signing for us. In it there were bits and quotes from other players and coaches and Trap said something about it being impossible to teach players, even greatly talented players, how to strike their shots as early as Vialli or(I think the other example anyway) Rossi(Paulo)using it as the example for traits a striker just HAS that you cannot teach. It also said that innate talent is often at the mercy of a player's psyche and, hence, strikers feeding on the confidence only goals can bring. Expanding on that Torres(like didier in many respects) has always been the star of whichever side he's played for and their focal point in every way BEFORE he came to Chelsea and not being the main man by right might well have messed with his fraguile strikers head. the only way, it seeems, to get DD back to his best state of mind was a sustained run of games even when he looked, and he did no matter what anyone tells me, look both leggy and a shadow of himself up until Newcastle and even there he visibly tired around HT. Thankfully for Chelsea and Didier AVB stuck with him and we were all rewarded on Tuesday night with a show of vintage Didier power football, it was stunning and beautiful to see. Thing is it only, imho, happened because of the faith put in him and the time he was allowed to BE first choice even when, maybe, he wasn't doing it on the pitch yet. Now, being fair, Torres HAD that run last season but for me was still not himself physically until he got the full preseason under him at Chelsea and had, by then, a long while injury free. Then, just has the shoots of recovery were appearing at Manure, the Swansea game, Leverkusen home and Valencia away(I thought he was great that night and movement brilliant)that red card stunted it all and since then he hasn't really HAD the same chance to get it back and IDK why. AVB must know that the ACN is coming and having DD firing and Torres cold and unloved will bite us badly(unless he knows we have Higauin, or similar arriving post haste!)come January. Like him or not we NEED 'Nando back at something like his best and the signs THIS season have been massively better than last and even in his worst games this season he's still been making chances for himself and assists for others so getting him more time on the pitch shouldn't hurt a great deal in a team sense. I just think he HAS to get more time soon even IF AVB wants as much pre ACN value from Drogba as possible as Danny is too good at RW to move inside and his least impressive game this season was at B'burn through the middle and there's been NO sign of readying Lukaku and Nico is offski.