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  1. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I know, I simply cannot grasp why there are any rumours that Real would even THINK about letting the guy go. He's like a lethal, calm Rolls of a striker and doesn't ever seem that bothered by anyone he's playing either. Why would Real consider letting him go as even if they want something different he'd still be worth having in a horses for courses and goals from the bench/squad sense. I think he's brilliant and, for that reason alone, know he will NEVER play in royal blue. Very, very slick in front of goal. A Spanish mate of mine described him as having Lineker's heart and I don't really know what he meant but it sounded a bit odd and romantic at the same time.
  2. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    True but he made a lot of ground up and stats wise he's shown to have lost no pace since his best seasons. I think it's ALL a case of confidence.
  3. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Which makes the flip flop from last weeks "these decisions even themselves out" over their penalty for a great tackle to wanting Dean's head on a pole this all the more amusing. However, the best bit is that, honestly, I feel it WAS offside having looked a billion and one times at it and now he's saying had the lino done HIS job Luiz would have been sent off-well, to me, had he done his job WE'D have had a free kick and Luiz wouldn't be suspended. Apart from all that Ba wasn't getting a touch and it's pretty likely it would have got through to Cech before Ba got there and as that must constitute doubt why is Dean now saying sorry? Why no line across the pitch from Sky or MOTD either? I think I know. whatever, the incident's been done to death and it IS funny how a week changed Pardew's view of refereeing blunders completely. Also nice to see the idiot fall from grace after the nonsense about how scared Chelsea would be and how we'd capitulate in front of his terrifying army of "52000 Geordies"-the bare bellies might put us off our tea a little but scary? Not unless you have a fear of other people's heart disease and/or cholesterol count. Nice to see Pardew WAY less smug too. Tit that he is.
  4. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    I MIGHT agree with you if it weren't for the ludicrous prices we paid in January, that we're hanging onto HUGE wage bills for players we could do better with letting go to other, slower le3agues which would benefit them AND us and the teams they would go to. Luiz might well have turned out well for us so far but, face it, he was WAY overpriced for a defender we had no clue about coping in the Prem and Torres? I LOVE the player but that £50million(more than Citeh pay for players even)suggests money IS there if we need it or, maybe, when RA is in a giving mood, idk! That close to £70million in the winter seems very extravagant now we're stuck with basically zero midfield and no creative spark unless Flo decides it's his day to shine now and again. Not to get someone in is false economy and could end up costing us a lot more than it would TO buy quality and buy it now. As for Mata? Talent and a spark, certainly, but another on and off player for my money who might well struggle to be consistent in any way in the EPL. All I know is with Essien out(and , maybe NEVER coming back), Mikel possibly beiung more mental than ever with a missing father to worry about, Lamps just not being quite what he was in dynamism or in terms of perpetual fitness and goals, Ramires being prone to miss around one game in four, Josh and Romeu untested at this level and Yossi seemingly being offered to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the known World as a make weight the lack of creativity at Stoke could become a story we get VERY used to. While we also have no real width barring Flo(if he decides to bother) or pace outside our full backs it doesn't bode all that well and for a side with, what, SIX front line strikers a plan looks like it's NOT what's going on here. Aside from the drastically in and out Kalou just which of those other five strikers l;iable to flourish out wide right or left? I can see Nic doing a job and Sturridge doing one on the left but you're looking round pegs ansd square holes, really, as being a wide man in three is different to who plays which side in a two. All this being the case I feel it would have been more prudent NOT to have left ourselves open to the late transfer window idiocy and wallet rapes that we usually manage(see January). That midfield isn't strong enough right now and will only et weaker as it stands while our wide options are virtually non existent. I'm not saying be gung ho with money but we are getting in a bad situation when iut comes to MF and to creating the chances for our millions of strikers! I also hope AVB won't take the lack of immediate goals as a sign that it's striker who's misfiring and switch them around tag lag when it looks certain to be supply that's the issue from here. Stoke looked TERRIBLE when anyone ran at them or prompted on the ground but we had noone to carry out that kind of threat for a full game.
  5. Gael Kakuta

    Fifa have made an example of us. I think we'll possibly have this reduced to one window and to be honest the biggest thing that comes out of it is why us? Whjy start the draconian punishment when it's our indiscretion? Fact is we're an easy, non G14(or whatever number they're at now), target. Widely hated in Europe and England and also by their buddies at UEFA(I was very sus over last years ref propelled exit from the CL after Gallard and co had stated THAT afternoon a preference for Barca going through! Platini was even prepared to say he was pleased "for football" after he fact!)who, but us, is going to cry over money nags newboys like Chelsea getting kicked? Real are out of line CONSTANTLY and never had anything approaching this. I know conspiracies sound daft but when things just keep happening to us and it's always us with UEFA(and now FIFA)it gets too much to ignore. Still what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger-though I'd LOVE Didier, Essien, Jobi and Sally to be "injured" when the Fifa ran(and daftly every two years!)ACN somes round now! We'll be under a huge seige mentality and wouldn't imagine, long term injuries aside, that this will hurt us that much. Need clarification over loans deals and managers etc in the meantime however-and what about free agents? If you aren't connected to any cluib that isn't a transfer at all and I also fail to see why we should be banned from loaning players in when it's a totally different thing. I guess we might all have understiood more had Kakuta been a mainstay of either our first team or Lens' but as he's a long, long way from that it adds to the mystery for me. BTW-how on earth is he meant to pay that kind of fine? I can't see him being on much more than £1000 a week, or am I amazingly naive? I'm left, however, with the feeling that had this happened to Utd or Real there would ONLY be a fine. Arnesen, however, should know the rules and how we're seen by the authorities. We know we get harsher punishments than the likes of L'pool so should've made sure this couldn't happen. If it was him-and I fail to see who else sanctioned all this-then it's another big mess he's made. Is he worth his wage? what's he ever really done for us so far? Oh well it's just more questions than answers right now and doubt Chelsea will do anything til the paperwork in full arrives in two or so week time. We'll be OK though however stupid Arnesen has been or how OTT IFA have.
  6. Salomon Kalou

    Give him a break Droy-we know where you stand on this one! I'm more willing to accept a few faults from him but agreed his time is getting short(think we should tie up his contract to stop him leaving for nothing if he goes next year). I'd be able to judge him more accurately if he had a nailed on position but he never plays as a second striker which is where he was best for Feyenoord IIRC. If, however, he does start to produce more crosses like the famous Riise occasion then he might make it as a wider player-he just always wants to go inside, on either side as well. Maybe if he played through the centre more his shooting would improve, I'm not sure he knows his best spot or feels comfy where he's played either. The boy's a conundrum for sure and the split opinions just emphasise this but I think he did as well as anybody playing in a wide role last term(IMO he was more consistent than Joey)and had some great games. his stats also suggest someone coming to terms with themselves and their league and bear comparison with others in his areas. Make or break for Sally this time round though.
  7. Didier Drogba

    More cack. DD and his agent aren't backwards about this stuff. We know he's injured and that we haven't had a serious bid for him to reject but his camp haven't exactly been comi g out with the real story of desperation this tries to paint. He'd saystaright out if he was still desperate to go and I feel we'd ahve heard more of other clubs interest if his agent had sloounded them all out.
  8. Best Live Albums

    Can only think of two I ever listen to that aren't originally bootlegs(and that's another story entirely):"Rank"-The Smiths &"Stp Making Sense"-Talking Heads.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    This is just the kind of bizarre stage for Kalou to look like a freakin' world beater. He'll finally look like the finished article and then smash his foot into a million bits in the final(stamped on by Rajkovic!").
  10. Didier Drogba

    Houseman was a local hero where I went to my first Junior school(Oakley Hants Nr B'stoke)and we used to win our home games on the Pete Houseman fields. Fact.not an interesting one to anybody else butt still a bona fide fact-which is rare for me!
  11. Michael Essien

    I reckon, and so do others more clever than I, that if it hadn't been for last season ACoN that Jose would have built around him last summer.
  12. Didier Drogba

    I do wonder at the moment just what has gone on between Didier and the club. The lack of any real interest in any top striker elsewhere(unless kept incredibly quiet) must surely suggest that both sides are quite close together in what they are offering/being offered and maybe Scolari and hi 200% aren't pie in the sky and Drogba's been placated by the new man at the helm. Whatever, the movable deadline for DD and his big decision are typical of the frustrating side of the man but I really don't think we'd be going into a new season without either Drogba OR a new top class CF. I think the sooner this gets put to bed the better so those that hjave palled at DD and the CL final etc can gird their support for him once more OR we can get a replacement in and give him our undying support. To be perfectly blunt Didier will always polarise opinions on and off the park but is undeniably one of footballs most feared players when he's right at it and to lose that from our set of options would be difficult to remedy and I tend to think that right now he just needs the club to hug him the right way and all will be well with our sensitive Ivorian giant.
  13. Didier Drogba

    No. He. Won't. He. Never . Will. As for DD, it doesn't seem like he's going to me and what scares me is going into the new season with only one proven(at Chelsea) striker. Anelka has yet to look like a player for us, well at least like a front man liable to score like he has in the past and the less said about Piza and Sheva the better. I also hope the Robinho stuff is a smokescreen as he isn't the answer to anything imo-far too in and out with hit and miss end product and a hatful of pointless lollipops to boot. Not saying he's talentless , just aimless on occasion. I think that, DD stays or goes , we NEED a top class striker whether we play one or two up front and the lack of real action for the likes of Villa, Benzema, Aguero or the like bemuses me even more so now Didier seems more prone to this knee problem than ever. Then if Frank DID leave where would we be looking for goals? Kalou? I like the guy , and he's improving all the time but there's no way in hell he's ever gonna be prolific enough to carry a team like ours' scoring burden. Ballack gets a share, yes, but he's another crock and from midfield the most we'll get from him is around 10. We already lack something at the cutting edge(witness the CL final which should never have gone to pens and daft games like Barnsley where a decent in form front man would have definitely knicked us what we needed)and that we do nowt about it reeks of the three seasons spent without an effective/reliable RB-lets hope the club have an idea what they're doing here. I really don't want us proving Fergie right with our older players struggling to keep it up all year.
  14. Michael Essien

    Essien seems a very settled man at chelsea and it was very refreshing that when he was linked with a move earlier this summer he came out immediately and said it was nonsense. Top bloke.
  15. Didier Drogba

    I dunno. If DD needs to sort the knee out then whether he's being sold or not then isn't the best thing to sort the injury out properly? Look at all the problems we've had with Jt rushing back too early from injury and with DD not shaking this one off for nearly a year(IIRC). He's no use to us or anyone else if he's crocked missed pre season or not.
  16. Didier Drogba

    Or Mike Brearley?
  17. Didier Drogba

    This "ten days" sh!t is just what I was on about with DD sending you up the wall. The only(partially) good thing I can say about all this is that he's consistent with his outbursts of idiocy in the French press and steadfastly refuses to learn any lesson from it. Drogba isn't the same as SFL though, in as much as Drogba has never claimed that we are his people and nor is he a "badge kisser". TBH, I'm growing so bored of our top players holding out against the club for whatever selfish ends that I'm losing all interest in this summer. Typical of DD to come out with this the day after I forgave him for the CL final daftness!! Anyone have any idea what I can say that's nice about Malouda so I can use my embarrassing powers for the good of our club?
  18. Didier Drogba

    Not even thinking about it.
  19. Didier Drogba

    I get it , I really do. I was livid with Drogba on the night for messing up so daftly. I have massive problems with his simulation(just as I have with Joey), his "teachers pet" attitude at times under Jose, his drama queening and need to be involved in every little contretemps that takes place in any match he plays, his silly mouthing to the French press but then I think, if it wasn't for DD in the second leg of the semi we probably wouldn't even have been in Moscow. He's human, a bit too sensitive but when his heads half way on the job in hand he's worth ALL of the foibles in his character and this season he might just be right at it if he clicks with Scolari. So yes he drives me up the bloody wall, but I'm pretty sure that the rest of the Prem should wish for him to leave way before any of us do. As long as he's happy to stay with us, happy really being the key word with Didier, then we should probably be content having the man the oppo least wants to mark on our side and in our team, too. I really do get why he p***es people off, though.
  20. Didier Drogba

    The rumours are getting way stronger now about DD signing a new deal-they seem to have it everywhere today. A motivated and happy Didier would be as good as a new signing imo.
  21. Gael Kakuta

    I find it a really tough question. for many posters on here (inc myself) the most dominant youth talent they've seen over the past ten years is probably Joe Cole. I'm not saying Joe's exactly a flop but he deffo hasn't lived fully up to that early promise and domination and tbh, even though Kakuta has bags of skill, he doesn't have anywhere near the control over opponents or games that Cole did at the same age. Yeah, kids develop at different rates but the likes of Rooney and Cole were playing in the Prem at Gaels age , so allowing for a while longer for his cultural adaptation if he's going to do big things for us I'd hope he'd be doing them within the next eighteen months or so. No doubt the boy has a left foot to die for and the early promise is truly exciting but after seeing so many "next big things"(Leon Knight syndrome)fail to become what we'd hoped for I'm not holding my breath-hope I'm wrong as the kids clearly talented, mind.
  22. Musical Tastes

    It's been a crap last couple of tears for the new music of most genres imo. I feel most for the youngsters believing that they are living the "Kooks" age. Enter Shikari and the like(while still as derivtive as they come-except for all the mod hip hop which is dire in it's tea bagging of it's dead talent(with Elton John helping out fer gods sakes!)and their fans are getting something which is at least honest and visceral. However, while Ronson is permitterd to travel the globe wrecking others songs(because of Pater and his chums coonex's)with gormless fame humping dunces guesting on these releases(I use in the same way as what a hippo may do after wanking)I fear that pop has really eaten itself and is now forcing us to eat it's up-chuck from it's Hep-c riddled husk. Give up faith all who enter here. Joy Div and Pavement for me today then(again).
  23. Salomon Kalou

    Ken's only bitter because he wasn't allowed to go on being "trophy chairman" for a bit longer because he couldn't hold his gaping trap shut. If he's such an astute judge of what people know about football how come Ian Porterfield ever managed us and since RA's so clueless and horrid how come you were so quick to take the highest offer Mr Bates? At least he's not managed to make it racist thhis time round, although believing every word printed in the desperate media about our "pursuit" of "every manager in the world ever" makes him look nearly as stupid as he did with the "Siberian shysters" rant. I think Leeds fans would be more worried about your apparent higher concern for "real" Chelsea fans than for them, and the parlous state of your lovely new club. I was Chelsea before you Ken and, like we always said, am Chelsea after you too. Sucking the press' sickly publicity dildo doesn't mean they like you , you know, you only happen to serve their purpose you silly , deluded, hypocritical, bearded,old loon. I won't even get started on the turn over of managers when you were with us.
  24. Didier Drogba

    I love the big guy but he's gonna go now. His petulent, stupid and pointless sending off probably cost us the CL(JT would surely not have been in the top 5 had he stayed on)and it gives him the perfect reason to say he needs a fresh start-for someone who's said he's considered leaving every summer that's all he'll need, imo. If we're serious about altering our style it wont be as big a loss as it would be wee we to carry on as we've been going. He'd still be a huge asset but no longer vital. I'll be damn sad if he goes as I feel he owes us now, and the bigger man would stay and make up for his daft conduct-I just hope he is that man.
  25. Didier Drogba

    By his own words he's wanted to leaves us every summer since he came. the same cannot be dais about frank who also gets what the club has done for him as a player whereas Didier seems to feel it's more our honour than his to have him pull on the royal blue. Within the game sutuation I never have a problem with DD, not even with the simulation(enough of the abuse he gets goes unnoticed for him to point it out to refs too dumb to see it)and I always think he gives a huge effort for the team-and is one of the few to try and get the crowd going as well. However, off the pitch he seems to think the grass is greener himself(maybe he should have looked at Sheva and Gallas)and comes across as ungrateful for the opportunities given to him by chelsea- and to philosophise bleakly about the amounts of money he earns and cost us, while he happily spreads the wealth our club gave him araound his family is a bit odd, and could be taken as him being above that sort of thing but chelsea aren't-almost as arrogance. Whatever, I like my heroes both complex and flawed, which sums Didi up to a tee and I'll be genuinely upset when he leaves us-I don't think he realises how loved he is by us and I fear his last move may be fulled by the very avarice he decries-which would, imo, be very sad. Still, a front two of Benzema and Anelka/Villa, with Aguero playing in one of the three spots behind in a 4132 may just help me forget our Ivorian talisman!