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  1. Didier Drogba

    After seeing him rampage across Europe for Marseille I was most underwhelmed with what we got from DD when he first arrived. Now this might just be me but the moment he first showed his real self with a complete performance was at PSG away. They hated him for his south coast links and he hated them back. He was awesome that night and, as a player at least, I've been a fan ever since. He was simply unplayable -a heady mix of pace, power, surprisingly quick feet,aerial dominance, skill and never say die effort(at both ends of the Parc des Princes). His celebrations after both goals showed the glee he felt at shutting up the abuse he'd been getting all night(weren't watching were you Tubby?Doh!)and to see the big man wearing his heart on his sleeve AND delivering with both power and class was all it took to win me over. Even if it was in that kit that looked like a Regal fag packet(northern fags as well! Nobody smokes Regal in London should've been B&H or Rothmans!)it was still the night I knew we had something special, and different. You just knew that free kick was going in as well-as soon as he lined it up! I'll miss the guy if he really does leave us even if we were never that close to his heart.
  2. Didier Drogba

    I think you're in danger of over simplifying and personalising otherpeoples opinions here when thee's a reasonable gripe. If you've already signed(in all but the very final wearing the shirt in the papers sense)before you're due to play in the biggest game in your current clubs history how can you possibly have your full attention on that game? You've already started severing your ties and are no longer as much part of the group as you once were-and this sells others efforts(without other clubs on their minds)short. It's also the timing-it looks cheap of him, he couldn't wait a week? He's that desperate to get away from Chelsea that he had to break off from prepping for the biggest day of his career, interrupt his training schedule to keep his future paymasters happy? It really doesn't make him look like his mind's fully on winning things for Chelsea football club and , imo, that can affect others in the squad-they may resnet the timing too. It's not about "divorce" or even contracts-it's just manners and timing that are wrong from DD here and I think it's fair enough if other squad members feel let down by him not waiting a little while and therefore have question marks over what's really important to Didier right now-allied to his"I've wanted to leave every summer" schtick he does look selfish and like he might like to win things for himself but not neccessarily for Chelsea. He's made it look like all that matters to Drogba is Drogba and it 's plain rude to do this right now -whether you feel I'm failing to be pragmatic or not(I'm no romantic)I don't see what difference a week or two makes to DD.
  3. Didier Drogba

    As long as he's not allowed to leave before-a, we've got his replacement in the bag and b, we ensure we get the right price(and if he goes to AC that should include the"Sheva premium"). Still want to keep the moany old diva, though. Not sure he'll actually go either, there's still a lot that can happen.
  4. Salomon Kalou

    But untrue. On the thread over this song. One Song and his mates(who appear to be the originators)coined this one at Watford away last season including the line"he can't finish-we don't care, Watford away-we were there" which has been altered to the Riise/Kop line. So rest assured there was no theft as Watford was way before Torres signed - just scousers too lazy to do their homework(though whether there's too much of a similarity to Manure's O'shea song is open to debate). Sala still doesn't have himself a nailed down position, imo, and I thought his movement and strength looked good as the lone striker up at Bolton, but he's also hade good games in his more normal wide role-I do believe he'd be better centrally, though.
  5. Didier Drogba

    I've never been anything less than a huge supporter of the big Ivorian and if you think I'm waiting for a chance to have any pop at him you are misguided. I'd love him to stay and my issue here is two sided and simple(unless my position in "crazy land" as you sensibly put it is clouding my judgement), firstly it's the timing which is worrying what with it coming in the lead up to a huge game and secondly(and "avoid" was a daft way for me to put it, my bad)wont some players wonder just what's going on if Didier starts poorly or seems uncommitted? It's a possibility for me and as a result they may start to play in a way that doesn't serve our/his strengths. I just don't think that to make an issue of his moving(which is fair enough, they all do it)before the final can possibly help anyone much. It might not affect anything but, to me, the timing of it feels disloyal(I didn't see him in too many CL finals before he came here), and put next to some of his earlier statements this season it appears more so-and the need to say it was a little unprofessional too. I don't know (none of us do) if any of this is gospel, but yes Chelsea would have had to sanction it but maybe they could be trying to keep their biggest goal threat sweet as they know what an emotional guy he is. If you don't think there have been games when DD hasn't really put in his full shift(when we all know how devastating he is when he's really at it), and he didn't look too sharp yesterday for me or in about half the post ACoN games-to be frank he's only been back to himself since Utd at home. I'm not interested in the controversial on-pitch antics-I just feel when he's been available(though allowing for a ACN hangover)this season we couldn't be certain we'd see him at full throttle. Obviously you may think I'm plain stupid and wrong but I'm being honest. Lastly about the Riccy comparison-it's simple to me(talking about this season, really)that Riccy has been more important to us in winning points and games this year, imo his defending has saved us more goals than we've gained through DD's goals and assists(plus, of course the bits they both give at either end). this was really a compliment to Didier as few others bare comparison like this but, for me , riccy would be the greater loss to us. He'd also go on longer in his position at this level that DD will(in all peobability given how DD plays). So sorry about the "avoid" stuff-I just meant there may be doubts about where his head is at for some teammates if he's sorting a move at this exact moment when he could/should do it post Moscow.
  6. Didier Drogba

    Not sure about that. It doesn't seem professional to be negotiating terms in the run up to the biggest game in his career, or if not unprofessional then at least a little disrepectful to his teammates. I also disagree that he's always given his best-some days he looks a very pale shadow of the real Drogba(and I'm his , at least one of, biggest fans). If he does play in Moscow I've no doubt he will try his best but I worry the team spirit may have been dented by him being selfich and sorting his own future out while everyone else at the club was working towards an historic victory. his mind may be cleared by it but other more loyal and solid players may rightly avoid him feeling his allegiance lays elsewhere. If it is Milan we should insist on a vastly ott price like they did with us and if DD complains we just say that obviously they dont think he's as good as we do-after coming out every other week in his franch column and in Equipe intimating there's clubs he'd rather play for he surely can't think we're going to ease his way out. I'd demand parity with the Sheva fee if Burlusconi's involved and hopefully roman and Kenyon will come out and say that he feels like their adopted son and for him to leave their domestic bliss would be shattered. And if he did have the tatt done I'd hope we make him rot in the reserves and fine him six months wages for belittling the club. Still pray he stays and this isn't going to pan out-don't see him succeeding in Italy he'd be blown up all the time anyway, and he disappears if the ref frustrates him. EDIT: Losing DD would pale into insignifigance if we lost Riccy,too
  7. Didier Drogba

    Is it Aldridge doing the co-commentary? It's fine for him to have a go at DD for it but if he's going to he should also castigate L'pool players for the same. I remember him claiming that Gerrards dive last season at Bramhall lane was a "stonewall penno" and where's his speech for presenting the dive of the season award to Babel for his particularly late reacting , dramatic and graceful effort during the second leg of the semi? He also ignores the possibility that because 90% of the rough treatment DD gets given goes unpunishied he may get a bit frustrated and resort to pointing it out to refs that think because he's a big lad he should like getting kicked to bits and climbed all over. I don't think that simulation is a good thing, far from it, I just don't think people are realistic about it and also make certain players scapegoats when others get away scott free. Didier is also one of the few I have seen booked for it(at Villa, when ironically it wasn't and he should have been given the pen which would have won us the game a few seasons back)but if the refs were more consistent in doing this, and on dealing with the climbing on/backing in farce we might start to get somewhere.
  8. Didier Drogba

    DD is a bunch of conradictions but who wants a hero without flaws? He's a human being first and foremost and the warts in his psyche make the great goals and the great games seem even sweeter. I pray the guy stays and realises he's in the perfect place for his talents to shine.
  9. Michael Essien

    ^^^ Nona, I was on about this the other day. There was loads of talk that if this hadn't been an ACoN year that, last summer, Jose would most probably have started to build the team around Essien's driving play. I read it from quite a few "experts" and bearing in mind just how great he was last season I was tempted to hope they may be right, at the time. Now he's got over his tournament hangover we're seeing the real Michael Essien again and I agree that there's possibly a lot more to come from the "Bison" in the future. I'd love to see him with a bit more flair ahead of him to see how he might get his drives linked up to greater effect(I often feel he carries on a run and then somehow ,after he's laid the ball off, his teammates fail to see him doing so and his effort and a great chance is wasted). Maybe in a 4231 where he's one of the two but with licence to go forward he would be an even greater weapon than he currently is. Playing out of his skin right now!
  10. Salomon Kalou

    I don't know what we can learn from last night tbh. Certainly little about Kalou that we don't already know(whatever your opinion it could be supported-which is his problem, really)and I couldn't see much to shout about in Malouda's performance. It says a lotthat Joey had to be truly awful to manage to get hauled off in his normal stead. He does keep the shape of the side well , but so could I, and no , he wasn't as bad as he usually is but that is only when judged alongside a side that generally played poorly last night. I really don't know whether he hates it in England, his confidence has gone or there's some niggle that still plays on his mind and abilities but, and I didn't rate him too highly then, he doesn't look half the player he did for Lyon-or even the one which played England the other week, which is more worrying.
  11. Didier Drogba

    On a similar theme, I read the title too quickly and assumed he'd been doing some marine biology and had had a gastropod mollusc named after himself. Drogba Shellfish? See, I'm not with it yet but aren't strikers supposed to be selfish and isn't it usually a good sign if they are getting the chances to miss and not hiding? His defensive work is second to no striker in the world and when he's on song he's nigh on impossible to contain at the other end, he just isn't quite there rught now but it'll come.
  12. Salomon Kalou

    He's still as frustrating as hell but is much better this season(finishing apart), he's certainly much stronger physically and shows more vision than anyone at the club, imo(execution doesn't always match, natch). I don't find him particularly slow myself-but then again I can't see that SWP is as quick as he's made out -I never see him win a foot race. Kalou is definitely our best option on the left of any current front three though. Dunno if that says anything much as I do feel more let down by Flo' than any signing I can recall, which is odd as I never thought he was up to much whilst at Lyon. Sorry, Kalou confuses me and renders any posts by myself on this thread even more vacuous than my usual low standards elsewhere. Soz people.
  13. Didier Drogba

    They've really tried with that one haven't they? There's no story but a positive one which makes the Mail look silly for spinning so poorly in the opposite direction.
  14. Michael Essien

    Yes, it would be easier to be sure if they'd had to play more(though that some haven't may speak for how they're training)but they haven't and I'm struggling to explain why Essien's so far short of his own standards recently. Watching Pompey beat Utd on Sat though while I thought Diarra(typical, on a day we lose!And GJ for that matter.)and co were mostly really up for it and made Utd struggle I honestly thought that Utaka and Muntari were below par. I'm not being scientific about this and haven't the time or desire to trawl through European wide results to support what is only a theory I have based on watching players before and after the last two ACoN. However, I don't think it can possibly be of any great help to the form of the players involved(as a general rule) to have this kind of physical and emotional upheaval in the middle of strenuous club campaigns. Some players are going to carry on like nothing happened, esp. if they had a surprisingly good ACoN. Keita looked pretty good for Sevilla the other night for example. I just honestly don't think our africans have looked themselves, in general, since their return and that may be why we haven't seen that much.
  15. Michael Essien

    Much of the grief atm is over the top, that's fair enough. However, don't you feel that all our players that have returned from Ghana(bar Kalou) have been underperforming? I know people might feel DD is set on leaving, but even if that's true(if it was why would he limit his options by performing in a sloppy manner?)there's been little to suggest the same of Essien or Mikel. As I've said elsewhere there's many ways to look at the teams (and some individuals) malaise of late. Personally I don't think that,seeing as most of the top African stars play in Europe, having the ACoN biannually AND in the middle of the players seasons can help either that competition itself or the form of any participants returning to club action. As for Essien himself, I think it may also be a confidence problem(he actually, despite the kind of player he is, seems a really shy, almost timid man in interviews)and maybe he's carrying some of the disappointment of semi-final failure in his home country on his own shoulders. Whatever, I don't think anyone wants anything from him other than a return to what they know he's very capable of. There might be a bit of rubbish, and some may be well over the top, being spouted right now but that doesn't hide the fact that players aren't performing to their normal levels. I think much of the criticism that goes too far is born of frustration, tbh.
  16. Michael Essien

    He just looks hopelessly out of sorts. I don't know whether the ACoN affected him badly but,though he wasn't exactly setting the world alight before, since his return he's been very poor. Hitting him with a sh**ty stick won't help but people don't understand how someone they've seen play like a complete monster has transformed into a ballshy Shitzu and are assuming that there must be some reason for this drastic drop in form. Lets just hope that the real Essien appears for the rest of the season.
  17. Salomon Kalou

    Agree with the feeling that Sally is getting much stronger physically. Until he was injured after scoring the only goal in our victory at Bolton I'd seen little evidence of a mercurial(and oft infuriating)talent "beefing up". However, he played well that day(as the lone striker, when we needed him) in a physical match and his goal was all about upper body strength and holding off his man.Since that day I feel that he is getting more consistent. I know he's still as likely to miss a sitter as beat three men and play someone in with classy aplomb-but that's how the guy is. He seems to do the hard things better than the simple ones ,and still needs to work on his decision making and finishing(though both have, albeit slowly, began to improve), but his unpredictability can be a great asset. He isn't like any of our other strikers or wide men and if given a chance feel he could form a very productive partnership playing off Anelka. For every sitter missed or daft offside there are now far more assists, wrong offside decisions(I.E Blackburn, and a host of other times when after watching the game later on telly learning that he's wrongly adjudged almost as much as Hernan used to be)after a clever run and ,importantly, physical battles won. For me(though its two forward one and a bit back at times)Kalou seems to be one of our younger players that seem to be growing into his place at Chelsea-if anything despite getting him more games than he may have expected his versatility may be slowing his progress and knowing what his job is might accelerate Sally Kally's good but slow improvement. He'll do for now and I deffo think he can become an important player for Chelsea.
  18. New Kits

    Being a HUGE Adidas vintage collector the day we linked up with them was a great one for me. Sadly my real dream of seeing a royal blue version of the classic Adidas CCCP kit of the 80's (complete with the old trefoil and not the , yuk, recent badge) hasn't yet materialised. But at least we aren't Nike who, I believe , supply Satan as well as the Arse. And they'll never make a trainer to come close to Trimm trab.
  19. Didier Drogba

    Drogba is prone to outbursts now and again like the one about Malouda being "altruistic" and how he felt guilty/unhappy joining Chels because of the money involved. On the other hand this current stuff smacks of a striker of a certain age trying to ensure a last big pay day while his playing stock is still high. I'm not slating the guy and it's clear he loved Jose(I'm sure I recall him slagging Etoo off as a footballer prior to the last ACoN, though)so his departure may have started the desire to leave, I'm just saying that it's a very opportune time for DD to be making his Barca noises(even more so if he now has a good tournament). You can't blame a footballer for wanting to maximise his earning potential in what's a very short playing career and it's just the way the stories keep appearing that wrankles with me as if they are true they do demean the club slightly.
  20. Salomon Kalou

    Kalou was far from shabby at Bolton. He played the lone striker role with great maturity and even out-muscled the Bolton defence for his match winning goal. I honestly see how/why the boy polarises opinion so much-he's very inconsistant AND unpredictable(imo his greatest strength. He does the hard things more easily than the simple ones but I really feel the guy's worth a continued punt. I don't see any Henry comp, though-except for the drifting left tendency. However, Kalou IS improving and while he still splits the opinion of us fans I really believe that he'll make a very impressive mark very soon. There is now a neew for him to dominate defences/markers more and now his movement is getting better it's mostly a confidence/concentration issue. He's proven his strength and(though not lightning)his pace-if he can just do it more readily then maybe even Droy may have to doff his cap. Good enough for Chelsea? Atm that's not the question most pertinent to Sally when there's plenty less deserving of a blue shirt that don't get the stick he does.
  21. Didier Drogba

    It's just such a painful question as selling Didier would mean having to attract one or probably two other world class front men, which face it we won't. Grant doesn't have the pulling power or charisma/football history to do so. If he really needs to leave we'll have to let him-lets just hope we're at least in a CL spot next summer to give us some hope.Eto'o?Always dead.Toni?Getting on.Strikers are a minefield-except Villa, and even he's got an attitude. Didier going will cause us untold problems given the all round performances he gives but £30 million for someone of his years is still a lot of cash. How much it'll get us in place is debatable. And Lamps will be going too. Management by committee might not be the best way to attract players-even IF it doesn't fail on the pitch.
  22. Musical Tastes

    The sad thing about Pete isn't either that he uses drugs or lets his record company hire people like Mick Jones to produce his records that allow him to come in in whatever state he likes(and it's no wonder that the stricter Street regime got a better album out of him this time round). No Pete's problem is that he lets the press rape him so readily for paid exclusives just to either further his habits/pay for more implants when he's clearly not ready or just so he can get some cash for acting like "a complete nob". I don't know how he's managed to keep his dull soap opera carrying on so long-is ANYONE shocked that a rock star uses drugs?Was anyone shocked that Kate Moss had used coke either? The bloke is very talented but someone in his life needs to develop some stability as every time you read he's sorting himself out he himself dashes it by appearing in the red tops with another dull "aren't I naughty" story.He's a junkie with a chaotic intake of Crack and Opiates and if people would stop paying him for the same story he might sit still long enough to get some meaningful help.I hope he does as he really has something special that risks being lost among the so-called scandal. I'd rather have Babyshambles around than F***ing Razorlight.
  23. Didier Drogba

    Didier may well be an honest and emotional bloke but if you're being cynical about this you could think he's just realised how dependent the club are on him and his goals.It wouldn't be a great leap of faith to think he may be angling for another improvement to his contract(only fair if he's our most vital player tbh)and any journo getting an interview with a spine of the first team Chelsea player right now isn't going to paint the guy black, is he? I don't believe either that he's a saint or the greediest man on the planet-I'm just saying you could very easily put it either way.
  24. Musical Tastes

    "What about the voice of Geddy Lee,how did it get so high?,I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?"from"stereo" by Pavement. Gotta love Rush too!
  25. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Don't lose faith. They've had to lose a fantastic coach recently and personally I don't think Clement is a patch on Brendon. They were simply overpowered, lost their shape and then their heads went down. They'll be fine and this may be the kind of kick in the teeth that shows which of them have the guts to recover and continue to believe in themselves. They do look poorer under Clement, though, there's no denying it.