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  1. Didier Drogba

    But Mercury,Didier DOES have a far deeper connection with Marseille and its fans than he does with us-he's alway said it hurt him to leave the club of his heart(or something like that).Maybe he grew up supporting them, or whatever. Anyhow, I'm certainly not wanting to argue about this but it does pull my p***er when most players kiss the badge etc-there's very few who've done it for us that I believe mean it. Didi has been a great player for Chelsea-but should also realise how great we've been for him instead of running his current fans and employers down just because he's reaching that age where players are after their last big payday/deal.He made himself look daft with his talk of knowing this was Joses last year.Why did he sign for four then? He's been badly advised but in the end they were his words and nobody put a gun to his head.Remember when Flo was in the pipeline and Didi was on about altruism and the like?It's a shame he couldn't extend the same attribute tous fans in our hour of need. Silly boy is the best I can say.Then again, he's a bit of a tart so he might just calm down and if he did mean it all where's he left if he gets a bad injury in the ACoN.As I say-Silly boy, look which side you're bread's buttered Didier-the fans at the Stade Velodrome never had to stick up for you the way we did in the face of a nationwide press and fan hate campaign.Know your true friends by their actions mate. I know it isn't just DD thats selfish but I honestly thought he was a little different to what he's shown.
  2. Didier Drogba

    If AC think that buying Didi would be a good idea they'd better prepare to dig pretty deep into their immaculately tailored hand stitched Armani slacks pockets. After the daylight robbery they performed in offloading their budding Ukrainian golf expert to us for over £30million they should be looking at at least six times that price given we've seen the direct comparison on our own turf for the past sixteen months. I think they'd have a bit of front to even ask after the stroke they pulled-unless they're willing to buy back Sheva (at a similar price to what they conned out of us)at the same time. Of course I'd be willing to listen to offers including Kaka but that really is pie in the sky, even in a world where we can pay what we did for Sheva.Poor fella must be running as the priciest striker in the history of the game in a league goal per pound ratio. So if DD is off on one I'd really hate it to be to AC.If he must leave then let him go to Inter(at a lower price than we'd let him go to AC-people do it to us so whyever not).But we should ask them for something as we're dead keen on just giving top players to Inter, and also helping with their wages.
  3. Didier Drogba

    Kelsi, While neither AS nor MB set the Prem alight last year surely it's clear that out of the pair of them Sheva was the one that struggled most. Ballack actually began to look a little more effective just before his injury.Shevchenko stayed poor and if anything got poorer. Isn't it that simple?
  4. Didier Drogba

    I trust you've got Dickie Attenborough to direct and also add a little cameo.Failing that I'd happily take Coppola's chair-if Roman's paying(I've got a camera on my phone so that makes me more qualified for this job than Grant is for his-I've also watched some films and seen Barry Norman in Dixons once). As for Didiers official press release this evening:It just made everything worse and confirmed what he said in France football."I won't discuss my future til the summer"-bit late now innit? All seems slightly feeble for my liking when players that have within the last year negotiated £100,000+ extensions(for four years!)can't suck it up when a normal thing like losing a manager happens.It insults us further when he claims that Jose would have left after this season anyway.If so why sign for four more years?Maybe DD was putting out the feelers for what would be about in the summer but he's only succeede in making a rod for his own back. What will the crowd make of it when he has a stinker?If he seems lethargic(for whatever reason)?Silly boy Didier.
  5. Musical Tastes

    Another good shout.I reread "touching from a distance"(his wifes account of it all) the other day just to whet my apetite.
  6. Musical Tastes

    So right about the Beatles(the Stevie Me of music)The stones hammer 'em. Don't be so hard on the new stuff though.Being an old gimmer like meself try James Yorkston and the Athletes but avoid any NEW ska bands like the plague.Not that JY is Ska he's just a bunch of p***ed blokes from Scotland playing amazing songs slightly out of time.
  7. Musical Tastes

    Pixies,Dinosaur Jr,Pavement,Hot Hot Heat(canadian like the Dears and Arcade Fire),The Flaming lips,Interpol,The Shins,Modest Mouse(now with added Johnny Marr),We are Scientists,The White Stripes,The Strokes,Kings of Leon,Sleater Kinney,Quasi,Elliot Smith,Sparklehorse oh God I better stop I could be here all week. Britain, by contrast has ruined any good work done by the Libs, Babyshambles,Aim,Paperboy,Belle and Sebastian and the (Godlike) Delgados by allowing Razorlight to exist when we've had every opportunity to stone Borrels bore mongers to death on the street. Obviously I've restricted this to bands active in the past five years or so.Guided By Voices have been the best band in the world for the past thirty years(even including Joy Division and The Smiths). Hip hop is a different subject but has lost its way since Eric B and Rakim's "Paid in Full".
  8. Didier Drogba

    The parallels with Gallas' behaviour are striking, and sickening.When a club has rewarded a player with more success than they could previously have dreamed of it's a tad annoying when they then belittle the club that gave them both the stage to become known as world class players with bulging medal cabinets. Didier has been, at best, poorly advised and at worse shown himself a petulent child with no backbone, loyalty to the fans/club/teammates or stomach for the fight. So what if teachers pet has lost his mentor? We've had to suck it up and don't have the security of his fat pay packet to comfort us. Great player, yes but if this is all true he's no kind of man. He should have a bond with us fans seeing what we've been through together recently but it looks like he's going to make things even harder for us forced through our LOVE and Loyalty to make the best of the current situation. We should have been able to rely on our senior players to help us out in our houe of need - instead Drogba appears to want to kick us all while we're down and confused over the future. I hope it's all b******* but I have a feeling that it may be true. How daft does he think we are asking us to understand that he's only thinking "of himself" -f***ing diddums, he's paid a fortune to play bloody football on the back of the tickets we all buy. How could he have made himself sound more self centred. God only knows what is going on at the club and from the outside we look a shambles. I understand the players mistrust of Grant as a man and certainly as a coach at our level but if DD had decided to wait til june he should have done the decent thing and shut his mouth - if he doesn't look like he's trying now he'll get hammered by fans and press alike. The shared agent with WG is probably at the heart of all this and I hope (again IF it's true ) that the club can fine DD and stick him in the ressies for a spell to teach him about telling tales out of school. He's just a player, a great one yes, but has no right to stir up this kind of stuff and he looks like a baby.
  9. Didier Drogba

    You're right. Didier shouldn't be allowed to dictate to the club. If he hates it here so much then why sign his very lucrative four year extension (esp if, as he intimates, he knew Jose would be off after one year of it) so if these comments are true he needs a metaphorical slap. If we don't get him excited lets see how he feels aboutr Griffin Park.
  10. Didier Drogba

    If Didier was so sure this was going to be Jose's last season it suggests that there was even more crap ging on behind the scenes than even the most cynical of us thought possible-though it does make DD look like a bit of a dick signing a four year contract when he apparently always wanted to leave. If it's all verbatim and correct then he should go in January-give him his wish he'll be no use to us.Some of the fans will resent him too.I can't see a happy ending but if he'd decided to stay until the summer, working with people he can't bear to look at, why say so now? It doesn't make much sense but then Didier could never keep his mouth shut be it with refs or off the pitch.You'd think he might give more of a toss about us mugs that sing his name and celebrated ALL his major successes with him-but apparently not. He should have kept his mouth shut if he was "only thinking of himself".Well Didier where's the f***ing altruism now?
  11. Didier Drogba

    It would be nice to think so.However, if you were a player brought to the club by a world class manager and then asked to take orders from a nobody I think it's inevitable that you may start having second thoughts about where Chelsea were headed. A footballers career is a short one and some of our players may not feel like trusting theirs to a no mark like Grant-why should they have any faith in him? Sadly I doubt any of them play for the badge and they all know they can earn plenty at other top clubs.If they don't see themselves winning much here they'll probably want out.
  12. Didier Drogba

    You know I agree with the gist of what you feel both about Grant's CV and how he landed this job.But what do we do?I can't believe that even Roman couldn't have expected some of this-surely that's why we're paying Henk top dollar.Won't he really be in charge of the playing side now? I don't give two flying ones about who has what on their office door(not now)but it was always hard to think top players could respect a low level manager.Ten Cate must be important given the package he's getting and if he did get the respect of the egos at Barca maybe he is our only chance, short term, of not wrecking what we've got. Plus there's a time and a place to say things like DD supposedly has and he chose wrong on both counts imo.Two wrongs don't make a right and Didier should have more respect for us that don't have either the luxury of being able to leave or the huge wage he's paid to soften the blow.
  13. Didier Drogba

    I just think he's on about Grant.Do you think any of the players could get Jose out?If they could it doesn't look like it was Sheva, not now anyway. Anyhow we know Didier can be a bit of a baby-I reckon he's just fearful of Ten Cate.Hopefully Henkie can get DD back into line with some good old sargeant major style "clean out the bogs" style discipline-like he used to with Eto'o;)
  14. Didier Drogba

    Is anyone sure when the interview was conducted.If DD said this in the heat of the immediate aftermath of Jose leaving he may have calmed down by now. I only say this as he's seemed as committed as ever, even whipping up the crowd at the Fulham game.Then again the muted celebration at Valencia could now be seen in a different light. Whatever.We shouldn't sell him(unless we get a daft offer)until the summer at the earliest-he's playing well emough and what else have we got in his class?He shouldn't have said anything (if it's true he has)out of respect for us and his teammates but he seems an emotional fella and may well calm down given time. Lord knows whats going on at oer club but it was inevitable that some of the players would begrudge Grant his position and role (percieved or real)in ousting Jose when so many of us feel the same.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Fair enough. I wasn't accusing you of any such thinking, as you know. The only caveat I was hamfistedly proffering in your direction was that I do feel that DD could be equally, if not more effective within a new style himself. The old pro-Sheva argument (that DD prospered due to the space created by AS, etc) springs to mind. Imagine if the partner to Didier actually had some pace, desire and quality on the ball? This was the whole point behind my Dos Santos reference, though it could be others, surely then two front men would be prospering. Keeping DD also allows us the option of going long if we're having an off day, the oppo are defending well or just to mix it up. You're right that we will find, sooner or later, another striker as effective in other ways as DD is in his and then carry on the fight accordingly. I was just of the opinion that keeping our big Ivorian would be a boon while, and even after we finished, looking. So, rather than replacing, I'd be more in favour of augmenting and diversifying. Thanx for understanding geezer.
  16. Didier Drogba

    Marwan, I don't think anyone has been as effective as a front man as Drogba in the past 18 months.R10 is, at the moment, standing at a similar crossroads to the one where Ronaldo took the wrong turning a few years back.He should,imo, come good as his brother seems to have more sense than his countrymans advisors did.So, overrated-I don't think so. However, CFF has a cogent point.You can't damn DD with faint praise just because of this seasons interruption-he was amazing,WORLD LEADING against Valencia.He's been like that more than any othe rstriker for a while now. I'm not saying we couldn't survive and prosper without him but do feel that if we could find a partner of similar(but different) quality to him then things would be easier than finding a whole new front line. I don't see anybody as good as DD at what he does.Sure Villa is great,eto'o fantastic, hell even Zlatan looks a player again.But harking back to the Eidur era with it's wingers and intelligent runs is going to be very hard to replicate.Besides Didier is a far more complete player now-if Dos Santos was just a bit more experienced then I feel him behind DD would be phenomenal. It's all opinion, of course, but I still think that we'd be best to keep the player that least defenders in the world enjoy playing against.
  17. Didier Drogba

    Yeah.Definitely top three overrated.I've never understood the fuss about him.Cannavaro was pretty dire for Real too-it makes you wonder how they come to these decisions.
  18. Salomon Kalou

    Bit harsh, geezer.Don't go off the deep end at the only forward we have at the moment that seems at least capable of FINDING an opportunity to score.At least he's getting there to miss the chances-none of the more experienced strikers(in Drogba's absence) have been doing so. Fair enough, Kalou frustrates me too but he shouldn't be having to carry our whole attack and but for a dodgy decision would have won us the points against B'Burn and if he hadn't been so unfortunate with hitting the woodwork would have had a hattrick against both Hull and Rosenborg. Against Fulham his heading was very poor admittedly but even when he's low on confidence(as shown by his trying to be too precise)he does still get in the right places, which is a gift in itself.Maybe he's just one lucky break away from a shedload of confidence which may lead to him converting more of the chances his ability creates for him. I don't think it's fair to pick on our youngest first team regular for his finishing when the rest of the side have been as bad or worse or not even getting the chances to miss.
  19. Didier Drogba

    I was only joking, mate. Personally, James, I'm trying my hardest to ignore Avram for now.I have been since the "press conference" when he was paraded as "on merit" and "permanent".I don't like what I think about all of this and can't prove myself right or wrong so I'm leaving it to fate in the hope everyone gets what they deserve - whatever that may be.
  20. Didier Drogba

    No they didn't James.Dickov has got Prem experience.
  21. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Is that what they're doing -even for the bigger derbies?I remember a pretty big crowd for the Arsenal game at Barnet last year and apretty big one against the spuds too(complete with non-league level singing). Should be a decent night as the reserves can play some fluid and effective stuff.Stoch has looked awesome and Bridcutt seems to have improved beyond belief and looks on the way to becoming a pretty complete(youth being relative)midfielder.We know what Sinclairs about and Van Aanholt is a fine and pacy prospect. Wish I could get there as it's great for the kids to get some support but I reckon quite a few will make it.Go on Chels there's a tradition to rebuild here! I could go on about a few of the youngsters and I know we'll be lucky if one of this promising crop ever become first team starters but they're the best group I can recall.
  22. Ashley Cole

    Sorry to have miffed you so James but the fact that he's a left back is less relevant than the fact that he's put on the post at set pieces as a professional footballer to defend that area.To be so left footed as to make using his right,which had he tried to do I'm certain he'd have at least got part of the ball,impossible is poor defending in my book-I don't know what Bridge would have done so I haven't said he'd have done better or worse. I think we're fortunate to have both Ash and Wayne but my quibble,over and above Cole's refusal to use his right foot was Barnet suggesting that even had he been right footed a goal was inevitable-which imo is hogwash and I'm sick of him telling us to our faces falsehoods when the truth is there for all to see.I don't wish to hang Ash for his error I just wish that Mr Barnet hadn't refused to accept it was an error. Yes Didier was just as culpable,maybe more so, for said goal but I don't think it's much to ask for a professional,international defender to be able to flick his weaker foot at a goalbound effort when it was the obvious and easiest thing to try.Also I've forgotten nothing about the previous performances from Ashley this season and will willingly let him off with this mistake as he has shown his worth mant times-I just don't think it unreasonable to say it was the wrong choice that he made and that it was the ultimate reason for the ball crossing the line(whether it should have got that far is a matter on which we're agreed but that wasn't the point Barnet annoyed me with).TBH if any player in that situation had done the same I would call it a mistake and I find it sad that we shouldn't expect players of this calibre to be able to make at least a decent fist of things with their less favoured foot. There are,I know ,examples of world class players using their right leg just for standing on but Ashley isn't Maradona and I wasn't expecting instant control from Ashley, just an attempt to get something on the ball-which was only possible with his right foot.I've seen him tackle with both so don't see why this should have been beyond him. Still I wasn't really annoyed with Ashley,we all make mistakes-just p***ed off that Barnet thinks he's so close to the players that he can never let any of them get criticised.
  23. Ashley Cole

    Yeah. To hear Neil Barnet's defence of Cole on Mondy night was sickening. I know that he thinks he's close to the players and that CTV has to toe the line a bit but pleeeaase! I can't believe the level of one-eyed drivel he comes out with. He hammered Vernon Carvey for suggesting that had Ash used his right foot the goal would not have happened. It was awful defending, end of.
  24. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Didn't realise Jose had spoken to the kids at h/t.Your right James it bodes well if he's paying this much attention. I thought they were good in Malaysia too, the best side football wise I saw.Just a pity they were so bloody goal shy otherwise I feel they would have romped it.Thought they really dominated Bayern.For once it's really more exciting watching the youth and ressies tham the first team! Maybe Jose should get JT and co to watch a vid of the reserves Pompey demolition!
  25. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Agree almost totally about Bridcutt.Don't think his size is much of an issue as he's become so strong and his passing and awareness has improved vastly.I know the wide men have got most of the praise(& they've deserved it!) but for me Bridcutt has been the best youngster.Wise beyond his years and looks like he could well become a complete midfielder. Only seen Van Aanholt twice-bags of pace and ability for a defender.Kakuta looks like a sack of raw talent, lets hope we get some of it tamed as he may have it all. Hugely impressed again.BR is doing a great job, as it seems Arnesen is.