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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I watched the reserve match at Pompey on CTV last night and thought they were fantastic, outstanding going forwards.I thought, aside from Stoch and Sinclair who were electric, that the outstanding player was Liam Bridcutt.He seemed to be at the start of most things we did, winning the ball well and distributing passes both simply and penetratively. Van Aanholt looked really quick and did well considering he's supposed to be a centreback and was played at LB.Keeper looked good and Hutcinson and Worley were very comfortable IMO. On this performance, given the very young age of the side, the future looks pretty good as quite a few looked to have the genuine potential of making the first team in the near future.Not immediate, obviously, but not eons away either.If Stoch and Scotty keep up that level of performance we should surely see them getting chances in this seasons cup competitions. Really impressed, keep it up fellas.
  2. Salomon Kalou

    To be fair though, he wouldn't be alone in having an anonymous game yesterday.Most of our boys were pretty quiet going forward in the first half and,besides don't you think he's been one of the most creative players in the two previous games?I reckon he'll be just fine.
  3. Salomon Kalou

    Yes.I like Kalou, he seems like something a little different.Maybe that's why some doubt him so much as I concede it feels as if he hasn't quite figured out where he himself fits into the side.However, his assist for Flo' aganst Brum was exquisite and I thought he was good at Reading too and given a run he may surprise a few people. If he can become quicker with his decision making and a touch more clinical with his finishing he can be a really effective member of the squad.Things like these are often heavily dependent on confidence(witness the transformation of SWP), Jose has said that Kalou is almost "too nice" a lad for a footballer so given his undoubted touch and talent I see no reason why he can't, if looked after, fulfill my vision of him. Agreed he has been frustrating at times but last season was a big change for the boy-and a big step up in class too.I believe he's set himself a few personal targets(goals/apps) this term- maybe thats an indication that he's finding his feet. I expect a good season from him-kick started with a goal against Pompey.Give him some belief and I reckon he'll repay us.
  4. New Kits

    Can't get the link to work but theree's two new white kits on right now.They seem completely different to the one above with no collar - I think as they're in England there's a chance they're real.If anyone else can get the link going its worth doing.Plus the yellow tops great -you get abuse or praise from HUNDREDS of yards away!Best away ever!
  5. Didier Drogba

    So right it hurts.Last season Utd get rid of horseface to Real, stop relying on his goals and limiting their style of play to suit him and promptly win the league.Ronaldo,Giggs,Rooney,Saha and Scholes all benefitted and chipped in accordingly. It's vital that we get more players notching rather than hoping Drogba and Lamps will bail us out.