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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    The loan army has been a monumental success for Chelsea financially. Either getting academy products a platform to become saleable or, rarer, first team candidates. Secondly we bring in foreign hopefuls for peanuts, farm out for fees and sell at a profit. Even loaning out deadwood can cover any amortisation losses with loan fees in and the hope of increasing market value while taking wages off the books. Chels have just been best at exploiting the player as commodity model and the papers find it somehow distateful while ignoring actual news and pusuing their own bs outrage du jour in order to maintain the status quo. The double standard is painful to see compared to the coverage of other clubs and their fans, you know who I mean! Anyway, loan system is being totally revamped isn't it?
  2. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Gutted for RLC. All looked mental tonight helped little by playing in his weakest position. Swapping him and Kai mightve aided both. Copying Naglesman for Werner couldve worked but didn't this time and threw a lowon confidence RLC to the wolves for my money. Ruben has rarely been fit for any lengyh of time and hisback issues have been worse than Chelsea have admitted and were only just under control when Romans idiocy led to an awful achilles injury that, at his size, could take another year to flatten fully. The twitter hate for Ruben appalled me as ot was one game and we need to see him fit before we can tell if he will everbe back to the Sarri form where he was amazing for us. Maybe even a last loan but his love of Chelsea means we should back him another attempt. He isn't a bogarde and in terms of talent he is way above Mount, Jorginho, Ross and close to Kai. Why he has always faced more hate than any othe youth product is beyond me. Best 8 at the club on form.
  3. Official: Chelsea Sign Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I have stayed resolutely out of the Kepa debate. When he was average under Sarri I was unconvinced either way. When checking his, again, average Bilbao stats I remained non plussed by both the Real AND our interest in a keeper with little to set him apart at that time. I waited through the debacle of last season still unsure if the lad had cracked or had never been good to start with. Sure, Courtois left us stymied but the sheer panic and lack of research is amszing on a huge, world record sale like Kepa's. Brighton proved that he is still way off his own fairly average best form and we need at least that to have hope of recouping 20million on the guy. He looks shellshocked, I doubt he was ever an above average prem keeper on best day and Mendy doesnt fill me with glee either. Stop gap? Maybe, and I hope to be proven wrong butalong term solution seems unlikely as he cannot use his feet well. Our reluctance to suck up the big L on Kepa could keep killing our chances if we cannot own the error and take the hit soon. No point Silva organising a better back four if we still have a keeper incapable of doing better that minus 11 on xg conceded. On chances and shots ofgered on our goal we were surprisingly good last term. Top three in epl, yeah? As I said, I watched silently as I hoped I missed something with Real also being on his tail but statistically NOTHING makes him look even bearable and he isgetting worse. Christ, Pickford was 10 ler cent better on saves made. Desperate times, etc.
  4. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Had to leave it overnight as I was just so angry. Angry with Frank and livid with most players. It's hard to grasp what our defensive plan in this season when we have not once tried to sort out our issues with defending counters. Did we hope Rudiger might be the same player as before THAT injury? Did we assume the rest of EPL would ignore Alonso being the slowest player ever to wear boots? Did we pray Christensen wasn't finished the night he soiled himself against Barca? Whatever we thought failed and is still a total mystery as nothing has been done to change anything beyond benching Emerson. Frank desperately needs help with his defensive planning and without a specialist coming in to help coach us defensively I don't really see how we go forwards. Frank doesn't even make the right noises so idk if he even knows what the issues are. We can look great going forwards but in easy games we are always a second away from conceding. Worst Chelsea defence in over twenty years, easily.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I dunno. I think a lot of Jorgi talk is waaay wide of the mark. Two things: Sarri used the same player in the same system for three years in Serie A. I do not accept that Italian managers are more stupid than those here in the EPL and were less able to figure out these tactics(as we are forever hearing how Sarri has been "found out" by coaches here)yet Sarri and Napoli were very good using said player and system. The issue is more about surrounding players unsuited to or unable to adapt to Sarrri and his system. Without players in the right places at the right times Jorgi is simply not a useful player. However, should he have players that do the right things around him he becomes the single best choice there is for Sarri and dictates better than anyone post Pirlo. Secondly, Jorgi has had some good games for Italy where Sarri isn't in charge, I believe, and showed a propensity for a couple of roles that aren't exactly the Regista he plays for Chelsea-so maybe there's a hope under a new gaffer should Sarri leave though Jorginho's biggest issue would become a fanbase unwilling to trust the guy. Personally, I get why people can be frustrated with him at times but feel the issues aren't CAUSED by him and are more a symptom of the crap around him failing miserably to press, move or provide passing options after years of purely playing counter attack football. Sure, he isn't innocent and has had some shocking displays on a personal level but the big issue has been a lack of decent fullbacks and RLC being too frail to fill the number eight role we need him to. he gets fit and Emerson starts to fulfil his ore injury promise and it would get much easier for Jorginho imho. I also feel that Reece James could well become our best bet at RB if given his earned chance next season. He is easily the best RB in the Championship all round and suits Sarri well.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Alongside the continual mentions of someday returning to Real in every interview and a less than heroic workrate towards movement this term I am finally tiring of Alvaro. I did feel we fans were being hard on the guy after he was clearly rushed back too soon with the back injury last season but now... I'm not sure he can make any difference as he doesn't like it in England, doesn't react to carrot OR stick for a manager, seems disinterested at times during every match and appears to be biding his time before moving and yet we have happily chucked any and every egg we can find in Morata's basket. I like his ability, pace and fail to believe he COULDN'T cope here but now worry he has little desire to make this work. Add into this a lack of realistic competition(Giroud cannot be number one Sarriball CF for any length of time as he cannot run in behind, against teams sitting deep he's an option, though) and there's no reason to believe he's liable to change. Hell, he stopped even making the right noises. I pray I'm wrong as I still rate Morata as a hugely gifted striker but you wonder what hope for a confidence based player who plainly wants out.
  7. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    I said it when RLC was sixteen and still say it today: Chelsea, and it's fans, are more critical of RLC than any other youth player I can ever remember. Whether it's because of expectation or the old, dead perceived lazy attitude( which I never saw once)the club have given RLC more broken promises than most kids we shaft. He's been asked to fight for his place before and was never given a chance. I doubt it will be different this time, either as, even with Christensen last term we needed freak events for a proven CL CB tro even get a shot so what chance Ruben getting a go if Kovacic or Kante get hurt? For me RLC is better than Barkley in literally every sense, ditto for Drinkwater and Fab is only better at a legs free playmaking role. As I see it, under Sarri , only the current, match ending trio are currently superior to RLC and for number 8 he's so easily our best option after Kovacic that it's not a debate yet even then he will get fewer chances than Barkley because he didn't cost a fee to sign. If Ruben has any sense he will leave for good asap. I pray I am wrong but the lack of time for both Ruben and Andreas is, so far, depressing to me. I have seen us mess kids about for too long and I would never tell any kid to join our, admittedly brilliant, academy as there is no hope of progressing. I swear, Ruben is, for me, our second best option for both advanced CM roles and NEEDS minutes for when injuries come but the paucity of minutes shows his hopes are slight imho.
  8. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    Sure, on that occasion it's a collectiuve screw up. However, you know as well as I do that collectiuve errors are also caused by and made worse by a lack of clarity brought about via a misunderstanding of tactics and coinfidence being undermined by a slew of poor personal showings over a long time. You know, too, that Ivanovic was beaten for pace and turned inside out to the point of often borderline fouls many, many times both last night and over the past year, Cahill has made backing off and being totally puzzled by simple movements something of a trademark and even Dave has started toi see his standards, defensively, slip rtadically lately. I accept that there's an element of the tactics bringing the midfield on top of the defenders making things even muddier especially last night but I don't accept thgat the same shortcomings, even if they didn't result in the goals against us that they shgould have, aren't still there in some individuals performances week in and week out. I'm not saying it's just the same players making the same errors but I'm puzzled if you're saying that Cahill and Brana have cleaned up their acvts personally. Big point with that is that when a team doesn't trust it's back four the natural instinct is for midfielders to help out "too much" and you can see it from kids games upowards and it leads to a lack of positioning and disasters like you've shown there-maybe I'm not so much disagreeing here as getting into a chicken and egg? Just because we weren't p[unished for the individual(and Cahills clearance counts for me)errors last night doesn'r mean they aren't still happening and those players don't need changing AND it also doesn't mean, in fairness, that some isn't tactically caused. Howevcer, as said, I'd much reather judge Conte once he starts(at least) putting these square pegs in their square holes because I fear whatever tatical changes he makes without doing so will result in short term fgains at best and games like last nights first half at worst. My big issue is why hasn't it really seemed to start yet? If you or I knew for sure the reason behind the low block maybe we could judge but as I suspect it's because he doesn't trust the back four I don't see it improving until he changes it and, again, signs of that actually happening are thin on the ground. Hoping KP will see changes.
  9. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    Do you suspect that last night's performances by Luiz/Cahill will alter Conte's thinking for Tuesday or Saturday? At LCFC Chels will likely boss possession and have pressure on the CB pairing only intermittently which suits Cahill more than Luiz(historically and imho) because David tends to wander more often with the spaces to wander into and in the past Cahill had better concentration than his partner. However, The King Power holds a few cards that could affect our whole back four for the Arsenal match-will Conte noiw want to finally change things more pernanently and start endging Brana out and Dave back across? Wiull he want to risk Alonso against Mahrez in his debut? Might he let Ola be a potential sacrificial lamb? I don't think it's a straightforward choice for Conte unless he's approachiung it, as I would, with the idea in his mind of just getting as settled a back four as possible and, at last, trying to get some blance to it in terms of left footers on the left etc AND in terms of goiung forward as well as back-if Hazard had an overlapping 25 year old Cole he wouldn't be double marked out of games nearly so often and Alonso is clearly okay going forwards so it must be time to try to alter something, surely? I think something has to be done so that Conte's worries about our back four stop dictating what he does with midfield because right now we are being way too reactive and a little timid, imho, because of our weaknesses at the back. Once Conte has done what he promised and placed people in their preferred or natural positions it will be much fairer to judge him-my concern is that this process doesn't seem to have started and I wonder why not? If Conte feels Olka, Alonso, Luiz have no chance of improving the defence in it's current malaise then did we miss out on several defensive signings in several positions and not just the obvious Koulibaly? I guess I'm just frustrated at seeing great servants liuke Cahill and Bane embarrassed on a seemingly weekly basis evcen when Conte picks a midfield to prop them up. Thees are guys who have walked through walls for Chelsea yet are being belittled because manager after manager has kept picking them anfd failing to sign replacements for them in wndow after window-Luiz was good last night and among the back four, for me, was alone in being so. It's a natural move, then, in my eyes to play Azpiliqueta at RB, Alonso at LB and Luiz at LCB at Leiceister-whether Conte goes with Cahill or Bane to partner Luiz is a good quandry but on last night's showing unless Luiz is awful at the KP then he's in pole to partner the returning JT at the Emirates. It was a terrible performance by Brana last night and having watched it back it only gets worse. I love the guy but surely it's time to get him away from the RB berth. Sure, try him at CB if he's got pace alongside him but it's way too manyt bad games in two years at RB to go on. Also, Cahill without JT is becoming equally shoddy and it says something that Luiz, after all the fans and media wailing actually looked outr most composed and effective defender last night. Whether that's that it was largely nonsense to begin with, of course, id open for debate!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Been amused at all the Man U fans calling us fickle and dim over so much joy at bringing Dave back today. Obviously , we all know what his issue is but he brings more good than bad, is a star and my Italian mate reckons that Conte cured similar problems in an older Barzagli and Luiz has a better natural ability than he ever had. If anyone can stop the tactical lapses and defensive brain farts its Conte. If he does wholl be laughing?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is Jose just fudging the issue? I'm sure Salah can't be happy at his playing time this season and reading between the lines Shurrle hasn't ever bulked up (or toughened up enough) enough to do the job Jose demands of him and maybe he just can't? Whatever, the point is neither are really being asked to do a great deal in terms of allowing rotation so I didn't see why it was so important for Jose to say the need for them to want to leave was worth banging a drum over. I'm unsold on Douglas Costa and don't know if Cuadrado would be any sturdier than Andre is. Certainly unsure at quoted prices and must assume Jose is just trying to hike up any Shurrle price to try mitigate us buying this month. If either Salah or Shurrle were offering us much as cover or as options to change games itd be easy to bob along as we are but as Jose seems to have no trust in them in important games I have to ask just who is being helped by keeping them. I'd love to have a different option to William or Oscar behind Diego as atm only Rambo or moving Cesc seem to please Jose at all. It does make me wonder what a few injuries would do to us right now and I fear Jose was being full of bluster on Friday and would love a trusted option to make changes to yhose behind the striker
  12. The Run In

    Thought citeh deserved a point and raised a few eyebrows at how nobody seems to get booked for diving these days but our players. However, after Pell's idiotic "defensive" Chelsea winning would be a crime rant I guess I'm not as gutted as I wouldve been to see the dippers where they now are. To completely ignore the vast number of chances our strikers missed this season was bending the truth just to get at jose and from a man "above" mindgames it was a bit weak. How often have city or pool felt the need to play a false nine this season ffs? However, just hope we can finally put a good showing in in Wales as we are yet to give a decent account of ourselves since Swansea came up and our last two away matches in the epl were resolutely poor. Would be typical Chelsea to lose today but then pee on pools chips just to hand city the title. Villa and Palace really hurt now as our striking frailty was shown so clearly in those tight games where a great cf grabs you a chance when you play way below your level. Its sad that a problem we all knew we had in aug has kept costing us all season and you have to wonder exactly why all our summer eggs were Rooney shaped. So obvious yet we just struggled on when there must have been something we couldve done-hell even a recall clause for lukaku wouldve been something. We squirm through to silverware this term itll be with severe handicaps.
  13. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    No brainer. We will have suspensions in cl no doubt but ignoring that we couldnt ever forgive ourselves if we just let the mickeys win anything. The way theyre pandered to by the uk press makes me loathe them more than sp*rs and the way ticketless fans turning up and playing a major part in the hillsborough mess is basically taboo to bring up in any way(whatever crass police actions went on the blame isn't just with one group at all)just puzzles me. Had it been us I dont see the mefia backing the fans in any way. Anyway, imagine if we play a poor team yhen lose in cl snyway? Besides the fa would kill us for messing with prem and allowing scouse wins is anathema to any sane person. Its never that dimple s choice and citeh will beat them heavily anyway.
  14. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Dunno myself but a mate said Wilmots was pretty out of line in exactly what he said. He may have a grudge over the treatment of kdb and lukaku but to make out playing with an aging ibra outranks everything a better chels and epl can offer is insulting and not his damn business. PSG and France is a backwards move but Real could be in for him seriously too. Given his huge steps under jose hed be foolish to move imho and you hope he has the sense to see that. We need to secure both haz and thibauly asap.
  15. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

  16. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    Interesting game against truly inconsistent oppo. Got to think jose will want half a game for Cole so expect usual back five to change with dave going rb and Ash lb with Ivo on bench. Matic and rambo likely in pivot and same three am as last week despite, for me, signs in cl that Oscar's coming back to form. Up top its still hard to see us go with Ba with that team as he isn't a great mover and we wouldnt play to his strengths like we did desperate in cl. Torres may get yet another start with Jose still feeling Sammy is a homer and Hazards calf negates Shirly plsying false nine too. Early goal could make it a better trip to the principality than weve had lately but a very diff one to stoke. Press high and press hard.
  17. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    We can sit and gripe about personnel issues all we want but its totally pointless right now. We have what we have and must make the best of it til summer and who is left standing after another damn world cup. Last night, and a lot lately, the issues seemed to be governed by a mix of tired choices and low confidence. Are we the finished article? No. Are we hopeless? Even less so. Tired minds and a lack of conviction leads to slow, bad or plain wrong decisions at both ends. Throw in a lack of decent bench options and a keeper who no longer appears to inspire confidence and this result was likely. Thankfully we know we have to go for it now and as a result the players wont be thinking so much tuesday. They dhould be freer and more decisive and with the talents we have that has to be liberating whoever plays. We often seem to be playing without taking the brakes off and now we can't. Having lost mata and de bruyne we can't just burn through the three though.
  18. New Kits

    I think it's entirely up to us. The Wiki page about stars misses a LOT of club sides using stars for all kinds of spurious reasons-my favourite being Citeh and their three Fairs/UEFA cup stars in reply to UTD's two CL stars in 2000-feeble. As it's just the one win I'd like to see Chelsea just use it next season and, then, only on the CL kits as that's what L'pool and Utd do, usually, since Utd won their second anyway. By listing one star we align ourselves with Villa who have one all the time and Forest who have two all the time and I'd rather play along with using it when it's relevant either just this season or just CL and, preferably JUST this season IN the CL, wouldn't that be classiest while still having a real commemorative shirt? A mate was saying our third shirt is going to BE gold and royal(reverse of the home kit)and his wife works for Adidas but as I don't like the gold trim at all he knows I'd hate a gold kit(why gold anyway? WTF have we got to do with Olympics or gold?)so could be just winding me up.
  19. I don't think any of us should be sorry for AVB. He's got a very easy life ahead of him because Roman took an almighty risk appointing him and his lack of experience everyone thought would cripple him did, indeed, kill him off. when he came he had no credentials for the task and represented a leap of faith from RA that I never understood but when AVB failed to even stick by his own principles I felt sure he wasn't up to it. He came here without ever having built a side(Porto was a tweak job at best and Acad just a case of getting them playing a little in a crap league-facing the truth the guy got a job he had no right to expect at all and better qualified men before him were, really, given way less leeway-Jose, Carlo and Phil say "hiya!".AVB did about as well as anyone had any right to expect in tyrying a massively hard task without ever having built a side in his life much less the toughest, player power resisted rebuild in footy history. Roman's idiocy was more in employing a man nobody could say with any real knowledge was up to the task-had he pulled it off it wouldfn't haver been because of anything we knew before he signed, would it? No, in thisd case we had to judge on what he'd done this season and he's failed to do what he said he would on every front. /he didn't give kids a shot when the first teamers failed. He didn't treat everyone the same way. Sadly, her didn't even stick to the tent=ets which made his Porto side successful-no rotation in midfield and nopressing high up the pitch after the Arsenal game. If the guy couldn't be true to us or himself is it any wonder the pplayers lost faith? Bottom line?He took the job not even knowing himself if he could do it and then didn't even do what he claimed he was all about. The sum result of eight months, if we look at yesterday's side was Mata and Sturridge in the side and anyone would have brought DS in after Bolton and everyone else knew Mata was class!! Those apart nothing had changed excvept we tried to play WBA like they were Barca!! We sat back and gave that team possession!! We were more negative than we ever have been yesterday and with a side no different to waht Carlo would have played last term. We'd not moved on but went backwardfs. /hell, he even gave fewer games to the kids than Carlo managed!! Now he's minted and will easily get another job but we are all out of pocket after following the messy teams he put together round Europe. AVB doesn't deserve sympathy-he got plenty out of this. RDM , though, deserves we get behind him for now. He's a club man and didn't really do much wrong at WBA anyway and stands to gain a loty from a good few months at Chelsea-and so do we. His appointment til May also rules out, for my mind, Fat Spanish waiter(a man who hates us Chelsea fans-I know this as a fact)and anyone else currentl;y free to employ andf gives real credence to Jose or Pep or another man in a job right now-Hiddink can go at season's end too I understand so one of those three is my prediction but if, by some idiocy, we do go for Rafa I will have to stand away from my club for a while because I refuse to be managed by a man who has often told people how much he dislikes both us and our club in the past. He was always on about the money and crying too. We cannot have enemies of ours in charge of team affairs-AVB was bad enough in that I feel he took the job HOPING rather than feeling he KNEW he could succeed and did so because the payout was guaranteed. Next time I hope we gewt a clause in place saying some level is required to trigger the severance at a set level. AVB nhad lost it, mind, and had to go before we were totally sunk. Who knows? Rob might get the players on side as a club legend and get a last hurrah out of a few who SHOULD have already been trying harder?
  20. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    See? I'm willing to support the idea a few of us might well be a better short term answer than Flo! Who knows, we may even find a Hazard or Mata hiding here. I was a predominantly right footed LW/LM myself and was a LOT faster than anyone at the club in my day(seriously fast but glass knees and not enough skill)so I doubt it's too far beyond us to find someone else with more ifts than I have/had! Stand up for your club! As much chance as we have of signing Hazard profile players this summer anyways. And if CFF is already talking flair? Bodes well, we need a creative entertaining type.
  21. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    I thought Malouda was pretty poor as well and if he's ge3tti8ng you to get your boots out I say we all do it and arrange trials before sending our CFCnet Football Idol to Cobham. Surely, out of us lot someone can do a bit better than a half hearted Frenchman who only wants to play with his bessie?
  22. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    I just think any chance we had of getting Hazard went with January's passing. Waiting made no senser to me when there's a buyout that WILL be met and unless we DID a deal already and anything from here on in is just noise I cannot see a young talent choosing Chelsea, possibly out of the CL too, over the cream of Europe's clubs. We aren't top class when uit comes to financial muscle anymore and should we miss out on fourth0which is a VERY real possibility when we have zero confidence and can't even beat the lesser sides these days and find it, most weeks, very hard to score more than one goal. This is why January was the only chance for Hazard and should we miss out on CL this season I think we can write off a lot of our supposedly higher profile "targets". Fifth place would be a pretty big disaster for our club and should we fall out of the top four I fear AVB will not be given any time at all. We rely ion it to attract players and without it Spurs become a better option than us, sadly, and right now there's no sense of us getting a run going.
  23. Media / Press

    All the experts have been sayng how ~captains do not matter in modern footy yet this assertion over how well Gerrard captained the national side show that they actually DOP think it's important. Sadly for their selective memories none of them ave wondered exactly WHY Capello s so damn keen to have JT in the job that doesn't matter(or did until JT lost it and now it's not enough , because it's a trifling thing and he must be ousted from English squad, and then all footy I'm guessing, even befopre guilt has been tried)which is because Engand just tend to win with JT in the job compared to SG or Rio(the man with no shame) Ferdinand where they don't(see SA WC). I find it funny that they now want him out the squad when they were only after him losing the armband previously and there's never any mention that the "affair" with Bridge's "wife"(ex girlfriend who he'd left 200 miles behind earlier isn't the same thing anyway) was another unproven allegation and is used to routinbely shopw how awful JT, the man, has become. The whole thing stinks of Witch hunting and the fact the FA did this on the eve of such a big match, unsettling our club is unsurprising to those of us now left feeling we get the raw end of every dealing we have with the FA and it winds me up when over the past ten years we have been the very BEST FA club. We let Lampard, both Coles, JT and anyone else in the squads(u5 upwards FFS)play whenever called upon without the Utd and Liverpool dealings surrounding their top players. Rooney and Steve G rarely play without being totally fit and even then rarely outside of games like qualifiers or finals. we allow JT and others to play injured at times and get treated like icdiots as a direct result of this soft atitude towards national teams espevially England whi h usually sees our guys routinely booed too-even when Lamps, JT or Ash have been "fans" POTY. Rooney has often been "injured" midweek for England duty and then managed a Utd game Saturday without reproach and Gerrard's record is myuch the same. When we start standingf up like a big club we might be treated like one-how many players have we lost compared to the norm at international meetings? I dunno but it seems loads to me because we seem to just allow the player and their FA decdie whereas other big clubs don't and the FA treat us like simpletons as a direc t result of this naive approach whle everyone else plays their own games first.,I'd lterally wheel around my home for joy should JT or any Chelsea player decide international football wasn't their game anymore. Sod our FA and sod the whole jingoistic, unhealthy national, Fifa feeding nonsense of international football which is, to my mind, a lot weaker than top club football anyway and always will be.
  24. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    No. Torres is still making the odd glaring miss but , for those who have played cenbtral striker for Chelsea this season he's been our best by a distance-and I've always been a bigger fan of Didier than Nando(being objective)in their hey days. Looking at this season Torres has been my MOTM in five league games and a couple of CL games and Didier has been my Motm ONCE(oddly, Didier's best game against Valencia at home came when the team reverted entirely to play to HIS strengths but it also took AVB playing him, after his red suspension, for game after game lf him beung rank , looking leggy and offering nothing AND not scoring while, this season, Torres has always offered a lot more to the team in assists and about as much in golals while gets in the position to miss some chances that ~Didier wouldn't ever get NEAR these days. Point is Torres i9s better for the team, and much better while we aim to play football, than Didier ever would have been a a million miles better than Didier is now. Didier didn't get anything like the abuse Torres has when playing crap this season and I can only put it down to Torres not having had his salad days at chelsea while Didier did but the chgance of Torres becoming great again at Chelsea on this season's evidence is greater than Didier beating time and doung the same in a team moving away from his strengths , or so we hope, all the time. For the way AVB wants to play Torres is just in a different league to Didier, even a fit and young Didier, and all he lacks is a couple of goals. He always missed sitters, it's just how he is but in the past it was tempered by the overhead going in and the bar thumper against Villa riipping the net. I'd go so far as saying that Torres IN Valencia was actually a better all round number nine's performance than the smach and grab strong arm lesson Dids gave them at SB. On any other night a striker playing as Nando did would have had a hat trick and two assists at least. Fact is we were good that night, deserved to win and should have got five or six goals but for an amazing keeping show that happens against you, as a team or striker once a year(poor Danny had it again at Newcastle mind!!) . We just seem to let people off more if they've done it FOR rather than against us in the past I guess while the media just love tosee a Chelsea buy fail and one from their favourite club? Back pages til he gets ninety a season. He'sone of our better creative players thius season and is a lot more use to use than any of our other goalscoring forwards when he isn't scoring than most of them are when they ARE scoring(barring Danny if he learns to pass again). I think it's time to be stroing with Torres because we have come a long way from the lost boy of March 2011 to the guy with his head up, hair grown, powers back, assists flowing just waiting for the goals to flow we see today. Don't get on his bakc and try to force AVB to wase what's on the verge oif being AVB's biggest and first real triumph of man management at Chelsea. You only have to watch hoiw Torres walks onto the ptich now to see how much more positive he is-let's not drop the ball when he's so close to being one of us. I'm advocating a diamond again if we cannot get another wide man in January and with Danny alongside Torres working a channel each?
  25. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    If that's not on their website was it a Twitter feed from one of L'Equipe'slot or just a retweet from anyone?