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  1. Boxing

    Evening, chaps. I was wondering what any of the more knowledgeable folk on here think of Tyson Fury? I've just seen him destroy a guy with a bodyshot. He looks absolutely huge, and those body punches look like they could knock your intestines out through your back. Plus, he has perhaps the best name in sport. Anyone think he is the real deal, or likely to get found out against the first good guy he fights?
  2. Another year has passed, Adam ... Happy Birthday!

  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    If Man Utd are leaking money, splashing £17m on two Serbian youngsters is a strange way to go about fixing the leak!
  4. Boxing

    I've got a lot of time for DeGale but tbh I'm sick of hearing him talking about how much he's been offered to turn pro, but how much he wants to fight in the 2012s and how much of a hard decision it is. FFS, everyone knew the moment he won the Gold he would turn pro (and fair play to him), I just wish he'd get on with it and stop trying to crank of the suspense that blatantly isn't there.
  5. Boxing

  6. Best wishes on your 24th birthday, Adam!


  7. New Kits

    Did you knock that up on a Commodore 64?
  8. Ashley Cole

    Whilst I think WB has been a better LB this season and didn't want us to sign Cole in the 1st place, from the games I have seen over the last 3 years, Cole has Cristiano Ronaldo worked out. I was in the ground for the England v Portugal game in the Euro's (where apparently Cole got 4/10 in the Mail) and he had Ronaldo in his pocket all game. So despite thinking that Bridgey should start next season 1st choice LB, if both are fit for the Final I would give Cole the nod because I'm convinced he can handle Ronaldo.
  9. Ashley Cole

    But that quote isn't from Lehmann, it's a quote from a newspaper article that tries (inaccurately) to summarise what Lehmann said.
  10. Ashley Cole

    I thought Veron might have done but he'd gone when we won ours, and thinking about it he might not have won it at Man U either.
  11. Ashley Cole

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of his wage demands, I just wish that every footballer who plays more than a season in the Premiership would stop writing bloody books! I don't believe them when they say they need to get 'their side of the story out', it doesn't take a 300 page book to do that, just one sit-down interview with a good journalist. It's about money and they're all at it. I don't particularly blame them, I'm guessing you'd need a very strong character to turn down 6 or 7 figures just to have a book (ghost)written for you. I just object to the deliberate imflammatory serialisations and pointless sensationalist chapters (see Rooney's 'I hate Moyes' diatribe) that are thrown in there to shift more copies.
  12. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by charlie cookeI think we need a away CL kit - I've still got £50 left in the bank that kenyon hasnt robbed from me . id="quote"> id="quote">Too true. With the Centenary kit and now obviously the change of manufacturer we must have had about 10 new kits in 4 years. Its just blatant ripping off, and it's not just us that are doing it.
  13. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by PALMERSTON[brWhy did you feel the need to retort with such a pointless couople of sentences? id="quote"> id="quote">Its not that I believe or disbelieve anything that Cole, or any other footballer says about things like this. I just think it's naive and unreasonable to find meaning in what they say in these situations. Although I am loathe to drag Gallas into yet another thread, the crap that he said about Arsenal having the best fans is the same as what Cole has done here - give their respective new fans what they want to hear and trot out the same old cliches; 'I'm not here for the money', 'My new club has the best supporters...' I think there are very few footballers who have a particularly strong allegiance to the club they represent. That doesn't mean to say they have no loyalty or don't care about the club, it just means that they can be equally happy somewhere else. Take Alan Smith as a prime example -a diehard Leeds fan who has been on camera saying he would never play for Man United, he looks pretty content there now. Eidur said he couldn't see himself playing under any other manager than Mourinho when he was here, Duff kissed the badge and said he was a True Blue but both will move on and be just as happy at their new clubs. So Cole comes to the Bridge and no doubt will do well, but do you honestly think he reckons he's going to have to fight week in, week out for his place? Do you think Terry thinks this? Cole said that because that what he had to say. Dwight Yorke could do with taking some notes off our Ashley...
  14. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by James PrescottWas good to hear AC talk for the first time, looks like he's hungry for success and is willing to fight for his place. Doesn't think that his place in the first team is a formality. Great attitude. Can't wait for the rest this evening.... id="quote"> id="quote">What was he going to say? 'I know I'm going to walk into the side and stay there; tough s**t Wayne?' He said exactly what he was supposed to say, even though we all know its bollocks.
  15. Ashley Cole

    ISTM for the first time in many-a-deal that we should have the upper hand over Arsenal here, but I just know it won't work out the way it should and we'll end up shelling out millions more than we have to. As others have pointed out on the thread we aren't (or shouldn't be) desperate to sign Cole; he obviously doen't want to play for Arsenal anymore; the Champions League qualifier is coming up meaning they could do with a quick deal to avoid the 'do we or don't we play him' situation. All these factors should give us the advantage and allow us to drive the price down, but I know it just won't happen. What odds of us paying £20m+ for Cole and Arsenal taking Bridge and Gallas for under £10m the pair?