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Found 3 results

  1. Heey everyone it's a pleasure to join you , I'm Sofian from Morocco I'm 21 and I support Cfc since 2008/2009 KTBFFH
  2. Attending my very first game this Christmas and was wondering if the view from my seat will be restricted or is it a good view ?
  3. Since this season's beginning, I considered of being a part of EPL (and world football) and chose to support Chelsea (since we were the champions last year). It's been a more-on-the-negative-side rollercoaster ride of a season! But Conte coming next season, there could be a positive upheaval I hope As my father is from Egypt (his parents are, actually), I like to watch out for Egyptian players like Salah, Amro Tarek, Kouka etc. But the only Egyptian to play in the EPL is Elneny, and he is good and young. So is it okay if I want Arsenal to succeed because Elneny plays there too? Barring the matches between us two, I don't mind them winning; is that ok, having Chelsea the favourite and Arsenal as the second? I know of the rivalry, but is it fine? btw Don't think that I've ever thought of them winning the league this season! Leicester have been my no.1 darkhorse team for some time. Thanks!