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Transfer Window Challenge

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The window is closed and the challenge is over so here is the final wrap up. Remember I use fees confirmed by the club except when this isn't available. In those cases I take the figure given by The Independant Newspaper.

Incomming Transfers

We signed four players which, despite Jose saying that he only wanted three new boys, was actually the most popular prediction. Twenty-five people got that spot on but no one got the total spend of £56.4m quite right. Nearest misses were Nerazzuri with £56m and Klamm with £57m. The signings: -

Del Horno (LB) £8m

Diarra (DM) £3m

Essien (CM) £24.4m

Wright-Phillips (WM) £21m

Not suprsingly no one named Diarra as a potential signing but the other three were among the most frequently mentioned names. Essien, with twenty-two had the 3rd highest nominations, Del Horno with seventeen was 5th and SWP with fifteen was 6th. Even so no one predicted that all three would join but thirteen people did get two out of the three.

Outgoing Transfers

The most popular prediction here was five but in the end only four players left The Bridge. Eighteen entrants got that right. As for total sales, both James Devenish and TheItalianStallion went close with £21m but one person, me, actually got the exact amount of £21.6m. (Thank you, I thank you. Just call me Peter Kenyon from now on!) The sales: -

Forssell (ST) £3m

Parker (DM) £6.5m

Kezman (ST) £5.3m

Tiago (CM) £6.8m


Four seems to have been the magic number this summer because there were four of these as well. This was exactly double the the most popular forecast of two but a respectable 13 people did forecast the correct figure. The loan deals: -

Veron (CM)

Smertin (CM)

Morais (CB)

Jarosik (CM)

The final table is posted below but anyone who'd like to see all the stats, players, full table, rules, etc, in their full Technicolor glory can use the following links. Scroll down the page that comes up, click Free Download then click the download link and the page will open: -

Alphabetical List Of Entrants

Facts & Figures

Final Table

Players Nominated As Potential Targets

The Scoring System Explained

I hope everyone who entered enjoyed the TWC.

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Here's the final TWC 2005 table: -

The Premier League

1st god 95.2 points.

2nd chelseafc 87.8

3rd Scott Miller 85

4th Nerazzuri 82

5th hallgalley 80.2

6th Stan 80.1

7th Duffer of St Patrick 77

8th Number one was Robert Fleck 74

9th dannyblue 69.8

10th James Prescott 68

11th san jose 67

12th The Dreadful Flying Glove 66.2

13th Wiseup 65.8

14th James Devenish 65.8

15th big rob 62

16th Tom Newey 62

17th rwhite 61

18th Flying 60.2

19th makelele4 60.1

20th ed 60

The Champinonship

21st Dan Q 60 points.

22nd oblue 59

23rd Akideko 54.8

24th jack99 54.8

25th 64blue 54

26th charlie_the_chelsea_fan 53.8

27th JAFFA 51.8

28th dgalaty 50.2

29th nwblew 49.8

30th Jose "Genius" Mourinho 48.7

31st True Blue Gary 48

32nd kearts 47.2

33rd "Terry's_""new(&" 47

34th CFC_Man_and_Boy 45.2

35th superfrank 44.8

36th klamm 43.8

37th Kezza 42

38th Weah for President 41

39th Jackass 1987 40

40th AaronT12CFC 39.8

League One

41st basole 36.8 points

42nd TELKAT 36

43rd Robben Rocket Pants 36

44th TheItalianStallion 35

45th Superdupa 32

46th bigman606 31.2

47th Jose 30

48th Slash 29.8

49th Terry's_gal 28

50th the_blue_muppet(champs2005) 27

51st robbenhood 24

52nd BlueChelseaGiant 21.2

53rd Robben Hood 18

54th RobCFC 16.2

55th Blue Since Birth 12

56th Loadsamoney 9

57th 70's 8

58th ricky?kandola 8

59th blue4eva 4.8

60th Adriano 2.5

League Two

61st Frewm 2

62nd MUFC's -0.2

63rd The Gianfranco Zola Stand -3.6

64th blue -7

65th BlythBlue -14.8

66th jimmyMcIreland -16

67th BlueRainbow -22.8

68th 6-4-04afc1-2cfc -32

69th euchie -36

NB where points are equal the earlier or earliest entry is placed higher.

Honerable mention to Duffer of St Patrick for comming close to defending his title but congrtulations to god. His predictions were three signings, four sales, four out on loan, £55m to be spent and £25m to be brought in plus he named Gerrard, Maxwell and Wright-Phillips as transfer targets. Although only one of these was accurate the rest of his forecasts were either spot on or very, very close. Well played mate, you can now quite rightly claim to know more than the rest of us!

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