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Chelsea Junior

Pre Kick Off Song?

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quote:Originally posted by Dan Murphy

Firstly, welcome to CFCnet. The song is called 'The Liquidator' and it's by Harry J Allstars.


id="quote">Many thanks, its the only chelsea song I haven't got. Cheers mate!

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I follow the mighty Glasgow Rangers and decided to visit The Bridge for the first time on Saturday.My trip down fae the frozen north was pain free and I arrived on the Kings Road about 11.30 to partake in some liquid refreshment.I was impressed by the friendliness of the regulars,although one pub seemed to not want to let me in as I wasnt a Chelsea fan.On spotting my Rangers hat,he said nae bother and in I went.

Impressive stadium with good facilities very reminiscient of Ibrox.Clean and well presented.I even got a padded seat in the West Upper.Atmosphere was mediocre,but then again it is at Ibrox these days.

My point in posting though is prior to kick off there was a tune playing on the tannoy which I'm sure was a Ska tune.Everyone clapped along and sang Chelsea at intervals.It's been bugging me ever since as to what the tune is.

Can anybody help?

"We are the People"

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