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I will stress for the last time - as I have said it many times now and I think we've all exhausted this topic a little -

* It looks much better in 'real life' than it does in these pictures.

* It is a slimmer fit than this seasons shirt but it's NOT. A. CYCLING. SHIRT. Just because it has a zip doesn't mean its a cycling shirt does it.

* No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. If you don't like it don't buy it

* I can be pretty certain that within a couple of viewings of the team wearing it everyone'll forget the obligatory pre-release whining and like it

anyway, then when the 10/11 kit is revealed say "OMG this is horrid, why can't they make it more like the 09/10 one, what a disgrace :("

* If you're worrying about not being able to fit your belly in an adults football shirt then perhaps purchasing sportswear shouldn't be your main concern right now.

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Forget the design, we all grow into it, even though the rugby padding seems an unnecessary waste of fabric.

What strikes me is that the quality has been in freefall since the firt adidas shirt which was of quite good quality. The outgoing one bubbles like porridge in a non-stick pan, and this new one looks like it will struggle to stay on your body.

Still if the club gets some of the profit I won't complain. (I reckon this shirt will cost less than a fiver to manufacture.)

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It looks like our player are wear bra....But anyway,it is better than ManU's,and I will finally get used to it like last season~~:)

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