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Welcome To A New Era Of.........chatting!

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Ball Boys!? What exactly does 'Ball Boys' mean? Anyway, I'm just using this forum to introduce myself and to let you Tru Blues out there know that there's a new kid in town. No more idle chat about, "how many pints one downed on a saturday night out with the lads/lasses" (how they can do that after watching our team play, is beyond me. But then again sorrows need drowning), no more patting ourselves on the back after drawing with teams we should have DEMOLISHED! ( no disrespect to Reading, Aston Villa and Fulham) and no more singing and dancing on streets after scoring 6 goals against Macclesfield! ( once again, no disrespect). From now on, once you see a post by YOURS TRULY, you can rush down to your local bookies and place a wager that it's going to be a BELTER!! 'because I say it as I see it. Alright my GRAMMAR may be a bit wonkey, but after watching the Mighty Blues play these days, I ask,...........WHOSE ISN'T!!?

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