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Jerry Kendik

Welcome To Club Shed

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This topic is an introduction to Club Shed and is For INFO only. Please do not post replies in this particular thread.

Club Shed is a genuine attempt by fans to take the successes of the Return to the Shed Campaign and Shed 50 trial from last season to another level.

The Club is aimed solely at supporters who are able to attend matches, primarily - but not exclusively - in the Shed End. Everyone is welcome to participate in this forum, but ONLY if you go to games OR have something constructive to say regarding atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. Anyone can moan about the atmosphere. It's now your chance to do something about it.

The Club is going to take the 3 objectives of the RTTSC and add another, which is to attempt to create a community where we can all join in to boost the atmosphere.

With the Shed Upper now being 95% full of new and relocated Season Ticket Holders (when the away team takes its full allocation), we as fans have a magnificent opportunity to become part of something fresh at Stamford Bridge and at the same time give the team the backing it deserves. We made great strides last season but most will agree that we need to do more still. This is just one attempt to keep the improvements snowballing and has been endorsed by the Football Club, who will publicise it via official channels shortly.

This community, or "Club", is free to join and you can be a ST holder, member or even occasional visitor to the Bridge. All you have to do is be able to get behind the side and be a part of the community in any way you can. Please read through the various threads to see how you might be able to help.

It is important to stress that none of this is compulsory. If some or even all of the Club's ideas and objectives are not for you and you would rather just turn up and get behind the team in your own way, then that's cool. Nobody here is going to tell anyone how to support this great club of ours. We simply feel there are enough like-minded fans around to have a crack at this.

The success or otherwise of this initiative is down to the fans. If the Shed 50 trial is anything to go by, this could be a lot of fun to be

involved in, so why not give it a go if you're in the Shed this season? If the Club concept takes off, then this could possibly be a model for other parts of the ground.

There will be a Club Shed FAQ posted shortly to get us underway.

Welcome to CLUB SHED!

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