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23 minutes ago, thevelourfog said:

In fairness to you, I'd definitely not usually single you out as being especially negative about Chelsea or the players.

I can't quite get your angle on this Cahill/Mason thing, though. Neither of us know much of anything about what communication the players have had, or even more importantly what either would want from each other. If I felt someone had ruined my career or not behaved properly towards me, I'd not personally care about their condolences and would probably actually be more angry at them for making any kind of self-serving announcement, but quite rightly and fairly other people, perhaps yourself included, would feel very differently ... There isn't one set, correct way to act in this sort of situation.

All we know is what makes it to the press, and what has made it to the press doesn't warrant even slight or veiled criticism of Cahill or anyone at Chelsea. Perhaps Mason does feel aggrieved but I think you can marry together respecting his freedom to feel that way with an acceptance that Cahill hasn't necessarily done anything wrong.

I'd see it differently if we were talking about a career ended by a challenge like those others have been talking about since, maybe. 

Agreed that we're all entitled to our opinions.

My angle on this stems solely from the only interview I'd listened to with Mason himself and a specific comment that stuck with me where he singled out a few individuals who'd been there for him throughout his recovery and when asked, advised that he hadn't heard from Cahill since getting out of hospital. 

Maybe it's just me but that struck a chord with me. I thought about it again when I heard he'd retired. 

The other thing that I recall from it was that whilst he tried to come across as very positive he said that ultimately the decision as to whether he ever played again was down to the doctors. I remember thinking that this would be tough on a 25 year old. 

He may well have been training hard to give himself the best possible chance but I took from the interview that his career was very much in the balance. 



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On ‎13‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 10:12 PM, Bob Singleton said:

I tend to agree with you. If it had been me, I'd have made the odd discrete, private, inquiry as to how he was getting on. I'm sure it's not impossible for one high profile footballer to get the mobile number of another playing in the same league.

I agree (rather surprisingly!).  

I don't want to criticise Gary Cahill, he's always struck me as a thoroughly decent guy, and we don't really know what contact has been going on or the dynamics of the situation.  Maybe Ryan Mason didn't want a lot of contact or visits from him.  

It's a shame though that Twitter has replaced personal contact these days "Look at me, I'm such a compassionate and caring person".  

It wasn't Gary Cahill's fault what happened but I hope he has been in personal contact with Ryan Mason in the last few days but I fear not.

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