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Live Match Thread: Valencia Vs Chelsea

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Please use this thread for all posts relating to the match against Valencia, before and during the game. Keep it intelligent.

Moderators and our legal people will be keeping an eye on things.

Please note that this unmoderated forum is a privilege and its abuse will result in its deletion.

The match is on Wednesday evening with a 7.45pm kick off.

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No real mention of injury news but I think it would be too much of a risk for Terry to play so soon. Bridge, Sawyer and Hutchinson are in the reserves so we can assume they won't be going.


Belletti...Ben Haim...Alex...A.Cole



Subs: Cudicini, Ferreira, Terry, Mikel, SWP, Kalou, Shevchenko

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Sorry all you cheerleaders out there but I can only see us getting beat. We need to get something out of the game even if its just a great battling performance. What I fear may happen is that a bad beating may be on the cards.If this is the case god knows what effect it will have on the squad. I'd take 0-0 and hopefully beat them at home when we've got everyone back fit. C'MON U BLUES!.

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http://www.valenciacf.es/ (ALBELDA INTERVIEW)


Captain David Albelda pointed out at the press box of the sports city of Paterna that the clash against Chelsea next Wednesday arrives 'at the right moment'. For the international player is obvious that the team is playing better than last year and he feels optimistic to face up the match against the English team. But he doesn't agree with the people that say that the team will qualify for the next round if they win this match, 'because there are more games after this one, we have a lot of work to do',

stated David Albelda.

Clash against Chelsea

'The clash arrives at the right moment.

They have lots of injured players and our squad is almost complete, despite some important players.

But we've obtained good results so far.'

Very different situation comparing with last year

'The team is very similar. Last year we weren't at our best physical moment, but now we're living a very different situation.'

Mourinho's departure

'It's football's law. It's usual and easier to dismiss the coach if the team don't get good results.'

Influence of Sunday's tiredness

'I don't think we'll feel tired, we have time to recover. At this point of the season we don't notice any tiredness.

Maybe in March, but not now.'

Terry's participation

'I don't care about that.'

Great moment

'It's easier to work in such an atmosphere. Results determine football and the match in Germany was very difficult. It changed our way and it helped us to trust in what we were doing. We are in a very good position, both in the Liga and in the Champions League. We've cleared up doubts around our coach that weren't favorable for our work.'

Motivation to improve

'Despite our good results, we have to improve and to correct some things. We have to close the matches sooner.

They weren't very dangerous.'

Winning against Chelsea means qualification for next round?

'No, because there are more games after this one, we still have a lot of work to do.'

How do you feel?

'Fine and refreshed. If we are lucky with the results, you have to think more in the group than in yourself.

You have to put your shoulder to the wheel.'

Vicente's comeback to Valencia

'I think, it will do good for him and yes, we miss him. With Vicente we can reach a level of ten, if we are at eight now.'

Thinking about the future

'We can improve our results. I hope we are better in the future.'

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Well Sid Lowe on The Guardian podcast had this to say about Valencia - he does the Spanish liga exclusively.

  1. Valencia are much the same team as last time we faced them really. There has been on major shake ups and the squad is used to playing together.
  2. They are keen to gain revenge for last time when we beat them 2-1.
  3. After that defeat the players admitted that Chelsea were just too physically strong, tough and quick for them.
  4. Joacquim after a poor start in the team is now playing very well and will give us trouble.
  5. Valencia are not the type to go all out from the get go and attack us, they will set back a bit, play it tight defensively and try and get us on the break.
  6. Expect a low scoring game, Valencia have won 5 games on the bounce, their last win was a 1-0.
  7. Valenica are not playing that brilliantly despite the 5 wins, a bit like MU I guess in that way!
  8. Sid expects it to be tight but think Valenica can beat us this time given our current problems.

Any way that was the low down from Sid.

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Personally (assuming it's too soon to throw Terry in a match), I'd go with:


Belletti Ben Haim Alex Ashley Cole


Essien Sidwell Malouda

Pizarro Drogba

Subs: Cudicini, Ferreira, Mikel, Shevchenko, Joe Cole, SWP

I think Makelele is a must to ensure defensive stability, especially with Terry's absence. Pizarro seems to me a good link between the midfield and the attack as he drops deep alot when I've seen him play.

Edit: I forgot Essien might be a doubt. If so, I'd go with Mikel in his place.

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No need for JT here. Let him recover from his surgery. If Ricky's back for Bolton I'd be delighted, which means resting JT for more time. But for the time being we'll have to stick with Alex and Ben Haim.

I'm expecting Grant to be conservative and stick with a 433/451/4141 here. I'm assuming SWP is still not fit, and Essien as a doubt.


Belletti - Alex - BenHaim - A.Cole


J.Cole- Sidwell - Mikel - Malouda


Subs: Cudicini, Ferreira, Terry, Essien, Kalou, Shevchenko, Pizarro

A draw at the Mestalla would be an excellent result. We'll only then need to win our two home games and at Rosenborg to qualify. Still alot in our hands at this stage of the CL. Qualification - whether 1st or 2nd is very important.

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Damn, didn't realise our team now look weak as hell in terms of form of players. We are gonna get a bashing and it is not gonna be surprising. Not wasting my time watching.

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I'm hoping for a draw here, not expecting a win







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