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Stream Information Notice - Please Read Before Posting In The Live Threads

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There is an increasing number of people ruining the flow of the Match Day threads by posting continuous request for streams. This stops now.

There's three main websites used to find this information, please bookmark them rather than begging for them in the live threads each week.

They are MyP2P.eu, RojaDirecta.com (Not currently available, Feb 2011) and LiveFootyDoctor.

Use the websites above to find any stream information you may require. You may discuss current/related match streams in this thread and this thread only.

Anyone making stream requests or posting stream information in the live match threads will find their post deleted, repeat posts will result in a suspension from the current live match thread.

The information you need is here, don't ruin if for others. There are no excuses.

DISCLAIMER: This thread contains links to websites and streams that are not operated by us or by anyone on our behalf. We do not control these websites and as such are not responsible for their content. Our inclusion of these links to such websites and streams does not imply any endorsement of the material contained on the websites or of the activities enacted by them.


just wanna say thank you for sharing your expertice.but I wanna ask something from you.if why I can't post or reply in other discussion,what will I do?

any help would be appreciated.



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Any links for today?

I'm watching on sopcast Derby HD4 channel. Not very good quality though.

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All you people who say its 'easy' to find a video and watch it - it's not. Don't ever tell me it's easy, it's a pain in the backside is what it is. It's awkward and annoying and it doesn't work to be quite honest. How much stuff do I have to download in order to simply watch a match?

I am grateful for all the links - but please no one ever say its simple or easy. It's not.

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