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Welcome To Cfcnet

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Welcome to CFCnet - The Biggest and Best Independent Website & Magazine Dedicated to Chelsea FC

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the Forum Rules. You'll also find some useful information in the Help section and in the Support - Q&A Forum.

If any other problems or questions arise, feel free to contact the team via this link, and try to give as much information as possible, such as your login name and registered email address and we will try to help as quickly as we can.

If we need to get back to you, we will do so via Your Personal Messenger - you can use this to contact members on the site.

I'd like to draw your special attention to the fantastic CFCnet Magazine. It's absolutely superb, and the subscriptions help to keep the site online and to its high standards.

Notice to New Members

We actively discourage starting new threads needlessly; please always search before starting a new topic. However you may use one of your first posts to start a new thread in the Ball Boys Room, to introduce yourself to the forum.

All members are asked to declare which team they support upon registration. Those pretending to be Chelsea supporters who turn out not to be will be immediately banned. Those not declaring a team may find their posts are not accepted.

Notice to Non Chelsea Supporters

All non-CFC fans are welcome but not if they simply want to run down and criticise Chelsea or its fans, or start flame wars. This is a Chelsea forum for Chelsea supporters, so behave as you would if you were a guest at a friends house.

Enjoy the forums remember to check out the main CFCnet Website!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.