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2 Shade's Of Blue.

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Hello there,

Gosh. Where to start.

Well, I support the team your beloved ex-gaffer has just joined. I have lived in Australia all my life and of course, the football we get subjected to is the EPL. So you really have no choice but to support at least one team, and now lets see...

I hate Liverpool.

Never liked Arsenal.

Never jumped on the Man U bandwagon.

So that left only a few other teams. Seeing as how I already supported an Italian team it was way to hard for me to pass up supporting Vialli and Zola. Two heroes of mine. Watching Chelsea week in week out, and it has not changed.

My sister, 16, is an avid blues supporter. I can't walk in her room without a Frank or JT poster falling on me.

Anyway, thats not why I am here. Actually I dont know why I am here. I watch Chelsea every week, and I'm still hoping Mancini makes the trip over to you blokes.

So my first contribution is the special ones first famous quote in Italy, enjoy:

Any questions?

btw, personal avatars = a no no?

Drogba coming to inter? not a chance (confirmed 2 days ago).

Frankie? hmm.

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Thanks for the video link. I was looking for that actually on the youtube. Reminded me of his press conferences here at Chelsea and some of his memorable quotes. He is a character unlike any other in the footballing world.

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Not exactly a talkative bunch hey...
The number of posts on this site says otherwise.
off topic, how long until my posts can skip the review procedure? If cfc was a chick, id of given up on her long ago.
Never. Read the rules, it's a moderated site.

Patience is a virtue. The procedures in place are what make this site as good as it is, and you'll find many disagree with you on how long it takes for posts to appear, and why.

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Welcome to the site.

To add with what Grahame said, it does keep things streaming smoothly round here. The number of times people want to re-post a new topic on something that's aready being discussed is a alot.

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