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Chelsea Finances Thread

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These results ensure the club continues to comply with UEFA’s break-even criteria under the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

We continue to play to the rules, and the biggest spending clubs aren't.  So I wouldn't get your hopes up too high.  CL football was I'd guess half of profits.  Rather that our costs are growing fast too (wages I guess even with few bonuses).  And CL football revenue will not be repeated this year.

Sorry.  Not a terrific Christmas present IMO.

Anyone got a link to a more detailed statement?
I'd be curious if we made any write-offs re Conte or the ground.

There was a "profit on player sales of £113.0m".  I suspect that was unusually high.  Selling Matic for £40m would have given us a near £40m up front profit.  Buying Jorginho for £50m, has no immediate profit effect, just £50m of extra costs in future years.  A great deal IMO, but distorting this years profits.  Ditto Morata for Costa.  I'm hugely suspicious of the reported level of Costa's fee.  But whatever it was, it almost all goes into profit, while the £60m fee for Morata goes into future costs.

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Interesting interview with JFH on Sky. Saying Chelsea agreed to sell him to Barcelona in January 2003 as we needed the money. Deal fell through as LVG got sacked after losing at home to Valencia on the Saturday, after the fee was agreed on the Friday. 

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