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9 hours ago, Jasonb said:

Cascarino writing in the Times thinks one of the main problems was their poor recruitment this season.

A quick look on the net and I found this:


Steve Walsh recruited Vardy. Mahrez and Kante for the 2015-2016 yet left the club at the end of the season for Everton.

Of course this does not explain everything by any means yet is interesting.

I thought they might struggle this season though never be in the position they face now. I just wonder if the unexpected success went to the players heads, You know such as with the talk of a film coming out about Vardy.

I know from a second-hand source that the recruitment policy at Leicester isn't resting on one man. 

They have a well-grounded methodology that extends beyond individuals. I'd say Walsh leaving has had a minuscule impact overall. 

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8 hours ago, Jasonb said:

You are correct he did and found Didier Drogba and Gianfranco Zola.

Jose wanted to sign Drogba for Porto before his big break season with Marseille. Other clubs were interested as well. 

Finding Zola is hardly praise for any scout. He was Diego Maradonas understudy at Napoli. Any scout who didn't know of these two players can hardly be worthy of the title. 

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^To be fair to jasonb, I think he has cut and pasted from Wikipedia, rather than chosen the word "found" deliberately.  

And equally, while Zola or Drogba were certainly known by the managers at the time, the scout still has an important role in recommending when to bid heavily for a target, and when to stick to a base price and no more.  There were plenty of other known targets we might have gone for. 

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Thank you Droy.

Yes 'found' was a poor choice of words.

'Recommended' would have been better.



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