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Non Chelsea: Champions League

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As the "Non-Chelsea: European League Football" thread has been permanently closed I suppose this is the closest thread I could find. 

I saw that a high-up placed wanker at the Catalonia Sports Ministry commented on Barca being thrown out of the La Liga if the independence vote wins by stating:

"If Barcelona is thrown out of La Liga they can move to play in the Premier League". 

This encapsulates their absolute arrogance and complete disregard for anyone but themselves. 

I will send a prayer upstairs today that the independence vote wins, and that Barca are indeed thrown out of La Liga and told to go **** themselves by Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A.

let them have their own domestic league with Espanyol and see all their star players jumping ship. Nothing (besides a Liverpool relegation or Chelsea winning) would give me greater pleasure. 

More than a club? Well if Catalonia becomes independent it's time you put your money where your mouth is!!! If they have any moral fibre, they'd stay and build a Catalonian league instead of talking about gatecrashing other countries leagues. 

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Yes - timely topic in need of a thread.


Catalonia isn't going to happen, so it is all a bit hypothetical.  Mind you rather ironic - still waiting for the calls around the world about how it breaks all International laws to vote yourself independence.  Kosovo, and Kurdistan - more irony.

Pity though.  Of course you could argue that Barca only play 4 domestic league games a season and in only one proper competition, so that becoming the Catalonia entry for the CL is almost acceptable for Barca. They might get 6 or so qualifying games to offset some of the lesser ones they have had so far.

But frankly the CL should go head to head with the CL and take Barca on - it is in the interests of the PL.  They might struggle if their TV rights get sold off via the PL rather than creaming most of the Spanish Leagues revenues with RM in individual club deals.  But they'd still ad the Prem.

I still see 2 long term options for Euro football.  A European Super League as a full time tournament, or an expanded Premier League.  To be honest, reservations though I have about the FA and PL, I think that they can be trusted with the future of football more than UEFA.

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