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Barclays Premier League Arm Wrestling

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I know this thread is fun but as a sidenote (without being the smart ass^^) arm wrestling requires a lot more than just the seize of your biceps. What I want to say with that is you can't estimate who's gonna be the best arm wrestler in the EPL just on the basis of their arm seize. The right technique, breathing, speed of reaction, pure concentration for the right execution and transition of power into biomechanics to effectively benefit from it and some brain and cleverness is as important as the power in your arm in itself. If you never learned how to use your arm power properly then your muscle power deflagrates and blows out without the right effect when it counts during competition.

I witnessed guys winning contests all over the world in arm wrestling I never believed in or expected to do so as they had a much smaller biceps than their opponent and in general seemed without a chance. When I was a teenager I was on holidays in Jamaica where I learned arm wrestling from some beach boys. That was a lot of fun but tough as well. There is more technique in it than it seems. I would bet my money on a younger version of Brad Friedel. I think with the help of his ideal body's center of gravity, leverage and speed of reaction he would beat Elokobi before the wolf realises the start signal.^^ I would favor any great keeper with a strong physical frame, long arm and ideal leverage over all Elokobis, Ivanovics and Drogbas of the EPL.

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