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Chelsea Cds

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Hi all,

I'm trying to build a collection of Chelsea CD releases. The trouble is, as there is no source the lists all the releases I'm not sure if I'm missing any.

I currently have:

[1994] No One Can Stop Now (74321 21045-2)

[1994] Chelsea FC & Supporters - Blue Is Colour (MONDE 19CD)

[1997] Suggs - Blue Day (WEA112CD)

[1997] Suggs - Blue Day Special Commemorative F.A. Cup Winners CD (WEA112CD2)

[1997] Blue Flag - A Tribute To Chelsea (CDGAFFER 20)

[2000] Blue Tomorrow (CFCCD2000)

These are the ones I am aware of and am trying to get hold of:

[1998] Suggs - Blue Day '98 Mix

[2000] The Shed Enders - Zigger Zagger Song

[2005] Going to the Game - Chelsea

Is there any I haven't listed?

Thanks all :D

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