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Chuck Taylor

A Fan For 25 Years

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Hi all,

Joined ages ago and only made 1 post. Apologies. So feel the need for a proper introduction as I feel the need to voice my opinion on the shambles the club is in at the moment. Call me negative as I wasn't vocal when things were rosey :(

Became a fan in 1986 at the age of 5 because......

My grandad was taking my older brother to Norwich v Spurs, I wasn't allowed to go due to my age and size, I threw a strop and locked myself in the toilet. Grandad knocked the door and said I could go but being stubborn I refused. If I had gone I'd have been a spud now. That Xmas dad bought me a Chelsea kit and the rest is history.

Roy Bentley lived across from my school in Essex in the late 80s. Great story to accompany that as I wore my Chelsea shirt to school every day and he spotted it.

First game was Chelsea v Derby in 1990.

Was a member going to about 15 games a season up until 2010. Since then I've been to just 2 games, just can't warrant shelling out the money anymore so by no means a diehard.

Worked at Gatwick for a while so met a Ranieri team and a Mourinho team while there. Top blokes were Joe Cole and Gudjohnson, negatives were Jody Morris and Gallas. Also got starstruck (considering seeing celebs on a daily basis so was rare) by Vialli.

Favourite ever games were 4-2 v Barca, what a game! Cup final of 97, great feeling, and 4-4 v Liverpool CL Semi, best game I've ever been to.

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