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Barcelona Away (If We Get There)

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IF we get through tonight and make it to the semi-finals of the CL, I was hoping to go out to the Nou Camp, never done a european away game so had a few questions, hopefully somebody could answer?

1. Do you have to be on an away scheme of some sort to buy a european away ticket or can I do it on my ordinary membership?

2. Will I be able to buy a ticket for a mate on somebody elses membership, or will this get checked?

3. Same as above really, if I get an away package through the club (or Thomas cook is it?) will my mate get away with it if he is using somebody elses membership?

4. How much do you reckon it will be all in to do the trip?

5. Do flights generally come back the next day or are there likely to be flights back later that night after the game?

6. Is it easier and cheaper to arrange the trip through the club (Thomas Cook) or sort it out yourself?

Sorry for all the questions, any help much appreciated.

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