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That was an entertaining read! I suppose it's safe to say you don't think much of the Greeks!

I won't comment on all of it, but the financial stuff isn't hyperbole. They have a deep mistrust for the government just because they are known for corruption and cheating. I wouldn't pay taxes if I lived there either - no way. Paying taxes in Scandinavia still makes sense but there will be a day when it doesn't and it's closer than one might think. I refuse to pay my TV license for example - I'm not supporting left wing propaganda. Only now they call it "media" license so no one can avoid it. Basically anyone owning a device that can access the internet should pay. Didn't know the Scandinavians owned the internet copyrights. Thrifty bastards.

As for the football part - that Greek team was ultra defensive. It was beyond parking the bus. Add decent delivery and execution on set-pieces and they were set-up for being hard to beat. I can't comment on the doping allegations but nothing would surprise me anymore. We are asking a lot of footballers today and one have to ask whether it is possible to play as much as they do without any illegal means.

The new blood doping you are referring g to sounds interesting. I will have to look it up.

Edit: and finally you saved the best for last - Luis Suarez cousin!

EPO boosters were used heavily in the 90s . They are very effective for increasing stamina ,recovering from injuries quicker and focusing the mind. First positive test was a skier in 2002. I think I am right that footballers were not tested for EPO up to 2004 and if they were it would only have been urine test which was useless. Around 2004 the Russians were developing an EPO booster which merely involved inhaling a mixture of oxygen and xenon. They tested it on mice and found that the next day their EPO had doubled! Back then it was completely undetectable and it still pretty much is today.

I may well be doing the Greeks a disservice but my abiding memory of that game was of their incredible fitness. They never stopped chasing or harrying he oppo even in great heat. If an unknown cyclist suddenly wins the Tour de France or a sprinter takes half second of a world record it ain't because they've had three shredded wheat for breakfast. If had to bet my house I would say a number of that team were not clean.

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