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Wax A Snowboard

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Hello Community,

Regularly waxing your snowboard will prolong its life and keep it quick.

1. Secure your snowboard in a well-ventilated area with the base facing up.
2. Remove old wax from the base of your snowboard using a metal or plastic wax sc****r. Use long, lengthwise strokes.
3. Turn on your iron to the lowest temperature needed to melt the snowboard wax. Test the iron by holding the block of wax to its base; if it begins to smoke, the iron is too hot and it's burning the wax.
4. Hold the iron above the base of your snowboard and press the wax into it. As the wax begins to drip off the iron, move the iron around, evenly distributing the wax from tip to tail.
5. Apply the iron directly to the snowboard's base and spread the wax in a thin layer, keeping the iron moving continuously.
6. Allow the wax to cool for 30 minutes.
7. Remove excess dried wax from the base with your sc****r, using full-length strokes. Go over problem spots with short, quick strokes until a thin layer of wax remains on the base.
8. Buff the base using a stiff cleaning brush or a heavy-duty scouring pad. Make short, quick strokes from tip to tail.

Best Regards,
Paul Anderson

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Whilst I don't own a snowboard will this handy information also work on an ironingboard (which I do own)?

I've had to buy 2 in the last year alone!

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Conversely don't wax the base of your surfboard.....Do wax the deck or you'll get very little traction and you will fall off...!

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