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Skating Tips:

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Hello Members,

Tips on skating:

# Attach your front foot to the Snowboard Bindings, and leave your back foot free.
# Make a skating motion by placing your front foot in front of you while.
using your back foot to move forward. Skating/Sliding on your Snowboard with one foot attached is something you need to learn and would do often in Snowboarding. Every time you need to enter or exit a lift or travel short distances on a level or uphill slope, you will need to skate.
# Try skating around but make sure that your back foot should never be ahead of your front foot. Make sure to only make small steps with your back foot.
# As you improve, you will learn how to take bigger steps and really kick with your back foot.
# Also, make sure to keep your front leg slightly bent with most of your weight on your front foot. It will help keep your balance.

Thanks and Regards,
Paul Anderson


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