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Still think the striking situation could bite us on the gluteus maximus I'm afraid.

Yeah, we're a bit dependant on Diego Costa. But then, that's better than being dependant on Eto'o being fit and having a rare good match, isn't it?

Surely we must have a replacement lined up, but at the end of the day this is Chelsea and we do have a habit of leaving ourselves light.

Personally I would be looking at either Remy or Bony. Both can hack it in the PL and both would be good second choice options.

Remy is not too expensive at 8.5M but the fact he failed his medical at Liverpool does concern me. I heard some things concerning his heart.

Bony for me fits JM's criteria in terms of what he likes in a forward, strong, determined and athletic but Swansea would want a fortune for him.

I don't rate Remy.

Bony isn't much better than Ba, for me.

If those are the options, then we should look again in January, if we need to. Try without until then.

Personally, I'd go for someone who can play in the front 3 as well. Roberto Firminho, Aubameyang. El Shaarawy, maybe.

May not cut it as strikers proper, but could be a decent 3rd choice and, if needed, could perhaps form a potent duo with Schurrle. Certainly make better investments than any of the strikers on the market.

PS: Would certainly make sense to send Salah out to get some much needed game time then, instead of a comparatively helpful van Ginkel.

Seriously how ****ed up is this? I'm more excited by Torres going out on loan to the end of his contract, leaving us with just an injured Costa and aged Drogba than I would be had we just signed Ronaldo!

It's like the ghost of Christmas Past has just left the building and a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

:happy: :happy: :happy:

PS I would have added more smiley faces but....Untitled.jpg

My feelings, exactly.

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Made my day. Quite excited to find out who is coming in.

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The club must have something up their sleeves. Bamford going out on the same day means surely they do...

... one would hope, but this is Chelsea, remember! ;-)

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so he failed a medical with us before, but now the club will just ignore that ? Seems a bit weird but I'd be happy enough to have him here, 20 goals in 41 premiership games whilst playing for the tragic QPR from 2 seasons ago and Newcastle.

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Yep, I'd take Remy. I like Bony too, but of the two would prefer Remy. Offers something different - pace, rather than just power. Can also play wide if necessary, and cheaper as well. The medical bit I'm not sure about - he's looked perfectly fine at both QPR and Newcastle. Will definitely add some strength in depth up front. His goals per game record is excellent.

Costa, Drogba & Remy is excellent up front. Major improvement from last year, arguably best strike force we've had for about three years.

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How? Milan aren't in it!

Complete brain fart on my part. Brought on by delirium at tonight's news. (After listening to Brendan O Blarney talk about them playing another multi European cup winner with great pedigree in the group stage).

As you were....

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