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1 minute ago, Kezza said:

Danilo + Baka

How many defensive players do we sign this summer?

I read Danilo had fallen through due to Madrids greed.

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Piazon off on loan again. Can we sell him already and give him a place he can call home? 

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Just now, Kezza said:

Piazon off on loan again. Can we sell him already and give him a place he can call home? 

I was amazed that we signed him up to a new contract, you can only imagine that we make a profit off his loans.

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For what it's worth, we gave Romeu a new contract, loaned him out again and sold him within a year. It's just business.

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17 hours ago, Michael Tucker said:

Mate, I'm not too sure about that. IMO, if Conte really wanted to keep Ake and Chalobah, then I'm pretty sure that's what would have happened. He needed to sit down with each (young) player, and lay out his hopes and plans for them, and maybe give them a pay rise!. I doubt that they'd have demanded a move under those circumstances (although no, I don't know for sure). Now we don't know that this didn't happen, but there's been no suggestion that I've seen that it did. 

Yes Michael, fully agree. 

13 hours ago, Whataloadofballacks said:

I think she probably knows what she's doing!

I'm not so sure she does. She had a promising start immediately after taking up her role. Lately it's not so impressive...

13 hours ago, Michael Tucker said:

The key word here are "at the moment", and I would agree with you that we're short on numbers, at the moment. But we are effectively only 2 weeks into the transfer window, with plenty of time to go, for Marina/Emenalo to do their thing.  Let's hope that they do.......:).

Two weeks into the window means nothing. Unless you believe teams only start negotiating for players on 1 July. 

We've had several months to draft our list of target, make initial contact and start negotiating. The season proper starts in four weeks and we haven't even git a squad. "Two weeks into the window" is no excuse. At this stage we should be well on our way and only have 2-3 players left to sign. Instead we have what, 6-7? 

11 hours ago, A Blue Essien said:

That's because we often have players reporting back at different times due to international commitments that run into the summer. That's not the case this year; everyone who is meant to have reported back has done so.

I don't think I've ever seen a squad this short on the verge of a pre-season tour. 

Me neither. I didn't think it could get much worse than what we've done previously but I'm very scared we might look outdo ourselves this time. 

11 hours ago, A Blue Essien said:

We barely had a squad last season and were only able to get through it because we basically played one game a week.

It's going to be very different this year and all those departures of squad players is what worries me.

Keep in mind we started last season with the likes of Costa, Oscar, Matic, JT,  and Ivanovic as first XI players, with Chalobah as first CM option off the bench, and the likes of RLC and Aina as young squad options (joined by Ake in Jan).

All of those are gone (Costa and Matic likely soon) and we've only added Rudiger and Bakayoko (probably today). 

Look, I'm sure we're going to bring in a number more, but as I've said previously, why cripple the squad first? In this crazy market, all we're doing is driving up prices further. 

Good points. If it was unclear we were desperate for players before it really should be crystal by now. 

11 hours ago, Bob Singleton said:

For those panicking... there are still almost 7 weeks before the transfer window closes...

Sure. But the season starts in 4 and our best player is out, our second most expensive signing ever is also out and we've got 14 senior outfielders. If you aren't panicking now, then I must ask when? 

8 hours ago, Juni said:

That's bollocks though, because had they been actually used as squad rotation options then they might've been willing to stay. 15 appearances for Chalobah in all comps means **** all when he got less than 200 PL minutes, whilst Aké got 98 PL minutes after returning from Bournemouth - and only got that FA Cup Semi because of injury (you'll recall Conte also rested Hazard and Costa for much of that game as he was prepared to lose it in order to focus on the league). That's not squad rotation, that's squad fringe, and you can't keep players around with the promise of more if it repeatedly fails to materialise.

A player can play just under 3500 minutes in a league season; anything short of 1000 minutes doesn't count as a rotation option/squad filler, and anyone trying to convince themselves otherwise is simply continuing to move the goalposts in this discussion.

Spot on. 

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I do wonder how some of you get out of bed in the morning...

Could we go the rest of the transfer window without signing another player, possibly. However obsessing and 'panicking' over the possibility is pointless. What's the worst that could happen, we get relegated? Unlikely. We don't win the league? A distinct possibility given that we've won it 3 times in the last ten years. We don't win anything? Again a possibility...you'd think half of you haven't lived through the lean years and I know that isn't the case. 

The season and games are going to be stressful enough to watch, I don't get why you'd want to compound that during the off-season. I remember when transfer windows use to be fun...now it's simply a cesspit for stress, depression and fans arguing with each other. We don't know how active or inactive the club are being but I can only hope they are attempting to strengthen and not weaken the side, so I'm just going to sit back and await the signings/non-signings. 

Just my 2p. 

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