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2 hours ago, Kezza said:

We are crap now so we don't sign him even if he's brilliant. Sounds like a good excuse not to sign a player. And have you seen him play? He's a tank. I don't know what you are watching.

So was Diego and he got sick of the bs in this league too. But I think it was a simple case the guy might be more comfortable playing in Italy and not forgetting that Milan are still quite prestigious in the eyes of many.

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Zidane would be well advised to stay away from here, there's no way he will get what he wants.

if he did take the job he should have everything in writing that he gets what he wants, and if Marina breaks that agreement he should walk away and sue chelsea,

As soon as a manager signs on here, everything agreed goes out of the window.

Roman might be tempted to try and get zidane and keep Hazard, but unless he appoints a director of football we are screwed unless he has the guts to fire marina (but I won't hold my breath)

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