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Song For Willian

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This has bothered me about some of our other songs (e.g. "Stand up if you hate Tottenham" cropping up during miscellaneous home games against Stoke, Swansea or similar) - but at least with the Willian song it is about one of our own players rather than a completely arbitrary segue to Spurs.

Plus it's fun, so it's clearly not going to go away. >_>

Yeah the Stand Up song irritates me too. Maybe I'm too passive I don't know. I'm not a hater. At some of the games I've been to the Stand Up song gets sung every five minutes for periods during the game and it just disrupts viewing with some standing up for ages and others not bothered after the 3rd/4th time.

I'd rather ignore the existence of a team I hate rather than give them acknowledgment on occasions that they are not even remotely linked to.

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