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Read Joses Mind Challenge Rule Change Poll

Proposed Read Joses Mind Challenge Rule Change  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Which should be regarded as the official team for the Read Joses Mind Challenge?

    • The eleven players who actually start the game for Chelsea. (Current rule)
    • The eleven players named in Jose's original selection as released to the media before the game. (Proposed new rule)

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Morning Stan

So... What's the ruling on this? At this time 11 for a rule change vs. 5 against. Is 16 votes enough you reckon?

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^^Well the better than two-to-one margin is definitely enough to support a change but, as you say, the question is whether sixteen represents a quorum. I've been catching up with the posts in the match day thread but I have now thought of the method I'm going to use to decide this. That method will require a little arithmetic first then I'm going to have breakfast and think about it. :)

I'll post again later this morning.

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The poll has closed.

First let me say that I found no evidence that this situation has occurred before this season so that means no prescient has been sent.

Sixteen active votes have been cast which I believe is enough to make the vote valid. Let me say why.

There have been a total of 779 predictions entered in the RJMC so far this season. The people who voted in this poll were responsible for 460 of those. That's heading towards two-thirds of the total. I reckon that means the majority of the people who have invested most time in the RJMC, and I hope had most enjoyment out of it, have expressed an opinion. That makes me feel it is safe to regard the voting group as a quorum.

The outcome of the poll then is that the rule will be changed and that this change will apply retrospectively. This means that some scores in the main challenge as well as the RJMC_CL will be altered.

If anyone wants to argue that this decision is wrong please tell me so by posting here or by sending me a PM. Barring that I'll call this decision final when I post the results for the Galatasaray game and those results will include the amended scores.

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