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Read Jose's Mind Challenge (Galatasaray 18/03/2014)

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You can see a full explanation of the Read Jose's Mind Challenge here but the idea is pretty basic. How well can you do at predicting Jose's starting 11 for the Champions League fixture against Galatasaray on Tuesday 18th March?

All you have to do is add a reply listing the players you think will start the game. I'll award 2 points for each player correctly predicted to start as well as bonus points for getting all eleven, or for predicting more starters than anyone else does.

You may change your mind and enter new selections as often as you like but no team lists posted, or edited, after 5:45pm GMT on Tuesday 18th March will be counted.

I'll post a table of the results after the match. It will help me to speed this up if posters can give their team in a standard format, with one player's name per line. Like this example: -

My Predicted Team












Good luck all.

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Read Jose's Mind Challenge Champions' League Group Match Three

Predictions for this match will be used to decide match three in the group stage of the competition. Group stage matches are played on a league basis with three points for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss.

All matches will involve home advantage. This means taking Jose's first substitution into account. If the first sub introduced is a part of the home member's prediction then that member scores an additional hit. Any such additional hit counts only for the RJMC_CL and will not count towards the main challenge.

The member with home advantage is the one shown first (ie on the left) in each pairing.

Fixtures: -

Gianfranco Zola Group

Hazardous vs. Scooba

The Psycho Pianist vs. Ham

Hughie Gallacher Group

Richard Redmond vs. Siven

Michael Tucker vs. Sciatika

Jimmy Greaves Group

Jedini vs. Grimsby Blue

King José vs. Sleeping Dave

Kerry Dixon Group

akshayathreya vs. Original 21

3Sphinx vs. Bristol Blue

Peter Osgood Group

NorwayBlue vs. Blue_In_Every_Way


Ron 'Chopper' Harris Group

Blue_Fever vs. A Blue Essien

bromleyblue vs. middxguy

Roy Bently Group

stokerino vs. aussieblue53

Zoowraa vs. Zwicky

William 'Fatty' Foulke Group

Sea foot vs. Gaurav_blue

Bob Singleton vs. Super Didier

Match 2 results & group tables here.

Good luck to all thirty-two members taking part in these matches.

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Ivanovic Cahill Terry Azpilicuetta

Matic Lampard Ramirez

Hazard Eto Willian

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Hello Everyone,

It takes a little time to prepare the points of interest that I usually publish so, most often, it is not ready to be posted as soon as the results go up. Once again I find that the mods have beaten me to the punch and closed the thread before I was able to post the report. I'll give the Villa report a miss therefore except for the following extract: -

I'm treating Andre Schurrle as the first substitute because he was first onto the pitch although, technically, you could say that Andre and Demba were joint first because they were introduced during the same stoppage. This decision means that six members playing with home advantage in the RJMC_CL scored an additional hit because Schurrle was included in their predictions. Call me Chris Foy if you must but I hope this isn't too controversial.

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