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Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

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1 hour ago, exiledblue said:

I have seen him here a number of times and the Italian league is not great these days. Pogba was bossing it here but not so now. Big fish little pond and Salah (and Cuadrado)  look good here but it relative

Two different types of leagues, and yes, Serie A isn't as strong as the EPL but you can only beat what's in front of you. Pogba is an excellent player, the problem is that people had warped opinions from the very start because they didn't understand the context in which he was utilised - half the reason why Juve managed to fleece United for so much was due to the hype. This is also why he struggled with United this season for periods because he was being used in a way that was completely different to the role he flourished in with Juventus. 

As for Salah, he showed it across two sides how good he can be since leaving. Hell, he even made us look stupid when he was at Basel. He was simply not the right player to flourish under a Mourinho system - kinda like Martial in ways, and thus was starved of genuine opportunity. Since he left he's been able to play with far more freedom and this has allowed him to maximise his best attributes. Cuadrado is a similar story. 

1 hour ago, Sleeping Dave said:

I've seen enough of him to know he'd be nowhere near an automatic starter for us. 

If Pedro has limited technique in tight spaces Salah is cursed with a club foot. 

But yes - in a team relying on pace and quick transitions he can be a danger. So he'd be a handy back-up player for Conte's Chelsea. We can do a lot better though. 

Didn't ever say he'd be an automatic stater for us, so that's irrelevant. Just that he's not an awful player by any stretch and that he'll fit in a lot better with Liverpool's approach than he ever did under Mourinho and us. Although, he'd be handy for us now under Conte because of what he does bring; pace, goals and creativity. A solid rotational player to have that could impact games.

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Sorry, I'm in the wrong room I think. Back to Transfer Talk topic

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Good that Salah reaslises that "Liverpool haven't won the Premier League for a long time". I wonder if he was a childhood Liverpool fan as he was growing up in Egypt.

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