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Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco

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Welcome Cesc, great to have you here. A truly fantastic signing. At his peak, knows English football, creative, goalscorer from midfield, and relatively cheap for what he is - especially when you consider Liverpool could be paying the same for the less proven Lallana (and Cesc is a better player IMO). Great work by the club, now for Costa, Luis, Tiago and maybe another striker.

Great start to the summer. Hopefully Costa will be done before the WC too. Fantastic statement of intent.

"IMO" you don't even need to say that mate, Lallana doesn't even have a fraction of the talent that Fabregas has

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From Arsenal Mania

Wouterus (Forum Member) on 13 minutes ago

****. Why can't the World Cup start already, need to put my mind to other things immediately.

cannonade (Forum Member) on 11 minutes ago

Inevitable. Give a few pages to vent, then lock this thread. Cesc is the enemy now.

bingobob (Forum Member) on 10 minutes ago

Clearly Cesc said we passed on him hopefully it means we have something lined up. But if we end up with Remy esque signings I for one will be leading with the pitch forks.

mo50 (Elite Member) on 10 minutes ago

Good career move for him...

florentp (Forum Member) on 9 minutes ago

Again ... ang Again ... And Again...

Chelsea - Liverpool - Manchesters already officialing strong recruits. And us, waiting for August the 31 to sign Chamack and Park Chu Young. Ok Arsène !

stiiphunn (Trusted Member) on 8 minutes ago

This is a HUGE mistake from us. We will regret this one for sure. I can't help but feel that there is a lack of ambition on our part...

Salieri (Forum Member) on 8 minutes ago

I actually feel sorry for him. Being rejected by the only two teams he loved and then go find somebody else is tough. Ironic thing is that we were the ones who suffered most when he left. And now the ones who get punished by him joining our city rival. Why the **** he couldn't punish Barca & join RM or Atl ffs??? :/

Caz19 (Forum Member) on 7 minutes ago

Well, life goes on.

Maybe this soudns kneejerk, but I can tell you based on what I've seen from him at Barcelona is that he isn't 1/2 of the player he was at Arsenal. Even if you discount the fact he's playing in a team which doesn't suit his style, he's become far slower,weaker,less stamina and less consistent than he used to be for us. That's the only bright side I really see.

Jasard (Forum Member) on 7 minutes ago

I just hate how many of our ex players play for our rivals. It just feels ****** up and wrong. I get we had to pass up on him but if we start the season with a load of money in the bank instead of Fabregas I will be utterly depressed. So much pressure to bring in a absolutely world class attacker now.

Penn_ (Forum Member) on 7 minutes ago

It hurts but we must have a big plan this summer if we passed on Fabregas for that price.

Floating (Trusted Member) on 6 minutes ago

It doesn't matter the price, Chelsea have essentially unlimited funds. There's no way we'd spend 27m just to prevent a rival from getting a decent price for a good player.

yousif_arsenal (Forum Member) on 5 minutes ago

thanks you Cesc you let's us forget the joy of winning a trophy and start talking about you going to Chelsea and moaning.

Last edited by yousif_arsenal on June 12th, 2014, 4:22 pm, edited 1 time in total.

krengon (Forum Member) on 5 minutes ago

From the signs of it, this seems more like a Abramovic signing than a Mourinho one, so not sure it was the best move for him.

I trust Wenger and it's good to see he was logical about all this. This has to be Ramsey/Özil's team now and with Wilshere and Chambo right there with them, we need to find players to get the best out of our team.

darkgunner (Forum Member) on 5 minutes ago

Tbh I have nothing against him for this. He may have joined a rival, but we had a chance to sign him and didn't take it and with Barca wanting to get rid of him, there were not many places to go. People who thought that he would go join PSG or play in Serie A are deluded.

I just hope Wenger knows what he is doing in this transfer window.

goonerwarsh (Trusted Member) on 4 minutes ago

I agree we didn't need Fabregas but the fact that we as a club say we have the ambitions to be amongst the elite when next year we will face at some stage, Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Sagna, Adebayor, Toure (Ok he's old) and there's probably more is extremely telling and tells you just how badly the fans have suffered.

jay-d (Forum Member) on 3 minutes ago

I feel sick. But that's it for me, the way he left now joining Chelsea, he's not a Gooner by any stretch, break both legs at the WC Cesc.

DJ_Markstar (Forum Member) on 3 minutes ago

I am fairly rustled by this. Cesc is now dead to me. I will respect his ability as a footballer but I have no warm feelings towards him any more.

Jasard (Forum Member) on 2 minutes ago

https://twitter.com/cesc4official/statu ... 0709299200

Not really his fault he's ended up there but **** Football tbh, **** like this shouldn't happen

krengon (Forum Member) on 2 minutes ago

stiiphunn wrote:This is a HUGE mistake from us. We will regret this one for sure.
can't help but feel that there is a lack of ambition on our part...

Only if we don't strengthen properly in other areas though. I really can't see Wenger turning down Cesc if he didn't have something planned.

However, if average dross like Remy is our only signings, I'll be livid.

yousif_arsenal (Forum Member) on 2 minutes ago

Yep Cesc admit we rejected him it's not his fault anyway he wanted to be a starter not spending his time on the bench. clearly Arsène didn't want him because we have Cazorla and Özil.

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Play for the shirt Cesc and we'll be behind you 100%

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My personal feelings for Cesc aside, this is a fantastic signing and an outright steal at the quoted prices (£27m).

Have a really good feeling about this one. He'll literally transform our midfield.

Welcome to Chelsea Cesc!

PS: Now get us a LB and a striker and this summer is panning out quite nicely!

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This is going to take some getting used to. But great player, no doubt. Snip at 26m.

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