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It's a one man crusade I wonder if he supports ManU?


however have a read of the letter from the RFU

If the club is serious they need to counter with thinly veiled bribes to the local residents.

That photo of the three of them posing on bicycles is just plain bizarre. Rest assured they will be using anything but most of the time once they're elected......Oh Cressida.

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TBH I think this quote is somewhat significant:

As to whether it is feasible Gourlay’s position is: “I think technically it’s a difficult one. I think you’ve got to come up with a plan that unlocks things technically and then we have to have the buy-in from the local community, because we’re part of the community. People forget that. The local community has thrived through this football club being here as well. It’s got to be right for everybody. If it’s right for everybody and we can give back into the community, we will get there.”

Sounds to me like there is going to be a little give and take for local residents and businesses as they are totally reliant on their approval. Not even going to begin to speculate what form that might take!

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