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Is the Premier League still competitive and exciting?

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Is top flight football still competitive?

What do you guys think? I’m an undergrad student doing research in to what fans of Premier League football clubs (season 13/14) think about how exciting and competitive the EPL is.

We’ve had some great responses so far, many different opinions from many different clubs.

Now I’d like to invite you to have your say!

Please follow this link and complete the short questionnaire! All feedback and opinions are welcome!

Thank you all in advance J

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The PremierLeague has it's knockers, but drama wise it's different classs. La Liga in Spain isn't all that either. Take the Madrid clubs and Barcelona out of it, the rest are just ordinary sides. And don't get me started off on Italy's Serie A, a league full of corruption, cheats and teams playing ugly tactics. I do like the German Bundesliga though.

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Half of the Spanish, French and German leagues are on annual budgets of some £15 to £30 million a year.

at a guess I'd say more than half the championship spends that much.

I really can't work out how any one could think those other leagues offer anything worth watching other than top 3 vs top 3.

AS for the poll, congratulations for being quite clear about which academic institution is involved.

I'm really not sure anyone will make much of this question :

Imagine you could increase excitement in the Premier League by making a financial contribution! *

I would pay this much more per match. £0 £1-£5 £6-£10 £11-£15 £15-£20


As you probably have worked out by now, a lot of people won't finish the survey because you have made so many questions compulsory.

The above question for me is just too wild to be answerable.

Meanwhile the financial questions are just none of anybodies business (IMO) (and while the ranges certainly include me, they won't include quite a few).

It is impossible to complete without giving answers to those - so no completion from me. Shame.

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