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blue moon

Beer Prices

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Has anyone else noticed the insidious increase in beer prices at the Bridge?

At the Shed last Saturday, I asked for a London Pride and then saw that instead of pint (568 ml) bottles, they're 330cl bottles now. But the price is roughly the same (from memory, it was about £4.20 for a 330 ml bottle compared with £4.50 for a pint of Singha/Guiness - if I remember the prices correctly, then that works out at £7.23 for a pint, which is iniquitous- more than Norway!). Consequently, I changed mind and asked for a pint of Guiness instead (never could stand Singha). I took this up with the manager,who said he thought this was pretty shabby too, and asked me to react to www.weaimtodelight.co.uk, quoting location code 6433. Might be worth a few others doing so to.

It's not just the Bridge: Wembley does the same.

And while we're at it, is it beyond the bounds of Roman's ingenuity to provide English ales on draft? For those of us who can't stick fizzy beers there really should be an alternative.

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Went to a match at Carrow road in the home end with a Norwich mate. all the taps were keg - poor show when you consider that East Anglia is considered the real ale heartland of Britain. But right at the end there was a polypin of Wherry. They had to open it especially for us & we only had a couple of pints each. I'm guessing the rest was simply wasted, so it was probably more PR than a genuine retailing decision. I imagine that the thought of unfinished casks would frighten the life out of - or at the very least completely baffle the wallies that work the SB bars

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This topic is now closed to further replies.