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Sports Betting Blogs & Resources

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I would be interested in hearing about any successful sports betting blogs that you know of.

If you are a regular reader you might give a bit of background to the blog.

If there is other blogs that don't focus on individual bets but more on betting strategy that would also be a useful resource I would be interested in.

Finally if you can recommend any sports betting books that would be useful I would be very interested.

The best way to beat the bookies is to help eachother become more educated bettors as collectively we know more than them and can adjust faster to team news / form / motivation / issues in the squad / likely tactics / ect.


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Pinnacle Sports is a large bookmaker who advertise themselves as a bookmaker who welcome winners - basically they won't close your account if you are a long term winner as they use sharp bettors betting patterns to sharpen their markets which would seem to be a winning strategy as although their revenues are kept private it is estimated that their gross revenue is in excess of $1bn.

In order to further this company image they post short but quite informative articles on their website to help betters educate themselves and become more profitable.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.