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Michael Tucker

Chelsea 1 Southampton 3

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I would start Ivanovic because Southampton will have prepared all week to attack him.

I would then sub him after five minutes and switch Azpi to right back.

This will throw Southampton off balance as their main hope of easy pickings is not on the pitch. They are then forced to try and switch tactics to attack Rahman on the left.

In the confusion we take advantage.

Jose is hailed as a tactical genius.

You joke about it (and rightly so as that kind of thing would never happen) but to see something like that would actually be brilliant.

Picture it:

Ivanovic starts the game and comes off in the 3rd minute. Imagine the looks of bewilderment on the faces of the Southampton players as they quickly have to figure out a way to defend their 2-0 lead for another 87 minutes!

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Kane Kalas Christenson Ake

Chalobah Van Ginkel

Boga Baker Moses


Subs: Hector, Omeruo, Pasalic Atsu, Piazon Brown, Solanke,

Reserve matchday squad: Salah, Cuadrado

Bring back the loan army

Bring the loan army back in!

Have we let Delac go then:-)

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First of all,I think it is a question of who should not be playing.Ivan,cesc and Mikel(wow! just shows how bad we are playing when some fans want mikel resurrected,each to their own of course)should not play.


Zouma. Cahill. Terry. Dave

Ramirez. Matic


Pedro. Hazard


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In a word... Yes. If we were talking in real life and not on the internet I'd bet you a pint he starts.

I think the biggest insult I could aim at Jose right now is that he's got very predictable. I can pretty much second guess everything he's going to do. And that's not good coz most of the time I have very little idea what I'm talking about.

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For what it's worth, I have no idea about the rest of the team, no one is really assured of a place this weekend except for Ivanovic and maybe Fabregas.

Stab in the dark, but I think we'll see












I swear, the team he picks is the only unpredictable bit of this season. You know performance will be dross, but you're not sure who'll be dishing up the dross.

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